Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Trip Smoother

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2022-07-28 06:00:05

While planning a vacation, it's always good to know how to make it smoother. You see, even a bit of hiccup in your plans can leave a bitter taste in your memory. However, there are some things you can do to avoid discomfort during your vacation. After all, good preparation and organization are the basics of a satisfying break. That's why we've compiled top ten tips and tricks to make your journey smoother. Hope you'll enjoy it!

10. Bedding Situation

A hotel room
Additional beds for children are not always customary (photo: sasint/

Inform yourself, as you need to read carefully and check everything thoroughly before you book your dream vacation. Although the beds at some destinations are king-size, don't be surprised to find yourself sharing it with your two pre-teen children and your spouse in a five-star luxury hotel. However, this doesn't happen too often, but it's possible, especially if you have just one child traveling with you.

For instance, if you plan a trip with your children to St Barts, make sure to double-check the bed arrangements. Don't worry, as paying upfront for an extra bed is cheaper than doing so once you arrive at your destination. The same goes for some Arab countries.

9. No Private Beach

Aerial view of a beach at Mallorca island, Spain
Beautiful beach at the island of Mallorca, Spain (photo: Thomas MARCHAND/

Maybe you've decided to take a vacation on the French Riviera, or in beautiful Spain. You've booked a five-star hotel, picked the right outfits and can't wait to arrive at your dream destination. After finally getting there, you'll probably immediately jump into your swimsuit and head to the beach

But what awaits you is a surprise, as the hotel doesn't have a private beach! Yet, this is not strange because all the beaches in Spain are public property, so hotels can't claim the piece of the sand. But don't worry, as there's always a beach bar with sunbeds and sun umbrellas at your disposal.

8. All-inclusive or Not

Buffet table in a hotel
Rich buffet table - Sometimes all-inclusive is the best deal (photo: Yukiko Kanada/

Okay, suppose you are headed on a dream vacation, and you wish to stay at some luxurious and isolated place where they offer all-inclusive packages. Your first thought may be that it's much cheaper to book just breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner). Here's where you're wrong because you will pay the difference and maybe even more in the end, like in the Maldives

And to be honest, in the middle of nowhere, where will you eat? Also, all-inclusive is the best choice when traveling with children, as it's more comfortable than to pay for something every two to five minutes. Think about it, as it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

7. High Altitudes, Good Idea or Not?

Hiking in Chile mountains
Well-equipped hikers set off to a hike in Chile (photo: Toomas Tartes/

Let's say you are a hiking or skiing enthusiast, pumped up with adrenaline, as you wish to conquer the highest mountains. Add to this that you have zero or little experience, but you are healthy and in good shape, or at least you think so. Combine that with high altitude, some reduced oxygen, and you won't be feeling so enthusiastic anymore. 

Here is a tip for you - high blood pressure (often overlooked by young people) and a high altitude don't go well together. In the end, the point is to prepare comfortable winter garments, consult experts, and always do a checkup with a doctor. Oh yeah, don't forget to book everything upfront and pack light but smart. Also, booking a room in high altitude hotels is a good idea. The same goes if you plan to visit Chernobyl or some other places that suffered a man-made disasters.

6. Cruise Options

Cruiser in the middle of the ocean
Stunning sunset on the cruise ship in the middle of the ocean (photo: Alonso Reyes/

Set your sails, as we're going on a cruise! Here are some suggestions on how to make it more comfortable. Explore additional options, as almost all the cruising companies offer a set of beverage packages. They are cheaper to book upfront than on the ship or to pay for every drink separately. The same goes for internet packages since it's always better to book upfront.

Moreover, we highly recommend prearranging your onshore excursions. Finally, it's obligatory for most companies to check-in online and set up your ship account before boarding. However, even if it's not required, we recommend it cause it will save you a lot of time.

