Top 10 Meals that Cost an Entire Fortune And Are Hard to Order

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Hannah White

Hannah White

Last updated:  2022-08-05 06:00:09

If you're a wealthy hedonist, you'll love our list of the top ten most expensive meals. The cooking master chefs worldwide make miracles by creating some of the most extravagant, and at the same time, overpriced dishes. The most expensive food costs a sky-high $25,000, which is insane. Besides, if you want to order some meals from our list, arm yourself with patience, as you have to pre-order it since the ingredients' are scattered worldwide. Of course, we are excluding foods considered illegal. Anyway, check our top ten list as we believe that these irrationally high food prices will surprise you.

10. Golden Opulence Sundae - $1,000

In 2007, it was mentioned in Guinness World Records as the most expensive sundae worldwide with a value of $1,000

The iconic restaurant Serendipity 3 in New York City demands reservations 48 hours in advance for this meal and sells approximately one Golden Opulence Sundae per month since it costs $1,000. This exquisite dish includes three scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream covered in 23-karat gold leaf. Rich chocolate comes from Tuscany, and vanilla beans origin is Madagascar. 

Even the garnish of candied fruit gives a glow of extravagance since it comes from Paris. There are also tasty almonds, caviar, and a fancy sugar-forged orchid that takes eight hours to create. The sundae is being served in a Baccarat crystal cup worth $350 with an 18k gold spoon - so fabulous!

9. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata - $2,000

It's the planetary most expensive omelet, according to the Guinness Book of World Records

Can you believe that an omelet can cost a fortune? Frankly, with the price of $2,000, it's not an affordable everyday breakfast. This both ordinary and strange dish is available at Norma's in Le Parker Meridien Hotel in Manhattan, New York. Nevertheless, they sell only 12 "Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata" per year.

 The ingredients are eggs, exclusive sevruga caviar (it costs the restaurant $65 per ounce), an entire lobster, chives, cream, and lobster sauce. It's so delightful!

8. White Truffle and Gold Pizza - $2,420

Golden comfort food

For a remarkable slice (or two) of White Truffle and Gold Pizza, you'll need to visit Margo's Pizzeria in Valletta, Malta. It remains one of the most expensive pizzas globally as it combines buffalo mozzarella and white truffles topped with 24-carat gold leaf that's definitely not deadly.

The Margo's Pizzeria owner, Claude Camilleri, introduced people to locally available truffles' flavors. The traditional tomato sauce isn't in the recipe since it's too sharp and would overcome the truffles' gentle flavor. Anyway, if you're a crusty pastry fan, you'll love it because its base is a delicious traditional crust.

7. Billion Dollar Popcorn - $2,500

Vermont Creamery's butter and Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla on a popcorn? Sounds perfect!

Can you believe that popcorn could cost an arm and a leg? We can't! Popcorn is an iconic snack, perfect food while watching a movie. Nevertheless, it seems like we'll need the proper adornment and a crown to taste this piece of golden heaven. Yes, you've read it correctly, golden, as every single popcorn is overlaid with caramel and 23-carat gold flakes.

One of the essential ingredients is Laeso salt (the most expensive kind of salt). The other elements of this royal snack are Vermont Creamery's choicest butter and Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla. You'll feel majestic even by reading the title of all of its ingredients.

6. 24K Pizza - $2,700

Caviar on the 24k pizza makes us wanna taste it right now

Ok, we must admit that this isn't fast food, as it's something way more extravagant. The top of this rich pastry has, believe it or not, edible gold leaf on it. Anyway, if you want to taste the richly topped pizza, you'll need to pay $2,700. If you're about to order it, you can find this brilliant dish in the Industry Kitchen in New York. 

Every component is so expensive that only edible golden leaf costs nearly a few hundred dollars. The rest of the glamorous ingredients are Osetra caviar (the most popular expensive caviar), foie gras (the delicacy straight from French cuisine), white stilton cheese, and truffles. So tasty! Still, maybe you want to save some money and eat more affordable pizza.

