Top 10 Worst Possible Fight Entrance Themes

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2023-10-30 08:30:05

The entrance theme song is quite a personal statement regarding individual sports. In most combat sports, contenders have to choose the theme to follow their arrival on the stage. A well-chosen entrance theme song can have an excellent effect on the audience and fighters alike. Furthermore, the entrance theme song is like a character's introduction, which presents the contestant to the people. Yet, some, like Mike Tyson, often skipped it entirely. However, this top ten list is about the worst possible choices for an entrance theme. Honestly, it wasn't an easy job choosing the least motivating and the most mundane song that kills the fighting spirit in a second. However, after careful consideration, we picked the top ten of the worst choices for entrance themes.

10. War - Why Can't We Be Friends?

The most peaceful song ever made

This song is a typical example of "Simpsons did it first" because it's the entrance theme song of Homer Simpson during his boxing days. Poor Homer absorbed more punches than the entire heavyweight division during his short but eventful career. That's what spiked this song with a little bit of ironic flavor. 

Nevertheless, "Why Can't We Be Friends?" is one of the most peaceful and hopeful songs. Yet, it definitely isn't appropriate for raising combat spirit. It's also a hard job to take anyone seriously while entering the stage, followed by this melody.

9. Samwell - What What (In the Butt)

Try it if you're feeling flamboyant enough

Now we're stepping into the awkward section, and we do it big time. Samwell's greatest hit became viral very quickly and spread into the mainstream thanks to the South Park version. Bear in mind that this song arrived in 2005, way before any emancipation of sexual minorities

Thus, seeing a young black guy singing about butt stuff and dancing like an overzealous pigeon was a pretty shocking experience. Equally shocking would be choosing this song as an entrance theme song. There are two possible outcomes; either your opponent wouldn't dare touch you, or you would have your butt kicked. Both metaphorically and literally.

8. SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) by Bad Lip Reading

Lament of the most powerful Jedi

If he weren't so powerful, Yoda would definitely be a comic relief character in "Star Wars." His sense of humor, quirky speaking, and old man demeanor doesn't indicate he's one of the most powerful Jedi. 

Therefore, hearing Yoda singing about seagulls trying to poke his head is not the most intimidating experience. Having Yoda's lament about seagulls as your theme song would indicate you're either a Force user or crazy confident in your abilities. Either way, your opponent would think twice before making a move.

7. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On 

Try not to sink like Titanic

When this song first appeared as the central theme of the smash box office hit "Titanic," it instantly divided the audience into two polarized groups. People either adored the song or couldn't stand it, with no ground in between. 

We don't know for sure, but we assume combat fans are the latter group. Hearing Celine Dion's wailing during the fighter's entrance would turn all the negative emotions bottled since 1997 toward the said fighter. We wouldn't like to be in that fighter's place as the hate center of every single person in the arena.

6. Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax

Ideal music for running away from your opponent

Yakety Sax used to be the song that proved the mastery of a saxophone player. However, it caught the ear of Benny Hill, who used it profusely in his show. Therefore, whenever we hear this legendary theme, all we can think of is a sped-up chase scene. 

Setting Yakety Sax as the entrance theme song wouldn't do you any favor in the intimidation department. On the contrary, people in the audience would probably expect to see you running away from your opponent like Charlie Chaplin. Or at least getting comically brutalized in a quick fashion.

5. Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Through The Tulips 

No, it's not creepy at all; why?

Honestly, we would fulfill the entire list with Tiny Tim's song if we could. Sadly we could pick only one of them, so we opted for the most famous. This sweet melody about tiptoeing through the meadows is followed by one of the creepiest voices we have ever heard. This song used to traumatize people worldwide, and it really fits some creepy horror movies or lost footage. 

Picking this song as the entrance theme would be a risky move as there's a high possibility that people would consider you a freak. If you try to combine this song with your best Hannibal Lecter impression, your opponent might even chicken out of the fight. 

4. Rob Cantor - Shia LaBeouf 

Expect a lot of awkward stares

Shia LaBeouf is one of the movie stars that quickly turned from fame to infamy. Apparently, he was unprepared for worldwide recognition, and he exhibited very controversial behavior on movie sets and out of them. One of the moments that made us remember Shia LaBeouf was Rob Cantor's short musical about the famous actor being a serial killer. 

Now, imagine setting that kind of song as your workout theme. In the best case, you would be met with awkward silence. The worst case would probably include some hurling objects toward you.

3. Monty Python - The Lumberjack Song

Try to enter the ring before the third verse

The famous Monty Python "Lumberjack Song" might seem like a perfect manly song. And it is, at least in the first few verses. After that, our manly lumberjack unveils that he likes to wear women's clothes and hang out at bars.

That sudden discovery quickly puts this song in the category of "Sweet Transvestite" from transsexual Transylvania. The implications of having this song played during the walkout are not hard to imagine. One for sure, there will be pain and many mentions of a particular woodwind instrument. 

2. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Yeah, they will love Rickroll, don't worry

To truly understand why this song is such a wrong choice, we need to go back to the early days of the internet. During that time, the most popular form of trolling people was Rickroll. Instead of helpful links, people would link the aforementioned Rick Astley's song. 

The tune became so popular that it single-handedly restored Astley's career. However, your fighting career would be anything but ruined if you chose this song as your entrance. We know it would be an excellent feeling to troll the entire arena, but those people would root for you to drop harder than Meta stocks.

1. Aqua - Barbie Girl

We wouldn't play this during a pillow fight

We have to admit this one was tough to decide. We needed the silliest, quirkiest, and most emasculating song ever. After careful consideration, we picked this legendary one-hit-wonder

We can't imagine the profile of a fighter who would put "Barbie Girl" as their entrance song - not even an Australian. Therefore, don't expect any mercy from your opponent's audience alike. Also, don't forget to put up some choreography.

Entrance songs can turn the audience in your favor, boost your morale and give you the motivation to fight. Our goal for this top ten list was to pick the songs that would do the opposite. With songs like these, alienating the public and enraging your opponent was never easier.

What's your favorite lousy entrance song? Which songs would you put on this list?

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