5. Way to Go - City Cards/City Pass

People in a subway waiting for their ride
People on a subway waiting for the next ride (photo: Joseph Ngabo/

Suppose you find yourself in a large foreign city with many exciting things to do and explore. In that case, we highly recommend using a city card/pass. Major city cards will solve your public transportation problems, and you'll avoid being caught without a ticket and paying a fine.

City cards often offer discounts at the restaurants, pubs, and bars, so all you need is to study the guide you'll get with your city card/city pass. Moreover, city cards will include museum or attraction tickets in almost all cities. What's even cooler, it will help you skip the lines at the entrance. You can also buy a city card online and collect it at the airport or at the city info desk.

4. Passport and Visas Protocol

United States of America passport
Passport control can be a hassle, so be prepared (photo: cytis/

Passport controls and visas - things that give us a headache! Still, everything will go easy if you prepare well. Firstly, let's start with passport control. Always prepare a passport, and if you have a return airline ticket, hotel voucher, or health insurance, keep it at hand (print it or download it for easier access), as this will make your passport control smoother.

As for a visa, always check do you need it before you buy your ticket. Many countries require them, but it can all be done online and before your trip in most cases. If you need a visa on arrival, look up online, as it's possible to find a form and fill it in upfront to save time. To do a visa on arrival, all the passengers need to stay in the line to get the forms, then find a pencil, fill in the form, and then go to passport control. However, by downloading the papers and filling them before the trip, you will skip the lines.

3. Visiting Museums Can Be Easy

Vatican museum in Rome, Italy
Strolling to the halls of Vatican museum in Rome, Italy (photo: cains/

Okay, let's say you're planning a trip to Italy, inspired by its history and museums. When you look at the brochures, you quickly realize that there's so much to see. We have just one piece of advice, as a good organization is the only way to plan a trip and save time.

For example, always book a museum visit upfront, and buy your tickets online since most crowded museums have that option. This way you'll skip the queues for buying a ticket followed by a line to enter the museum.  One more tip before moving to the next one - always double-check what the queue is for, as you can find yourself wasting your time in the wrong line.

2. Luggage Tips and Tricks

Suitcases and backpacks
Well prepared for a trip - suitcases, and backpacks (photo: tookapic/

Planning a vacation means that you'll need to pack, and luggage packing and overweight bags are quite a hassle. Before you start the process, you might check out the weather forecast for the destination you're headed for and pack your clothes accordingly. Suppose you are going to a tropical destination with a long-haul and connecting flight. In that case, you might wanna pack a swimming suit in your hand luggage in case they lose your belongings. 

You also need to report lost baggage and check if you have the right to get some credit and buy the necessary stuff until they deliver your misplaced bags. Oh, and if you have connecting flights, it might be a good idea to check your bags. This way, you'll avoid running through the airport with them.

1. Long Layover

A man waiting for his flight at the airport
Waiting for a connecting flight at the airport can be exciting (photo: JESHOOTS-com/

A long stopover could be exciting, and you should see it as a bonus on your trip. We often get a chance to book a much cheaper airplane ticket with, let's say, 12 hours in between the flights. However, most people reject this idea because they think it's a waste of time. Nevertheless, we have a few suggestions on how to enjoy your stopover. First of all, check out the visa regulation. Some countries offer transit visas without a fee or even sightseeing tours free of charge. For example, in Vienna, Istanbul or Doha, you can surely enjoy 12 hours of exploration.

The second option is to explore the duty-free shops. Still, if you can't shop for 12 hours, then book a lounge at the airport, as they are usually cheaper than airport hotels, and you will be surprised by the service they offer. Finally, in case of a more extended stopover, book a hotel in the city, do a bit of exploring, and have dinner in some fancy restaurant, followed by a good night's sleep in a comfy bed. And please check the boarding time, don't miss your connecting flight!

We hope that you have enjoyed our top ten list of tips and tricks to make your travel smoother. There is a lot of information that could be useful for you at some point. If you liked this article, you might find interesting our top 10 unusual law regulations and what's considered offending around the world.

Do you have some tips and tricks for travel? You might wanna share it with us in the comment section below. We would like to hear about your experience!



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