5. Fleurburger 5000 - $5000

The world's most expensive burger

If we were billionaires, we would certainly try this Fleerburger, as the people who consumed it say that they were lost for words while tasting it. For now, we've to believe the rumors about this dish' delicacy. Anyway, if some of you have a craving for this superior burger, dare to visit the Fleur by Hubert Keller in gambler's haven Las Vegas and spend $5000 on it. 

The spread of stories about this tempting dish made us look for Fleurburger tasty features, and we've found it! The main one is pricey buttery, combined with incredibly delicate Wagyu beef, which has a soft flavor. The topping has delicious foie gras, truffles, and duck fat in a brioche (fluffy French yeast bread). For a more significant impression, they serve it with a bottle of classy 1995 Petrus.

4. Beluga's Almas Caviar- $9884

Almast is the rarest Beluga caviar, therefore the most expensive

Prepare yourself now, because the price of this dish will give you dizziness. Rare Albino Beluga Sturgeon produces the globally most popular caviar, which costs $9884, and it's served next to the 24-carat Golden Cigar. The price for this luxurious dish is enormous, and we believe that it'll become higher since there aren't many albino sturgeons left in the world. Therefore, this luxurious quality caviar is available every 5-10 years. 

However, there's a waiting list, and the interested parties are informed about its availability. If you are curious about tasting this extravagant meal, you have to pay a visit to Beluga's restaurant in Dubai.

3. Louis XIII Pizza - $12,000

Louis XII pizza
This pizza consists of three different caviars - that makes it so extravagant

Let's travel to Salerno, Italy, since this is the place to taste the delicious Louis XIII Pizza. This pizza was initially created for two persons, and it was only 20 cm long. Anyhow, the secret is in pastry that needs 72 hours to rise properly and rest until its preparation. If your extravagant soul desires this insanely expensive pizza, you'll have to prepare $12,000, as it consists of high-class ingredients. 

Besides the delightful pastry, the rest of the ingredients are three different caviars - Kaspia Oscietra Royal Classic from the Iranian coast, Oscietra Royal Prestige, and Kaspia Beluga. There are also seven types of cheese and expensive lobster that travels from Norway straight to the top of this posh meal.

2. Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence - $14,500

Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence
Little chocolate masterpiece on a plate

If seeing the art on a plate tempts you, this Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence is the right dish for you. You'll need to travel to Sri Lanka directly to the Fortress Resort and Spa in Galle to experience it. This meal is so extravagant that you need to pre-order it! The stilt fisherman is a handmade masterpiece consisting of pure chocolate, which explains a $14,500 price tag. 

Besides, this dessert features an 80-carat aquamarine stone, which makes it even more fabulous. Italian cassata mixed with Baileys Irish Cream sounds delicious! Moreover, the plate's garnish has mango and pomegranate compote. Also, there is the Champagne Sabayon sauce beautified with gold leaf. So artistic yet tasty!

1. Grand Velas Tacos - $25,000

The golden heaven on a plate, in the shape of tacos

Hey you, food hedonists, are you willing to pay $25,000 for tacos? For ordinary made ones, no, but the Grand Velas Tacos will maybe change your minds! Prepare your wallets as you're about to visit Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort's Frida restaurant in Mexico, where you can taste this wonderful dish. The price is insanely high, but let's reveal a secret and get to know Grand Velas Tacos' ingredients better.

Tender Kobe beef, the globally most expensive Almas Beluga caviar, and a rich and creamy black truffle Brie Cheese make this dish do glamourous. Those ingredients are served on a golden-infused corn tortilla. Salsa, used for garnish, consists of rich flavored dried Morita chili peppers, extravagant Ley.925 tequila, and overpricing topping since it has civet coffee beans. Nevertheless, it's not a wonder that this remains to be the globally most expensive dish.

So, which one of those fancy top ten dishes attracted your attention? What is your opinion about those exaggeratedly expensive meals? Are you among rare people who tasted it? Please, write your thoughts in the comment section as we're eager to read them.

Cover photo: Olle August/Pixabay 



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