Top 10 Reasons Why the Maldives Are Better Than Sri Lanka or Vice Versa

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2022-01-06 10:00:51

If you go to the Maldives or Sri Lanka, we are sure that you'll have an unforgettable time, a dream vacation. Then, why this comparison? That's because we think that there are reasons why you may prefer the Maldives over Sri Lanka or the other way round. These are our top 10 reasons why the Maldives are better than Sri Lanka or vice versa, going from least to most important factors. Pack your travel essential, as it's time to go!

10. Transfers

Perfect view from a seaplane at the Maldivian atolls  

Seaplane transfers are a unique experience, overlooking the gorgeous Maldivian atolls from the bird's perspective. This one can't even be compared to Sri Lanka, where there's no such a way of transfer and a view so beautiful. 

Secondly, speed boat transport is also fascinating, and more accessible to us. So this one surely goes to the Maldives, which offers way more attractive transfer options!

9. Shopping

Main shopping items at Sri Lanka, sapphire jewelry 

This isn't something that every woman wishes to hear, but there is a perfect way to spend the vacation without being stuck in some shopping mall. The Maldives is the ideal getaway to relax and work on your tan. There are no distractive sales signs here, no hustle about what to buy or thinking about if everything fits in your luggage. Here there's only sea, sand, and peacefulness. Hence, skip it if you want more urban experience.

It's not that Sri Lanka is a shopping mecca, but there are more buying opportunities than in the Maldives. Among the leather products, handicrafts and ceramics, tea, and spices, Sri Lanka is famous for its sapphires and moonstones. If you wish to buy some gems and jewelry, Sri Lanka is the place to go. Regarding shopping, Sri Lanka takes the win.   

8. Weather

Cloudy water at the Maldives, white sandy beach, and perfect blue water

The Maldives are known for their short showers, while Sri Lanka has monsoon rains. However, the climate is perfect outside the storm season in Sri Lanka. In the Maldives, the weather is almost always sunny with blue sky and dazzling turquoise water, creating a picture of a tropical paradise. The Maldives rainy season typically consists of short storms, and a couple of minutes of rain, before the weather becomes perfect all over again. 

However, in the last couple of years, things are a bit different due to global climate change. Still, it rarely rains all day long, and you can always choose north or south atolls according to the weather season.

7. Peace and Quiet VS Getting to Know the Locals and Their Way of Life

A perfect escape from the noise - blue sea and white sandy beach all just for you

You can't find peace and quiet in many places, but the Maldives are perfectly tranquil. When in Sri Lanka, local folks pass by your hotel, living their normal life. On the other hand, there are only staff members and tourists in the Maldives. Just to remind you, these hotels (which can be very unusual) or resorts are small, so they aren't crowded.  

In the Maldives, you can spend the whole day at your private villa enjoying drinks and not see anyone. Lie back, enjoy the silence, and look at the blue horizons in front of you. However, suppose you wish to know how locals live, buy some handcrafted souvenirs directly from them, or eat some fabulous food in a local restaurant. In that case, Sri Lanka is a better option. So this one is a tie! If you wish for moments of peace, then the Maldives take the win. However, Sri Lanka is a better choice if you want to experience local people's real life. 

6. Landmarks

Stone Buddha at the Gal Vihara, Stone Temple at Sri Lanka

Without question, this one has to go to Sri Lanka! This beautiful country is well known for its relics. Let's start with Sigiriya Rock Fortress. This magnificent landmark rises from the forest, and on top, ancient ruins are dating back to 495 AD. Sri Lanka is a religious country, so the Buddhist landmarks are impressive, and there are plenty of them. Still, pay attention to how you take pictures!

One of them is a Stone Shrine or the Gal Vihara as a part of the Parakramabahu monastery, consisting of four beautiful Buddha statues. Among others, let's mention the charming Temple of the Tooth keeping the most important relic in Sri Lanka, Buddha's tooth. The list of shrines, fortresses, and monuments is long, and it's for you to explore.  

5. National Parks and Wild Life

Happy elephants playing in the water, Sri Lanka

This one also goes easily to Sri Lanka! Let's start from the Gal Oya National Park, home to more than 150 bird species, elephants, leopards, and many others. Next, we have Yala National Park, which is partially a dense jungle. This is the home to many wild animals, and you can arrange jeep safaris if you wish to observe the rich wildlife.

Udawalawe National Park is well known for large herds of elephants and the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home. In this elephant rescue home, the injured elephants are being taken care of before they are brought back into the wild.  

4. Cute Little Towns Full of Rich History 

Shores of beautiful Sri Lankan town Kandy and the Temple of Tooth in the mist 

Okay, this one definitely goes to Sri Lanka! Firstly there are no cute little towns for sightseeing in the Maldives, and it's hard to arrange island or city hopping. Secondly, Sri Lanka has a few towns that will sweep you away. Thirdly, it's easy to go on a guided tour in Sri Lanka or explore by yourself. 

A good idea is to visit Anuradhapura, one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns, or Galle and old port, a place full of colonial buildings. Also, make sure to hit Kandy country's most important religious and cultural center. We could list more things to see in Sri Lanka, but we'll leave you to discover them.  

3. Sealife

Turtle swimming among the coral reef at the Maldives 

Sri Lanka has a rich sea life, but the Maldives have coral reefs surrounding the gorgeous and unique atolls. Beautiful coral reefs are something that you can explore by snorkeling or scuba diving. 

The water is so clear that you can even explore without goggles. You can find all sorts of beautiful colorful fishes, turtles, and other small sweet sea creatures. However, further from the shore, there manta rays, dolphins, sharks, and whales. So regarding sea life, the Maldives is a way better option.

2. Water

Perfect white sandy beach and clear blue water at the Maldives

We cannot emphasize how much nicer and better the seawater is in the Maldives than in Sri Lanka. Firstly, regarding the color, it's a perfect turquoise in the Maldives. Secondly, the water is clear and calm. Also, safety is better, as every atoll on the Maldives is surrounded by a coral reef, protecting it from the high waves and restless ocean.

Shallow water also keeps you safe from predators like sharks, as they are staying away from it. Finally, the water is always warm and pleasant to swim in the Maldives, even after the rain. So regarding the seawater, Maldives are a better option.

1. Beaches

Beautiful white sandy shore with a palm tree and hammock. A perfection!

Just imagine a beautiful white sandy beach of the Maldives all to yourself. The beaches in Sri Lanka are also sandy, but the seashore is closer to grey than white. Of course, Sri Lanka is a larger island, so there are many options. You can choose the one you like, arrange your vacation accordingly, or just rent a car and explore. 

However, in the Maldives, you have a perfect white sandy beach wherever you choose to stay. The powdery sand and clear, steady turquoise sea are way better at the Maldives than at any other place. So regarding the beaches, Maldives win!

As you can see, there is a great diversity among these two countries, as both are unique. So if you like exploring, sightseeing, trying local food, and buying some unique handcrafted souvenirs, go to Sri Lanka, and you won't be sorry. On the other hand, the perfect beach and the sea in the Maldives are ideal for your vacation if you need to rest and relax. Just make sure to prepare well before you leave!

Have you ever been to either of these two destinations? Did you like it? 

Please write to us in the comment section, as we would like to know what you have appreciated the most.


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