Top 10 Best Pizza Recipes To Easily Prepare at Home

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Pizza has a long history – it stems from Naples, Italy, and it had a long way to go before reaching its modern shape. However, the result turned into one of the most fabulous meals in the history of foods with many variants, including a Korean pizza! Today, not a single person can say they never tried this Italian food, and to celebrate that, we have the top ten list of best pizza types. You can even prepare and serve these at home, as they're so fun to make – there are no mistakes and failures; pizza simply tastes good every time with the right dough!

10. Pepperoni

This has to be one of the most uncomplicated pizzas to make

When it comes to this one, it simply depends on your personal taste. Is spicy food not your cup of tea? Avoid pepperoni pizza! You eat everything as spicy as possible? Then this one was made for you! To make things even better, you'll only need a few things to put on this pizza crust, so it won't take you more than 10 minutes to prepare it.

While making this pizza, you're absolutely allowed to put tons of pepperoni. Just keep in mind that it's very spicy! To make it smoother, the first layer under pepperoni should be cheese. If you're into an even more spicy taste, it's also recommended to put cheese between two stories of pepperoni. Find your favorite and enjoy!

9. New York Style

This is where New York meets Naples!

What's a meal without the New York version of it? Of course, there is a pizza in its style! This is not the greatest one we'll represent, but it's a recipe you have to try, and you probably already did! Like many other pizza types, cheese, especially mozzarella, stays the crucial ingredient here, together with tomato sauce. This is a variation of the Neapolitan pizza, which is actually the best pizza, so you'll love it!

Since you live fast in New York, this pizza is definitely doesn't take a lot of time to make, and everything is smooth and blended. You could eat it while running around the streets because you're in a hurry!

8. Sicilian Pizza (Sfincione)

Sfincione is for your day-off when you want to spend the whole afternoon cooking and experimenting

This one is probably the hardest to make since you'll have to prepare the crust before you start decorating the topping. You can't just buy a crust and make sfincione since this pizza's focus is on the fluffy crust you actually don't get to see in other types. Its shape and thickness are unique, and so is its taste!

You'll need some hours to make the crust, so once it looks fluffy enough (follow the instructions for the original Sicilian type), you can work on the topping. Onions, olive oil or whole olives, garlic, tomatoes (great for your skin!), and oregano will be the best option. This pizza is so rich (but not expensive!), and the experience is so different from other types!

7. Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast can actually be a good thing

Breakfast is the most versatile meal because you can adapt it to your taste in any way possible – why wouldn't you then eat pizza for breakfast, too? Before you say that eating pizza so early isn't healthy, remember that pizza crust is there to let you be as innovative as possible!

In that way, you can put on your pizza anything you regularly eat for breakfast, including eggs and ham! Of course, there are many versions of it, so you can put sausage, bacon, or focus on tomatoes and eggs. Cheese is there to make it better, too!

6. Pizza Quattro Stagioni

The four seasons represented with pizza sound like a really creative idea!

Just like the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi created "The Four Seasons," pizza masters made a massive hit named "Quattro stagioni," which precisely means "four seasons." When you smell "four" in the title, you can already be sure that this pizza will be great! Moreover, it really has four sides!

What is authentic about this pizza is its look, since it's divided into four parts when sliced, and every piece has its own ingredients that represent a season. Artichokes stand for spring, while summer is covered in basil and tomatoes. Fall is characterized by mushrooms, and to wrap it up, create your winter with olives and ham!

5. Margherita

With a recipe like this, your pizza will look as if it came straight from the restaurant

At first sight, you'd say Margherita is kind of "empty" compared to the other Italian dishes regarding pizza or pasta. However, Margherita paved her way to the whole world, and it's one of the favorites now! It's another gift from Italian cuisine that you'll like, especially if you'd make pizza at home – this one won't be a challenge.

What makes Margherita marvelous are fresh juicy tomatoes all over the place, together with mozzarella. To decorate it and to make it taste better, basil or any mint is a great addition! Garlic and tomato sauce will also give it a classic, traditional taste, so we recommend that, too.

4. Veggie

Veggie is tasty enough for anyone who isn't a vegetarian, too

Since vegetarianism grows as a trend in diet types, chefs now tend to adapt pizza to that, too, and it's not even too hard! When it comes to veggie pizza, better known as the ultimate Pizza Vegetariana, it has as many vegetables as possible. Furthermore, it's very fresh and much healthier than the regular one. If ham is a must for you, then avoid it!

Actually, for veggie lovers, the variety of pizzas is so huge that you can find more than 30 recipes with various ingredients! Tomatoes, artichoke, iron-rich spinach, mozzarella, mushrooms, broccoli, hummus… Who said you can't enjoy the most delicious food when you become a vegetarian, anyway?

3. Pizza Quattro Formaggi

This channel knows what they're saying when they claim this is the best pizza recipe ever, so trust them!

Anyone who speaks Italian is already cheerful about this one... When we say "Quattro formaggi," meaning "four cheese" pizza, doesn't it sound like the most fantastic recipe you could ever get? We're sure that's right! Add tomato sauce to your pizza crust, then continue with cheese, since that will be the crucial part!

As mozzarella is one of the pizza's best friends, it definitely belongs to the "four cheese" team! The other cheese types you'll need for this taste are goat cheese, parmesan, and gorgonzola. Don't forget some pepper to make it even tastier! Once you try this recipe, you'll never stop preparing "Quattro formaggi!"

2. BBQ Chicken 

This one might be a challenge, but it's worth it!

Grilled pizza with chicken sounds like the most incredible thing you'll ever try, and we're sure you won't regret preparing this one. For BBQ chicken pizza, you'll need pre-baked pizza crust, which might sound odd. However, the topping is the exciting part: chicken, red onion, and even pepperoni make it as spicy as BBQ should be!

A pizza like this is worth trying in a restaurant, but you can imitate a simpler version. Don't stress if you can't make it the same as it says in the recipe. As long as it tastes spicy and grilled and it has chicken, you're already near perfection. This one's for real gourmets, so go ahead!

1. Capricciosa

When you think of pizza, you probably think of this one first

Well, this Italian masterpiece has literally everything you can imagine on a pizza crust. Mushrooms? Ham? Mozzarella cheese? Artichokes? Olives? Yes, capricciosa goes with it all, without anything excluded from the list! Of course, since pizzas are versatile, you are free to ditch olives if you don't like them – you don't have to follow the recipe blindly.

Moreover, every restaurant has its own way of making capricciosa, so you can research and find your favorite recipe. Cheese and mushrooms, together with ham, make this pizza unforgettable and authentic. Still, you can decide about the other ingredients, too!

After all, pizza can be made in so many ways that we could never collect all the recipes in one place! Like sweet and savory pancakes, they have so many options, so keep researching and enjoy your time experimenting with pizza. It indeed is one of the simplest meals to make!

What's your favorite pizza type on our top ten list? Do you gladly prepare pizza at home, or you'd try a "professional" one at an Italian restaurant instead?

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