Top 10 Cool Eyeliner Looks That Everyone Needs to Try

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

Last updated:  2023-10-30 09:39:53

Have you ever encountered yourself standing in front of your vanity, feeling absolutely befuddled? You have no idea if you should switch up your look or how. Maybe you went out and bought some eyeliner with no plan whatsoever, or maybe you have been using it for some time already. Either way, we'll show you how everyone should try different and cool eyeliner looks on our top ten list at least once!

10. Cat Eye 

"Meow?" - Sonic the Hedgehog

Classics are called classics for a reason. You simply can't find a single person who looks terrible with a cat-eye. If your eyes are hooded or not, there are ways to rock the look. Everyone deserves to feel like a supervillain at least once in their lifetime. And honestly, what better way to do it than with a cool makeup look!

It's easy to tell why this is one of the most popular makeup looks of the twenty-first century. Is there a better feeling than the confidence overcoming you when you know you look impeccable? And cat-eye eyeliner is the best way to get that feeling. If you're trying this, look out by yourself, as it will take some trial and error until you nail it.

9. Smokey

Fifty-fifty chance of looking sleek and sexy or like a tiny emo raccoon

Another great way to make yourself feel confident and sexy is to try out the smokey eyes look. There's something incredibly alluring to smoked-out eyes. If you have green or blue eyes, it helps them pop, making dark eyes look mysterious. There are next to no drawbacks here.

The only thing that might intimidate you, though, is that they're harder to achieve than a regular wing, in our opinion. There's a fine line to toe between sexily mussed and straight-up messy. While making your eye look messy can be incredibly annoying, it has its benefits. Just throw on some black clothes and look edgy anyways.

8. Brightening the waterline

A great way to make your eyes seem brighter

If you ever imagined what it's like to have bigger, more doll-like eyes, this is the best eyeliner style for you. It's a wonder how simply putting some white crayon in your waterline can change the outcome of your look. We recommend playing around with the opacity of the crayon to see what suits your style best.

Purely white and opaque crayons will make you look more cartoonish, and some subtler ones will simply make your eyes pop. While you can combine this with some darker eyeshadow to make it look sexier, this is a great way to give your makeup look a more sweet vibe. It's a perfect strategy for all of you cottagecore lovers out there!

7. Graphic Eyeliner

Go e-girls, go!

You might have seen this look floating around the internet lately. It became popular on TikTok, and it's gaining more and more traction. It's a simple concept, so it's no surprise that it has taken the world by storm. You just go along your crease and connect it to the end of your wing. While it's tricky until you realize what shape works best for your eye, the rest is pretty simple.

Not only is it a simple way to make your makeup look more unique, but it also gives it a futuristic vibe. If you ever wanted to feel like a character from a 70s sci-fi movie, this is one of the better ways to go about it. You can do it in black to make it look cattier or in another color, producing a more funky and fresh look. Go ahead and play around!

6. Triangle in the Inner Corner


We've got the perfect thing if you ever want to try something new and sexy! Making a triangle in the inner corner of your eye makes it really pop. (New drinking game! Take a shot every time we say pop. You'll be on your way to the hospital in no time!) It's a subtle difference that can switch up your entire look.

It may be called foxy eyeliner, but you might enjoy it even more if you have a hawk-themed look on your mind. A pronounced triangle gives you the general vibe of a bird of prey on some eye shapes. Don't ask us how - it just does. This can be pretty annoying if you wish to give yourself a Cat Eye+, but you end up with the "I Will Steal and Eat Kittens, and Other Baby Mammals" look.

5. 1920s Style

Is that too specific? That might be too specific

While cat eyes look great on everyone, people sleep on downturned eyeliner. If 1920s actresses and flappers looked fabulous in it, we can as well. It makes you look dreamy, a goddess gently looking at her creations, judging them, but loving it nonetheless. The vibes, simply put, are immaculate. And, come on, who doesn't want to feel like a goddess?

However, if you're used to drawing your eyeliner upward, drawing it down will be more frustrating than when you've just started makeup. After all, you're practiced at it, so why isn't it turning out well? Sometimes, the level of frustration might reach hair-pulling levels. But remember to take deep breaths and that you're practicing a new skill, so it's natural that it doesn't work out perfectly.

4. Upside-Down Foxy Eyes

Topsy turvy foxy eye

We've established how good foxy eyes can be. Now hear us out; instead of making the triangle go downwards, make it go up. Kinda like you would do on the outside of your eye when you're doing a cat-eye look but on a smaller scale. It's a unique way to make your eyes pop (are you drunk yet?). You will definitely be an eye-catcher.

Again, to what extent you will go totally depends on you. To some people, a small line suits them best. Others will find that they like a dark, dramatic look. Hell, you can even connect the inner corners over the nose! Go nuts, go wild, go crazy! Life is too short to be boring, so why not just be the cringy-quirky person at a party. What's stopping you, besides your own cowardice?

3. Non-Black

Alexa, play "Better in Color" by Lizzo

Again, why should you be confined within the shackles of modern society? Haven't you had enough of Sisyphean tasks? Aren't you tired of doing the same smokey eyes makeup look event after event? Doing eyeshadow takes forever; just throwing on some eyeliner has been done over and over again.

The only makeup rule you have to follow is that there are no rules. Everyone who tells you dos and don'ts is a coward. Your face is uniquely your own, so only you can judge what cool eyeliner looks good and what doesn't. Wear green eyeliner and purple lipstick together. Hell, wear blue lipstick with it. Just stop worrying about the conventions.

2. Tight-Lining in Color

Alexa, play "Better in Color" by Lizzo eight more times

There are no rules in makeup unless you're a coward - we've established this. So, as you gaze into the unforgiving bright screen on your device and these words reach your eyes, tell us, why should you be stopped? Why should brightening the waterline be the quirkiest thing you do with your eye look? Throw in some purple, live a little.

Do you think foxy eyes are eye-catching? How about a rainbow-colored tight-line? Do it, snap a picture of it looking perfect after hours of work, then let it slowly disintegrate over the evening. Just because its beauty is temporary doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it. Are flowers in a vase less worthy of love because they wither and die? 

1. Sparkly Jewels

Euphoria moment

What is the best eyeliner, anyway? Why does it have to be a line around your eyes? Why not make it just something that lines your eyes? Let's deconstruct it even further. Just go ahead and get some of those little jewels that you can stick to your face and make a vaguely cat-eye-shaped eyeliner. Or downturned eyeliner. Or whatever you want.

If Euphoria girlies can do it, why shouldn't you? Are you afraid of being "cringe"? Does a lion feel bad for its prey, or is a peacock ashamed of its feathers? Existence is inherently cringe, babe. Just go out with a highlighter and eyeliner so shiny the moon takes note of you. She will appreciate it if no one else will, at the very least.

So, what will it be? Will you go with the regular choices, or will you venture outside your comfort zone and experiment away? Nothing is stopping you from doing either outside of your own confidence level. And there's no better way to boost your confidence than doing something unusual and telling yourself you absolutely got this. 

What top ten styles do you like best? Is there something you're too scared to try? Tell us in the comments!

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