Top 10 Strangest Animal Meat That People Consume

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-12-01 10:50:29

From the beginning of the world, people have hunted down animals for food. However, there are some standards regarding meat in the modern world, like what type to consume. Nowadays, people mainly eat farmed stock animals and suitable animal meat. Still, we have some smaller groups of people eating strange beef across the world. We don't know about you, but a cute little bunny is where we draw the line. Yet, the bunnies are not on our top ten list, so let's take a look at some weird meat choices that you won't find in your favorite New York eatery.

10. Ostrich Meat

A herd of Ostriches
AOstrich can have delicious meat but be careful, as these giant birds have a terrible temper (photo: cocoparisienne/

This one is the least unusual on our list, but we think it still deserves its spot. Even though classified as poultry, ostrich flesh is more similar to beef in color and texture. Moreover, ostrich meat is considered supreme because of its nutritional value. It has more iron than beef, less fat than a chicken, and a low cholesterol level.

The meat can be sliced into steaks or turned into sausages, and it's easy to prepare and marinate because it quickly absorbs flavors. This one we recommend you try, as it's legal, unlike some others on our list.

9. Camel Meat

Three camels in a desert
Often used as a central reservoir of food in the desert, camels are still keeping a carefree look. (photo: Wolfgang_Hasselmann/

Camel meat is a real delicacy in many African countries. It's not rare to see it on the menu as a local specialty. If well-prepared, camel meat has a delicious taste, a bit like beef but softer. Since the beginning, Bedouins have eaten camel meat, so there is a long tradition of preparing and consuming it.

However, from a non-Bedouins point of view, let's say you are in Egypt on vacation. One of the excursions is a camel ride across the desert, and afterward, you are happy and full of impressions of riding these lovely creatures. If you get the camel steak for dinner, later on, it will smell delicious, but could you bear to eat the distant cousin of your desert friend?

8. Seal Meat

Seals in water
These cute animals look so joyful. However, they are an essential source of food in polar regions. (photo: kalhh/

Seal meat is relatively healthy, as it's rich in Omega 3 and iron. The taste is like a veel or a duck, or some say tuna mixed with moose, as the color is very dark. The meat is prepared after short cooking, and it has no fat. However, because of the cruel ways of hunting animals, seal meat is forbidden in the United States and Europe. 

Therefore, if you wish to taste it, we recommend going to Canada, as it's legal there. Moreover, the only seal meat processing plant is in Newfoundland. It's under strict supervision, making sure that they are killed humanely.

7. Whale Meat

Orcas in the ocean
These giants were hunted so much that they became endangered species. (photo: enriquelopezgarre/

Eating whale meat has a long history. It was common back in the days, but today, it's a different story when they are endangered species. Many countries, like the United States, forbid commercial whaling and importing whale meat. However, whaling is still present in Japan, Norway, and Iceland. 

In Japan, whale meat is a specialty, as it's low on fat and high in proteins, and has less calories than chicken. Whale meat is very dark, as the taste is compared with reindeer or moose meat, with a bit fishy aroma.

6. Snake Meat

A snake in the grass
Okay, you might wanna try eating a snake, but could you dare to prepare it from scratch? For starters, catch it! (photo: Kapa65/

Snake meat is often eaten in rural areas. These reptiles have a white-colored core, and they are mostly skinned and then fried. Those who tried it compare it to a bit chewy chicken or fish. However, we have emphasized that the snake meat is full of little bones, so the taste depends on preparation.

Snakes are often eaten in China and Vietnam, as snake soup is a delicacy used as a health supplement. Moreover, in Vietnam, they even drink the snake's blood, which is considered an aphrodisiac. Allegedly, the python meat is a real delicacy, as it's quite tasty.

5. Crocodile Meat

A crocodile in a water
Crocodiles are quite terrifying creatures. Can you imagine them on your plate? (photo: pixel2013/

Okay, all of us have heard about crocodile leather used for shoes, bags, and wallets. However, have you heard that crocodile meat is considered to be quite a delicacy? Crocodile meat is full of proteins and has more benefits to human health than the most excellent slice of beef. 

Well prepared crocodile meat tastes like a chicken with a bit fishy flavor. According to the ones who have tried it, the impressions are divided, as some of them love it, and some say it's disgusting.

4. Bear Meat

A baby bear
Cute little teddy is not so cute when served on the plate, and afterward, it makes you infected with bacterias. (photo: thepoorphotographer/

While growing up, most of us had a cute little teddy as a favorite toy to tuck in during the night. Many of us have grown believing that bears are cuddly, loveable animals and not something to eat. Hate to disappoint you, but bear meat is globally consumed. According to those who tried it, it's a bit darker than the beef but has a similar taste. Moreover, the flavor also depends on the bear's last meal. 

So we aren't sure what to do, go to the restaurant and ask the cook what's the last thing the bear ate was before ordering it? Nevertheless, a bear's meat needs to be well cooked, or you can get sick or even die, since the core is full of parasites and larvae, such as trichinosis. Therefore, avoid a medium-rare bear stake, and stick with a well-cooked stew.

3. Elephant Meat

Baby elephant drinking water
We couldn't even dream to think of eating one cute elephant, but some of us can. (photo: Comfreak/

Some sorts of wild animal meat are called bushmeat, and elephant meat is one of them. Although it's illegal to kill the animals for their ivory and core, you can still find it in some markets, mainly in Africa. Some hunters illegally hunt the elephants, and their meat is handed out to the local tribe people, as they use it for food.

Some say that elephant meat is a bit chewy and nothing special. Still, others would disagree, as the demand is lately higher than the need for ivory. Nevertheless, would you eat cute little Dumbo from the cartoons? We surely wouldn't! This is a huge contrast compared their status in Thailand.

2. Monkey Meat

Baby monkey on his mama
Monkeys can be cheery and fun, but according to some, they can be tasty as well. (photo: christels/

Regardless of the risk of salmonella and being illegal in most parts of the world, people still consume monkey meat. Allegedly, the best way to have the monkey brain is raw, as it tastes like tofu. Also, this increases the risk of getting sick. The import of monkey meat is illegal in the United States, and the fines are high. However, people are still trying to import it under the pretense that it's some other kind of meat.

According to consumers, the meat is soft as the taste depends on the animals' diet before killing. Typically it is served grilled or stewed. In Cameron, gorillas, and chimpanzees, meat is considered quite a treat because of its tenderness.

1. Dolphin Meat

Happy dolphins in a pool
Why would someone hunt the dolphins, one of the friendliest animals out there. (photo: Pexels/

It was common in Taiwan to eat dolphin meat until 1989 when it was forbidden under worldwide pressure. Therefore, it comes with large fines and even a few years in jail in some provinces. However, Taiwanese people still eat dolphin meat and sell it on the black market.

Dolphin meat is not very healthy, as it contains high amounts of mercury, but that doesn't stop people from consuming it. The fishermen are catching the dolphins in the net and leaving them underwater for some time. However, as we all know, they can't stay alive without oxygen, so they suffocate. By the time they bring up the nets, the dolphins are already dead. A cruel way to break the law and eat not such healthy meat, isn't it? We prefer Thai food anyway!

Okay, by now, you get it. Although civilization has evolved, some people out there still have strange eating habits. Sometimes we think that some people would eat everything, even if moral and the law forbids it. While there were a few cases where the panda's meat was supposedly eaten, we couldn't have it on our top ten list. We are not judgemental, but come on, people, how could you eat a cute little panda?

What was the strangest meat that you've come upon? Please write to us in the comment section, as we would like to hear about it. 

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