Top 10 Awful Fashion Trends We'd Like to Die Forever

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-11-27 09:45:00

It's fascinating to analyze how the perception of what's trendy has changed over the years. Looking back at our high school pictures, we would gladly burn some of them. Being young is all about making mistakes and learning from them, right? What do we do when these trends are being pushed again by the fashion industry and pop culture? It happens all the time, as clothes and hairstyles our parents wore are now popular once again. Let's not let them dictate our lives. Here are our top ten fashion trends we'd like to be gone or never come back. 

10. "Ugly" Sneakers

How chunky sneakers started trending in 2017?

Even the psychologists have tried to explain this phenomenon, as they claim it's their unusual appearance that draws us towards them. Furthermore, they say that the people who want attention are likely the ones wearing them. Bulky and unattractive, but also quite comfortable, they are favorite among many Instagram celebrities. 

This trend really took over the world, as we can see girls everywhere wearing this type of sneakers. The first version of the "ugly" sneakers came out in the 1990s, as dads who don't follow fashion wore the functional "dad" shoes. Now, we see them ruling our streets again, and we'd like them to be gone. While sneakers are the essential footwear, there are plenty of better options.

9. Cycling (Bike)Shorts

Celebrities popularized bike shorts

Remember everyone ridiculing Kim Kardashian in 2016 for strolling down the streets in cycling shorts and high heels? Being a supportive wife, she promoted Kanye's brand Yeezy whenever she got the chance. After all, she made it fashionable wearing them, as many celebrities followed her lead.

Yes, this is now a thing! From street style to catwalk and even the red carpet, we can't escape this item. As much as we understand how comfortable it is to wear cycling shorts while buying groceries or doing some sports, we don't find them appropriate for any other occasion. Just because everyone is sporting doesn't mean you should. 

8. Thin Eyebrows

How to grow your brows if you over-plucked them

Were you that girl in high school who was guilty of this beauty routine? Generation Z would never understand our desperate need to tweeze eyebrows until they're almost non-existent, as today's trend is the thicker, the better. First of all, having very thin eyebrows adds age and completely changes your face structure, making the facial features look sharper.

Also, plucking them for a certain period will result in their permanent loss. While we're not crazy about the over top thick brow that's popping right now, it's certainly better and at least promotes the natural look. Going back to our pictures and looking at our pencil-thin eyebrows, it's hard not to cringe. 

7. Grillz

How Grillz are made

People are on the fence on who popularized them - was it Nelly, who released his hit song "Grillz" in 2005, or Slick Rick, who wore them back in the '80s. Still, they weren't the first ones who wore them, as archeologists found the remains of a man in Giza dating back to 2.500 B.C. Initially popular in hip-hop culture, the trend transcended and was seen on artists of all genres and athletes. 

We're sure you still remember Ryan Lochte wearing his American flag Grillz in the 2012 London Olympics trophy ceremony! Usually made from gold or diamonds, their original use was to hide broken front teeth or display wealth and status. While they are eye-catching, we'd recommend you to go with your natural clean white teeth. 

6. Perspex Shoes

Clear perspex shoes

 Shoes are an important part of every girl's outfit, as we use them for all occasions - work, date, or a wedding. However, it seems that which ones are fashionable is changing all the time. Sometimes it's so hard to be a woman! Clear perspex shoes are yet another trend introduced by the Kardashians in 2017 to the broad masses.

Of course, every "it" girl on Instagram is wearing them, displaying how we should dress. Except for the effect of elongated legs, we really don't find them to be that attractive. The material itself tends to fog on the inside, as perspex doesn't breathe. Before throwing away your money on something that won't be chic next season, buy yourself some classic and more comfortable shoes. 

5. Wedge Sneakers

The recommendation on the best wedge sneakers

When talking about shoes, here's one trend we must mention on our list. Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers in 2012 are one of the most controversial footwear that appeared. With a platform, they look like basketball shoes with high heels. Not only they're ugly, but they're also expensive, with prices reaching up to $600.

Women who wear them will tell you that they're super comfortable, but they still give you height, as you're wearing heels. Overall, we never found them worthy of that much money, no matter what our favorite celebrities set as an example. This year though, Puma came out with a nice variation of this trend that we (surprisingly) like - Puma Cali Wedges. Check it out! 

4. Crocs

Watch how crocs became an unexpected trend

Crocs look like they're here to stay, even though we fall into a group of people who never understood the appeal of them. Becoming popular firstly in the 2000s and then again in the 2010s, they're definitely back. Teens are wearing them, and especially in bold colors. But why? The reason may be the usual teenage defiance, as they would likely do or wear something that society considers bad or ugly. 

Originally made as a boating shoe, crocs quickly became accepted among restaurants and hospital workers, as they're very comfortable. Another advantage of them is that your feet don't smell bad after hours of wearing them. Now, our most popular stars are promoting them. The point is, celebrities wearing them because it's "cool not to be cool" falls into the most annoying trend that we could find. 

3. Corsets

Kim Kardashian prepares for Met Gala 2019

Corsets have been in the center of attention in these last couple of years, as people commented on the disadvantages of wearing them. Having been worn by the nobles since the 16th century, they still remain fashionable today. The original item promoted constructed body shape and imposed social rigidity. 

Among the celebrities encouraging this trend in recent times are Kim and Khloe Kardashian, claiming that it helps them get that hourglass figure. What is troublesome is that young girls are adopting it and taking it to a full extreme, affecting their health in the process. The doctors say that wearing tight corsets decreases lung capacity and damages your internal organs, so please think about that next time when you wanna look like your favorite celebrity who probably had some lipo and fat transfer surgeries. 

2. Dogs as Accessories

Paris Hilton showcasing Halloween costumes for dogs

Surely, there is no place nowadays for the exploitation of animals as accessories. We've seen snakes and tigers in on-stage performances as well as small dogs being carried in purses. The latter one was widely spread by Paris Hilton, as she took her dog Tinkerbell everywhere with her in a bag. As a result, miniature dogs became an addition to a fashion look, and even women who weren't dog owners began to buy and carry them in the name of fashion.

The consequences were rough. It was reported that many dogs ended up in shelters because the owners had trouble controlling their behavior problems after the handbag dog style ended. Not to mention the psychological issues that it caused, as many dogs refused to walk and were seeking more attention than normal. Using animals as accessories was never a good trend, as they need all the space and freedom they can get, and we hope it never comes back. 

1. Rattail Hairstyle

Top 10 worst male hairstyles of all time

Rattail hairstyle must be one of the cringiest things we've seen pop up. The style is famous for its long tail of hair descending from the back of the head and is reminiscent of a rat tail. Sounds awful, right? Reaching the height of popularity in the 1980s, a couple of celebrities attempted to revive the hairdo in recent times. 

The image of Rihanna sporting this haircut back in 2014 still haunts us to this day. Guess we'll never understand the need for your hair to remind us of an animal (and not a very pleasant-looking one). People have the right to choose their look and style, but this particular hairstyle will forever be on our no-no list. 

 Some fashion trends will always revamp from time to time, but it's up to you will you accept them or not. Believing that everyone should nurture their own look and expression, we advise going with what is personally appealing and comfortable for you. 

What do you say about our take on fashion trends we'd like to be gone or never come back? Would you change or add something to our top ten list? Share your opinion with us down below in the comments. 

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