Top 10 Deadliest Food - Think Twice Before You Try It

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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While eating, most people are focused on the taste and a sense of delight in their mouth. However, almost no one thinks about the possibility that their next meal could also be their last. Today we have many studies proving that consuming processed food often could cause all sorts of diseases and potentially kill you. However, here we're talking about food that you don't need to consume more than once; some of it could kill you on your first bite! So this is our top tem deadliest food in the world list. Read carefully and if your stomach can take it, check our Top Ten Strangest Meals list.

10. Casu Marzu – Rotten Cheese

Casu Marzu – deadly maggot cheese from Sardinia, Italy

 Sounds delicious just to think of eating rotten cheese, but Casu Marzu has a plus side; it comes with live maggots! Its origin is the Italian island of Sardinia. How healthy and safe is Casu Marzu proves the fact that it's forbidden by the EU. Cheese needs to be eaten with live maggots, and the Sardinians claim it's an aphrodisiac. Nevertheless, eaten maggots can stay alive in your body by eating your tissue, which doesn't sound healthy!

There are a few correct ways to eat this cheese. First - chew well to kill the maggots, and second, cover your eyes because they can jump up to 6 inches high! Still, you can just put the cheese in a sealed paper bag before eating to kill the maggots. This is a hard pass! Try some delicious cheese instead - there are plenty of them!

9. Hot Dog – Not Because It's a Junk Food

Hot dog with mustard
America's favorite fast food – hot dog

Enjoying a hot dog often involves a factor you don't think about, and that's luck! They have been proven to be deadly, as they may cause choking, especially with kids.

So, how do hot dogs kill? This is due to their cylindrical shape and the perfect size to block the children's airway; all they need to do is inhale the piece of it, and it could stick in their throat and cause choking. To illustrate how deadly they are, let's just say that one child dies by food choking every 5 days in the USA and that 17% of all food-related deaths are caused by suffocating on a hot dog. 

8. Cinnamon – Stick With the Cookies and Cookies Only!

Cinnamon sticks in a jar
Beloved cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon is one of the most beloved seasonings, as we can find it in popular Starbucks drinks, posset or home-made meals and beverages. Just its name brings up the warm and happy Christmassy feelings to many people. While cinnamon is great for slimming down, it has a deadly side. Most commonly used is a cinnamon powder, and if swallowed or inhaled, it can cause choking or death. 

Cinnamon dries your mouth and causes vomiting, and if it gets to your lungs, it could cause them to collapse. Please ignore internet challenges involving inhaling or swallow a cinnamon powder and just stick to consuming it in a coffee, cookies, etc. 

7. Ackee – Do you Enjoy Vomiting?

Ackee tree
Ackee tree

From West Africa, Jamaica, and parts of the Caribbean Sea comes deadly fruit ackee. This is a pear-shaped fruit that is so toxic that it can't be imported raw in the US but only canned under strict regulations. 

The fruit contains a toxic called hypoglycin, so if the ackee is not ripped entirely and prepared adequately, it can cause vomiting, sickness, and death. The symptoms are weakness, dehydration, and mental stress, which start two to six hours after consummation. Also, it can quickly cause seizures, coma, and death. If you still wish to try the ackee fruit, stick with the canned and cooked ones.

6. Cassava – It's Raw? No, Thank You!

Harvested cassava root
Harvested cassava root

Cassava is a shrub plant with edible roots. The plant is very popular in South America and the Caribbean as it's easy to grow and is rich with carbohydrates. So, why is it here then? The answer is simple: it contains cyanide, which is highly toxic. Peeling and cooking cassava eliminates poison, as it becomes safe to consume. 

Still, not appropriately peeled and cooked or eaten raw, it could make you sick or even dead. There are two types of cassava: sweet and bitter, which contains more toxic. Cassava is healthy, and there are many ways to consume it. If you stick with peeling and cooking it properly and don't eat it raw, you'll be fine.

