Top 10 Demi Lovato Songs to Make You Feel Confident

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Demi Lovato is one of those singers that suffered a lot throughout their teen years. This girl had a hard time getting rid of alcohol and drug abuse and even overdosed in July 2018. Luckily, she is content and healthy today, but her journey was quite challenging. However, she became the symbol of strength and getting up after a loss! That's because many of her songs are pretty much feel-good anthems, so we picked the top ten tracks to bring you joy after a bad day. Need more lessons in confidence? Then check our Top 10 Ariana Grande Live Performances!

10. “Neon Lights“ 

Lovato debuted her blue hairstyle in this video, so it was even more neon and radiant

The "Neon Lights" era was the best time to be a Lovatic. This song used to be everywhere, and Lovato was the young music icon. There is a specific reason why this banger felt so relatable, and it should feel like that – we all have our "neon lights" moments, and we should have them indeed.

Do you ever feel like a shooting star when you pass by looking so pretty and happy with yourself? Let this song be your example of what you should think about yourself when you have a hard day. Just like Katy Perry's "Firework" says, you aren't a plastic bag – you're a colorful explosion dancing through the sky tonight!

9. “Unbroken“

This album was just the beginning of Lovato’s shiny future in music

Don't let its disco vibe fool you – this tune hides so many emotions you should discover. "Unbroken" is the title song of the same-titled album in which Demi opened up about her vulnerable side for the first time. It came off as triumphant, with some of the greatest, though underrated bangers.

"Unbroken" will inspire you to stand up and dance, making you feel good. Nevertheless, Lovato sings about healing her wounds and getting up even when it's the hardest. And that message is already quite empowering.

8. “Sorry Not Sorry“

“Sorry Not Sorry” remains the bubbliest moment off her “Tell Me You Love Me” album

Demi said she wanted to meet new people, so she threw a party for a music video! The clip she made for "Sorry Not Sorry" is an eternal anthem about not caring and moving on. Demi "out here looking like revenge" is that self-conscious Demi that should inspire you to feel better if someone breaks your heart.

Furthermore, Lovato points out that "the grass is greener under her," and it's the way you should see things for yourself as well. You should appreciate your true colors and shine, no matter what anyone says.

7. “Give Your Heart a Break“

Trust issues and fears of commitment destroy many young people’s confidence nowadays

People sometimes forget that we're all, in a way, traumatized. As we age, we come across the worst scenarios, then we get up again and live as if nothing happened. However, a part of the pain kind of always stays somewhere. Lovato's love interest from this song had this particular problem opening up, and you might relate to him.

Nevertheless, if your heart needs a break, just like Demi saw in the person she loved, treat it the way you should. "There's just one life to live; there's no time to wait," Demi concludes in one of her first chart-toppers. Find happiness in yourself!

6. “Skyscraper“

This tune proved that Demi can sing extraordinary and deliver the deepest emotions

Maybe you didn't expect a ballad on this list since the feel-good anthems are usually "happy." Nevertheless, don't let this choice shock you. Most of the comments under Lovato's extraordinary "Skyscraper" say that this single saved many lives. It may not sound bubbly and relaxing, but its eruption of feelings will purify your soul like no other Lovato's song.

The process of releasing and healing is usually long, as only you know what made you suffer. However, Demi points out that rising from the ground makes the most significant move. Once you get your act together again, you'll be as tall as a skyscraper!

5. “Cool for the Summer“

Demi is also well-known as an LGBTQ+ supporter and a proud part of that community

This song literally has "cool" in its title, so what else should we explain? It sounds so fresh, no matter how many years have passed since it got released. Moreover, it was the lead single of "Confident," Demi's album about that good feeling when you love yourself.

Another thing that makes this tune stand out is Demi's sexuality spicing up the theme. "Don't be scared 'cause I'm your body type," says that she's ready to try it all, no matter what, and that's how a feel-good song should sound. Go for it if you feel like that. You only live once.

4. “Body Say“

It’s a pity a song like this never got a music video

Lovato suffered from body-shaming reactions many times throughout her career. At such a young age, that should have an immense influence on someone's self-esteem. Luckily, Lovato got away from that, slowly accepting her imperfections. Moreover, her body positivity became one of her image's distinctive features.

With "Body Say," Demi seemed to have let go of all her physical fears. It's bold, mature, sultry, and oozes confidence like the best Ava Max or Lady Gaga tracks. This sensual tone paved her way to the adult world and more grown-up kinds of topics. If she wants it, she comes for it. Simple as that.

3. “Instruction“

With this track, Lovato teaches us how to party endlessly

Jax Jones produced some of the most prominent disco hits of the 2010s. He is the life of the party, just like Lovato herself. With only a few songs, Jones has already owned the charts with catchy sounds and fun themes. His collaboration with Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don was the best decision of his career!

Moreover, this was an excellent choice for Demi, too, because her self-assurance shines so naturally, you'd never think she was ever insecure in her life. "Some say I'm bossy 'cause I am the boss" is the sassiest thing we've ever heard from Lovato. And we love that a lot.

2. “Confident“

It would be ironic not to include “Confident” on this list

People often tear each other down and make each other feel underrated. That's when you should know where your place actually is and what you are indeed able to achieve. Lovato belts out the exact same meaning in "Confident," the song that made it clear from the first second – "I'm the boss right now."

The music video for this single sends another film-material kind of an idea – it oozes courage, cooperation, and female empowerment in general. It's Lovato's most cinematic project up to date, so she could have effortlessly made a whole movie based on it.

1. “Really Don’t Care“

This is one of the biggest hits off “DEMI,” Lovato’s signature record

The fascinating thing about Demi's upbeat songs is that she puts crucial meaning in their titles! Yes, he left her, but she couldn't care less. You shouldn't care as well, since life is too short for that. "Even if the stars and moon collide, I never want you back into my life "is the most real sentence you sometimes have to hear.

"Really Don't Care" can be interpreted in many ways – the LGBTQ+ community also uses it as their anthem. However, it could be your anthem after ending a relationship or friendship or fighting back when someone wants to hurt you. Not caring is already painful for anyone who wants to make you suffer. Keep that in mind!

We hope you enjoyed our top ten list of Demi Lovato's path through her positive vibes and rising and shining after a shipwreck. People might not be there for you, but music indeed is. Furthermore, Lovato herself said this when she broke up her engagement with Max Ehrich and released a track, "Still Have Me." Sometimes you only have yourself, but that's already the whole world. You just have to find it!

Which song from this list puts a smile on your face even when it's a hard day at work or you argued with a loved one? Or is there another one you prefer? We hope to hear your further recommendations as well!

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SomeoneDownBelow Says:

My favorites are "Instruction", "Cool for the Summer" and "Give Your Heart a Break". I would add "Made in the USA", which is largely forgotten as it never did good on the charts.

June 28 at 01:09:32 PM

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