Top 10 Romantic Comedies on Netflix That Are Worth the Hype

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-11 18:00:07

Romantic comedies are a genre that will never be out of style since we all need a good laugh sometimes. You watch music biopics if you love to learn how artists made it to the stars, and you gladly see Christmas movies if you like the festive vibes. However, we don't know anyone who doesn't watch rom-coms, at least when they want to lift their spirits! These top ten are available on Netflix anytime, and they are beloved for a reason – they will surely entertain you!

10. Someone Great

Someone great is not only your boyfriend but also your amazing friends that help you get over everything!

"Life is about growing up, but then turning up and moving on," says the motto of this movie. One of the biggest trends of rom-coms is the recurring theme of break-ups and how you move on from them. Movies like this usually show sorrow that lasts after the break-up, before girls get over it with their best friends' help. In conclusion, feminism blossoms here!

While some critics said this comedy was "perfectly fine" only, Taylor Swift wrote an amazing ballad "Death by a Thousand Cuts" off her album "Lover" based on this movie. This is a perfect choice if you have a girls' night, and the actresses' chemistry and vibe will inspire you to be better friends with each other as well!

9. The Perfect Date

Is every "perfect" date actually fake? Or you believe in real perfect meetings with strangers?

How crazy does it sound that you have to change your whole attitude and personality to be "right" for your date? And how many personalities can you actually represent? The protagonist of The Perfect Date on Netflix tried to adjust himself to his newest dates – watch the movie to find out if he found himself at the very end.

"The perfect date comes with a price," says the trailer. Is adapting to new people every time a price too high? Noah Centineo offers his service as a fake date, and it couldn't get worse for him than falling in love with anyone he meets. Considering that Laura Marano and Noah Centineo already stole many hearts with their sitcom Austin & Ally, we're sure you'll love this movie if you enjoyed their charm!

8. When We First Met

Noah meets this girl once, but it won't be the last time they see each other!

Imagine this: you meet your ideal girlfriend, you have the best time of your life, and then she… hugs you and says you're a great friend. What a horrible scenario for Adam DeVine's unlucky character! However, this whirlwind drama will give him a second chance, and you'll be surprised by how it went!

Rom-coms tend to get the worst reviews, so When We First Met didn't pass the tests as well… Nevertheless, we promise it's so funny you won't stop laughing. And that's what we're here for – having fun with a few fantasy moments and time travel!

7. Always Be My Maybe

How likely it is to meet your old flame and manage to fall in love with them all over again?

Mariah Carey's timeless hit "Always Be My Baby" inspired the title of Always Be My Maybe, arguably the greatest rom-com of 2019! Sasha and Marcus met when they were still children, and in their teen years, they had an affair that ended quickly. Years after that night, they meet again, but is there a chance to rekindle the romance?

Sasha is very famous and successful now, while Marcus remained an insecure man he was as a teen. As you'll see, Sasha and Marcus will always be their "maybe," since their story never actually ended, but it didn't start either… You will root for them in a minute, and this is a story to watch over and over again!

6. The Lovebirds

Rom-coms with crime elements? We got one for you!

Every couple has that life-changing moment of their relationship that will also leave a huge mark on their lives. However, Jibran and Leilani will have to cope with the wildest moment of their lives together! You'd think this is another cheesy romance… And then Jibran and Leilani hit a cyclist with their car.

The Lovebirds isn't a rom-com only since it has major adventurous vibes, and you definitely won't be bored at all! The chemistry between the actors was extremely praised, and even though you'd think this love would turn into a tragedy, remember that this is a rom-com, hilarious enough for your Netflix chill evening!

5. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

This comedy turned romance into disaster, but it's a lesson for you, too

This movie starts off quite ordinary since we have the protagonist that's a complete "loser." However, have you ever heard of an underdog lead turning into a negative character? That's what happened to Sierra as she discovered catfishing. Unfortunately, some people might think how great it is that Sierra managed to catfish the guy she met online and how she got Veronica, the popular school girl in all that.

And, yeah, catfishing is not a fun thing, and this movie is about to teach you that. Being a loser or not, don't ever be like Sierra Burgess! She is a loser not for her looks but for her personality and the way she turned the story into a disaster, but you'll see that as you watch the movie yourself. It's also hilarious, though!

4. The Incredible Jessica James

From the first second of the trailer, you'll adore this movie!

A romantic comedy celebrating girl power? Feminine energy that is simply invincible? Yes, we're here for The Incredible Jessica James, the incredible lady with an attitude who knows her worth, who knows how to say no, and how to shout, "Yes, I'm awesome, of course you like me!" Click the "play" button of this movie whenever you need a confidence boost!

Jessica James' quotes from this movie sound simple, but they are essential, and they will make you remember things you maybe forgot along the way. Jessica Williams promotes feminism and women empowerment effortlessly. The way she portrays her character with charm, intelligence, and confidence is really something to look up to when it comes to this genre. Well done!

3. The Half of It

This movie has all the elements you didn't know you needed to see!

The motto of The Half of It is "Not every love story is a romance," and we love how this rom-com has its own amazing scenario, without any basic plot development for its genre. Ellie Chu's story, the history of an Asian girl that earns money by writing essays for people, will move you in its uniqueness and importance of themes such as exploring sexuality, friendships, and love in a different way.

This might be one of the rare rom-coms without drinking, partying, one-night stands, and similar motifs. Still, it will be both funny and useful for you to see Ellie on her way to finding herself while she helps her friend get the girl he wants. You probably think it's going to turn into their own romance, but we recommend watching the movie to see how it goes!

2. The Kissing Booth

There's a reason why this movie exploded and went viral

Will you follow the rules or follow your heart? While we try handling both, life likes to surprise us and put us into situations that require getting out of our comfort zone. It seems like many people needed this advice, so the movie even got two sequels! It's a fun story about life-long friendship and taking the risk for something you've wanted the whole time.

When the high school student signs up to run a kissing booth, since she's never kissed anyone, she'll be lucky enough to find herself on stage face to face with her long-term crush! The fun about this movie and why it got so beloved worldwide is how it pushes you to believe that you have to try stuff because life won't wait for you to get by; you have to learn to dance in the rain and enjoy your days in the best way!

1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Confessing your emotions and opening up your heart is one of the biggest life challenges

Just like the movie title says, the main character spends her time writing letters "to all the boys she likes." Moreover, it gets even worse because these boys are either untouchable or have no idea she has a crush on them. How relatable this story sounds like? Probably a lot, because her fears are quite realistic!

The movie teaches you how crucial it is to make a move and finally be brave enough to take risks. Writing letters without sending them is not the way you cope with your emotions. Romantic comedies rarely get as good reviews like this one, so it tells you a lot about the quality as well. The movie actually has three parts, and we recommend all of them!

After a top ten list like this, we're sure you're already adding some lovely romantic stories to your Netflix list! Nothing is too cheesy if you'd like to have a fun evening with friends, watching something that'll obviously make you burst out laughing and feel good! 

Invite your friends to a fun evening with Netflix, and choose any of the movies you liked! Which movie will you watch first? Did you see any of them already?

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