5. Rhubarb – Deadly Pie

Fresh rhubarb
Fresh rhubarb, just stick with the edible part of rhubarb

Is there something more delicious than a rhubarb pie? The smell is terrific, and the taste is excellent. However, not all of the rhubarb parts are edible. While the stalks are the main ingredient of the pies, the leaves are toxic. The rhubarb leaves contain a high oxalic acid level; it is corrosive and could cause kidney failure and sometimes death.

Nevertheless, the rhubarb needs to be consumed in a higher amount to be deadly; you'll have to consume at least 10 pounds of rhubarb leaves to die, but even small amounts can make you sick. So keep away from the leaves and enjoy the rhubarb pie made from stalks.

4. Apricot Seeds – Just Don't Eat Them!

Apricot split in two
Apricot and apricot seed, stay away from the seeds

We all love apricot as it's sweet, tasty, and just delicious fruit, with many benefits to human health. Sadly, its seed is a different story. Many seeds could be toxic, but apricot ones are the most harmful of them all. Apricot seeds contain a chemical called amygdalin or laetrile that converts in the human body to hydrogen cyanide – a highly deadly toxin. 

Like many foods on our list, the apricot seed won't kill you by eating only one piece but keep away from it just in any case. While certain people believe that these seeds cure cancer, this is a false assumption.

3. Blood Clams – Like Hepatitis A?

Blood Clams prepared as Thai street food

We all love clams as when appropriately cooked, they can be quite tasty. However, blood clams are specific because they absorb harmful bacteria and viruses such as hepatitis, typhoid, and dysentery. Absorption of these pathogen materials happens because it lives in lower oxygen environments.

A typical preparation of blood clams in China is by boiling them very briefly, which leaves viruses alive. Proof of how harmful they are is that they were banned in Shanghai in 1988 because of a hepatitis A outbreak. Hm, now eating a bear doesn't sound so bad.

2. Sannakji – Watch Out for Squirming on Your Plate, As It Could Be the Last Thing You'll See

Sannakji, preparing the Korean street food, which involves cutting the tentacles

Sannakji, an odd dish prepared from raw octopus, is in second place. This is not about the quantity of the meal eaten, but about your luck! If you are unlucky, only one bite could kill you! This Korean dish preparation involves the chef killing the octopus, chopping it into small pieces, and serving it with sesame seeds and soy sauce. So why is it considered deadly? 

While the octopus is dead, the meal is still squirming on your plate! This is the product of residual nerve activity in the tentacles that could attach to your throat while swallowing and cause choking. So, think again if you find yourself in a Korean restaurant - are you willing to try your luck by ordering a Sannakji?

1. Fugu (pufferfish) – Check Out the Restaurant Reviews and the Chef's License Before Ordering

Fugu (pufferfish) preparation, it includes killing and preparation

Our number one, the deadliest of them all, is fugu or pufferfish! You have probably heard a lot about the famous fugu fish that belong among the strangest water creatures. It has been used in many movies, cartoons, and series as a way to kill someone. This expensive Japanese delicacy is truly tasty and truly deadly if not prepared right. 

The main problem is that pufferfish are more harmful than cyanide, and there is no antidote. Fugu causes fast and violent death, so why would someone order it in a restaurant?  This is an easy question because if prepared well, it's a real delight! How to prevent being murdered by pufferfish? The answer lies in training, as all the official chefs with a license to prepare a fugu fish must practice at least two years to receive the permit.  Also take care how you use chopsticks!

Hope you have found our top ten deadliest food list useful and exciting. Food can be delicious, and it's an essential part of every culture, but some of it can be your last meal. The comforting fact is that most of our top ten dishes need to be consumed more significantly to be deadly. Some of our top ten dangerous food just need to be eaten the right way. Nevertheless, we would keep away from fugu fish and Sannakji; You can try it if you're feeling lucky.  

Have you eaten something from our top ten list? Did you know that they can cause sickness and death? Please write it in the comment section as we would like to hear your thoughts.

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