Top 10 Spicy Mexican Foods for Every Fan of the Strong Taste

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Every country has its symbolism and things authentic to their culture, and, of course, food belongs to that group. Thai, Asian, American, Italian, Latin... There are so many dishes you have to try, and Mexican is known for its spiciness, obviously! If you'd like to discover spicy foods and exotic dishes, you'll love our top ten recipes that'll blow your mind! Some of of them are great for parties, as you can serve them as finger food.

10. Mexican Chorizo

Chorizo in Mexican style makes it completely authentic for their cuisine

You probably know that regular chorizo is made in Europe. It's another name for pork sausages, which are very nutritious and not so healthy, but very beloved. Things are slightly different with the Mexican version, and this recipe is even more exotic since it just couldn't go without the spice!

Moreover, the spice we have in the authentic recipe is black pepper, so you'll actually find out how significant it is in Mexican dishes. Chorizo is not chorizo without pork, so it's pretty effective here, too. Since one spice isn't enough for this land, pasilla chile is a bonus!

9. Enchilada

This is another guide so detailed that you'll prepare these at home easily!

Cheesy ground beef enchiladas, baked in the oven... Sounds like the most Mexican thing to ever exist. And you're not even wrong! You make enchiladas with corn tortilla, and adding meat and savory sauce to it will make it complete. Corn tortillas are even healthier than the ones made with flour!

Just like every usual Mexican dish, this one doesn't have to be stuffed with beef. It's still an exclusive ingredient, though. Furthermore, shredded chicken is another version you should definitely try! Chicken broth can even be used for the sauce that you put inside – what's a Mexican dish without a spicy sauce, anyway?

8. Chimichanga

Crunchy and cheesy chimichanga sounds like a masterpiece!

You undoubtedly know what burrito is, but have you ever heard of chimichanga? It's a very similar thing, and if you live in the southwestern US, you probably eat this one very often! It's even hard to say from which side of the border it originates, but the name and the way they stuff tortillas tells us that the style is very Mexican. 

What makes chimichanga different from the burrito is the deep-fried tortilla, with salsa as the main sauce, together with guacamole. You'll love both burrito and chimichanga if it's your thing. After all, if you're passionate about fried food, you'll enjoy how juicy chimichanga tastes!

7. Mexican Lasagna

Lasagna's a bit complicated, but the result is just awesome

You know that lasagna is Italian and it's basically their best meal ever. However, Mexicans didn't waste time since they have their own version, which is quite different! As you can guess, the Mexican variant has extra spice in it and even more cheese than you can imagine!

In conclusion, even foreign recipes can get very Mexican if they have incredibly spicy and diverse ingredients. Mexicans love when their foods are so stuffed that they get thick, so their lasagna looks like that, too. The usual main ingredient is beef, with the addition of cheese and beans. Do you prefer this lasagna over the Italian one?

6. Guacamole

You don't have to be a pro to master this dish

And now, we have a spicy recipe and a kind of meal that food health freaks will love the most! The ingredients you'll need for guacamole are white onion, tomato, peppers, cilantro... And avocado, the healthiest friend of today's famous recipes! Who would say you'd meet avocado in Mexican cuisine?

Guacamole in its original version has two types: the one you make in a regular bowl with a fork or with mortar and pestle, which are common in Mexico. This dish is also uncooked, so it can be prepared very quickly. It's a good salad for your breakfast, but you can also eat it alone!

5. Chilate de Pollo

This version is even spicier than you think!

Mexicans are so spicy that they even love their soup as bitter as possible! For them, it's not enough that they have tortilla-stuffed spices for lunch all the time, but they also eat chicken soup that even has a spicy look! Chilli peppers actually go so well with chicken, and that's what you're about to discover.

Besides chili pepper, no Mexican soup can be without oregano, onions, tomato, cumin seeds, or even whole chicken legs. Sounds too exotic, but a recipe like this obviously can't be found anywhere except Mexico. Gourmets will appreciate this recommendation more than anyone else!

4. Tacos

Which level is your favorite?

Whenever you hear "tacos," you think of Mexico. It feels like this land's mascot, and it tastes as good as it sounds! Since you'll have to put chili powder, cumin, salt, oregano, garlic powder, and pepper in it, be sure that tacos will satisfy your spicy needs!

Ground beef tacos are the most common recipe that every Mexican would recommend. It's not the only option, though. However, ground beef is just so perfect for tacos that it has enough fat to make it tasty, but without overdoing it. It's even easy to prepare this one at home, so that's definitely a preferred version!

3. Quesadillas

You'll see so many details here that you can make these at home easily

Here, we have another dish that is so nutritious that your stomach will be full the whole day. It's a lunch that you'll want to try – quesadillas are made for cheese and tortilla lovers! Corn tortilla combined with (a lot of) cheese sounds like paradise. It's not even the whole thing since the other ingredients are meats and, of course, spices!

Moreover, quesadillas can even be healthy – don't let the usual recipes fool you because they have so many ingredients that it overflows you with calories. However, there are chicken quesadillas containing meat and vegetables only, so just try to adjust it to your taste.

2. Burrito

Chicken is a preferable ingredient for this dish

Just imagine a dish with tortillas that can be stuffed with everything and anything. Actually, every piece of it has so many ingredients at once that you'll have to try many new exotic foods! Burrito never goes only with two or three types of elements since it's so versatile. There are a million ways to make it great and satisfy your taste.

You can find various burrito recipes on Delish, and they are so different that you can enjoy it even if you're on a low-carb, vegan, or any other diet. It can be stuffed with beef, chicken, or any spice that makes the taste peppery... You'll never stop exploring! 

1. Tortillas

Yes, tortillas can be spicy on their own… So much that you won't survive them!

And finally, we've come to that ingredient that makes every Mexican meal delicious and unique. We basically didn't mention anything here that doesn't include tortillas, and there are some excellent reasons for that. Tortillas are simply smooth, light, and so flat that they can be stuffed with anything!

Of course, if you thought that tortilla can't be spicy... We wouldn't put it on this list if it didn't have that bitter taste as well! Tortilla is simply the most versatile Mexican dish, so if you're not a fan of their authentic bitterness, you can eat it simply as a replacement for bread. However, if you'd like them spicy, you have that choice too!

In conclusion, only fans of spiciness can enjoy these exotic cuisines and Latin American foods in general. Maybe you weren't brave enough to try these, too, or you found them too strange, but give yourself a chance. Your taste changes throughout the years, so even if you thought you don't like Mexican food, at least try what we have on our top ten list – you won't regret it!

Do you have a favorite Mexican dish that you always come back to? Let us know about your favorite recipe!

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crystal Says:

I am Mexican and I kind of have to disagree with most of them! like not all enchiladas are spicy. and for tortillas, they are not even an inch spicy as well as for guacamole I would appreciate it if you added different ones:)

March 26 at 03:07:44 AM

tornado Says:

good to know

September 14 at 02:46:46 AM

jenny Says:

i dont know

July 12 at 07:57:30 PM

Cocoa87 Says:

I'm not much into spicy food, but all of this sounds delicious!

July 11 at 12:42:31 PM

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