Top 10 Worst Excuses for Skipping Workouts

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-05-03 18:00:08

Do you need an excuse not to exercise? Well, if you can't come up with one on your own, we are here to help you. Just kidding! Although we all know the importance of exercise for healthy body and mind, sometimes we all find a reason not to do it. So let's look at the top ten most common excuses and justifications to delay the beginning of the workout. 

10. Can't Find the Time

A female working out at home
Lack of time is often used as an excuse for everything in life (photo: Mickey579/

Yes, the timing is everything! We know some days it's hard to squeeze even five minutes of your day to just relax. It's impossible to find the opportunity for a workout after you are done with the work or homework, your family, or your choirs!

Well, we can only say that everyone can spare at least 15 minutes a day or every other day to do some exercises at their home. The best way to do so is in the morning, straight from the bed. Hence, just do some stretching, planks, squats, and push-ups. It will take only 15 minutes, and you'll feel the change in a few weeks. 

9. The Gym Working Hours do not Line up With my Free Time

A young woman working out in the gym
The nearest gym is often not the only one in your town (photo: xusenru/

Time is always the best excuse and justification for all the mess we can make, so the same goes for lack of training. For example, "I'm at work till the evening and my gym closes up at 5 PM" or something like that. No one can argue that it's a legit problem, so go for this excuse if you wish.

However, we can argue that you can go to another gym or even hit it before work. Nevertheless, if you can't squeeze in the time, we recommend you start jogging or exercise at home, as we are sure there's no closing time for this workout. 

8. Don't Have the Right Equipment

Home exercise equipment
Lack of gym clothes or home equipment can be an excellent excuse to skip the training (photo: stevepb/

"I wish to exercise at the gym, but I need so much equipment for it. So, first I'll go shopping for everything necessary for the workout, and as soon as I do that I'll start training." Or, "I wish to exercise at home, so firstly I need at least some weights, a yoga mat or something else." We hate to be the bearer of the bad news, as you don't need all the equipment to start a workout. This is just one more excuse to delay your exercising! 

Hence, we are sure that you have some sneakers and a sweatsuit. So, for god's sake, you are not going to the fashion show. No one cares what you wear; just don't go naked! Moreover, as the home equipment goes, fill in some plastic bottles with sand or water, and use a towel instead of the mat, as it will do the trick. 

7. Don't Have Enough Money

Running shoes in the sand
Money can be a problem for many things, but running outdoors is still free (photo: TheHilaryClark/

"My gym membership fee is too high, so I can't afford it! And even if I find the money for it, I don't have enough for gym clothes and other necessities." First, okay, we can agree that the membership could be too expensive, but try to find a cheaper gym that could do the trick. 

Or simply save your money and start jogging as there is no fee for running outdoors last time we checked. Oh, and skip the "it's a too cold" excuse, as you can train at your home during the winter. Second, as we stated before, no one cares what you wear - keep your clothes clean, and it will be fine. 

6. Can't Do It On My Own

Group training in the gym
Need a company for a workout? Surprise, as you can go to a group training (photo: StockSnap/

We can all agree that the company can be motivating. However, the lack of an exercise partner can't be an excuse! You can always go to some group training like pilates, aerobics or something similar and find company there. Or you can install some app to track your and your friend's accomplishments even if you live far away. 

Hence, the company can be a great motivation. Still, you just need to start, and along the way, you'll probably find your exercising partner. So don't use this excuse, as there is no justified reason to do so. 

5. I'm in Such a Bad Shape

A woman preparing to run
Well, if you had exercised regularly, you wouldn't be in such bad shape (photo: RyanMcGuire/

"I can't exercise in a group as I can't follow others' pace. I feel ridiculous when I see other people fit and in shape, and I can't do even one push-up!" Okay, following groups' rhythm can be difficult, but we need to tell you, once they all started from scratch! 

So, all you need to do is try your best, take the pace that suits you, and in some time, you'll be able to keep up with others. Moreover, if you do only one push-up or one squat, you need to focus and do one more next time. Eventually, your persistence will pay off, and you'll get in shape.

4. I Need to Lose Some Weight First

Measuring an overweight person
Workout is the main thing if you wish to be slim (photo: mohamed_hassan/

Overweight people often find excuses that they can't exercise because of the excessive mass they are carrying. Partially, it's true. However, if you have a weight problem, you must start exercising at once! Delaying your workout and trying to lose some weight only by dieting is the wrong move. Sure, if you starve yourself, you'll see the results in no time. 

However, this can be reversed even faster. So the important thing is to add some activities and speed up your metabolism. Okay, nobody expects you to run a marathon, but start with light walking. Later on, add some miles, then pick up a pace, and you'll get in shape in no time. However, you must start eating less and, moreover, healthier. Combining diet and recreation will give the best and the fastest results. 

3. I'm Too Old

Young woman lifting weights
There is no age limit for exercising, just an age-appropriate workout (photo: luottoni17/

You are at a certain age, and you haven't exercised ever in your life. So, how can you start in your forties or fifties? Well, we can highly recommend one thing: to forget about your age and get up from your couch and start walking, for starters. Later on, you can add some jogging to your routine. 

Moreover, some professionals will help you start, explain the correct way to begin exercising, and get you in shape in no time. Therefore, age is not a valid excuse! Nobody expects you to hit the gym and do 100 push-ups on your first day, so relax, take your time, and just don't give up!

2. I Don't Know What Suits me Best

A woman practicing yoga by the water
The only way to know what suits you best is to try it out (photo: Juuucy /

We have all probably heard from our friends how aerobics, gym, running, or something else is absolutely the best for your health. However, there is no ideal workout for everyone. For example, if you like to be sweaty and exhausted after a workout, try running, aerobics, or some other kind of cardio exercise. 

If this doesn't suit you, attempt pilates, yoga, stretching. Or just go walking, or swimming. Therefore, everything counts. However, if you don't try, you'll never find the workout that suits you. So for your excuse, "I don't know what suits me," we can only say try it out, and you'll find out!

1. I'll Start on Monday/Tomorrow 

An old calendar
Switch your plans from Monday and tomorrow to now (photo: Amber_Avalona/ 

On Monday I'll change my life! Okay, this excuse goes for everything, as it's probably number one on the list of the most used excuses. Monday is presumably used more often than tomorrow, as it's often later. Hence, there is more time to come up with some more excuses until Monday. 

However, we must say that tomorrow or Monday often become a year of planning and prolonging the start of something good in your life. So don't wait for some specific day. Just move your ass off the couch and start today, as there is so much that you can do if you commence right away!

As you can see on our top ten list, we probably all use the same excuses for lack of exercising but change it right now, and you'll be happier and more satisfied with your life. As you undoubtedly know, workout reduces stress, so sweat the problems away instead of piling them inside - your health will be grateful for it!

So, tell us, what is your justification for staying in bed instead of exercising? Please, tell us your excuses, as we would like to know them.

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