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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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We're quick to judge when a celebrity releases a makeup line or fragrance, but are those beauty items indeed low-quality? Some artists are doing great in the fashion or beauty industry. Ariana Grande indeed did something regarding perfumes, already releasing many! Therefore, let us choose the top ten Ariana Grande perfume scents you must try because you'll be obsessed!

10. "Frankie"

Some people like it, but the reviews for this one aren't as impressive as for the others
Launched in: 2016
Main accords: Sweet, woody, powdery
Longevity: Average
Ariana Grande perfume info

While unisex perfumes might work out as a great thing, sometimes the formula isn't right. Grande dedicated her unisex perfume to her half-brother, Frankie Grande, but it might be her most disappointing release. It's ultra-sweet and sometimes doesn't even feel like a unisex scent. Hence, it won't be your number one choice.

Therefore, everyone agrees that this one belongs at the bottom of the list. Nonetheless, Ari had only one miss in her fragrance line, which is already impressive for someone in the music industry. People usually don't praise celebrities' perfumes, but you'll see on this list that Ariana does it differently!

9. "Sweet Like Candy" Limited Edition

It is exclusive, but we'd stick to the original instead!
Launched in: 2016
Main accords: Sweet, vanilla, fruity
Longevity: Average
Ariana Grande perfume info

Long story short, the point is that you should get the original Ariana Grande perfume – not the limited edition. Never. To clarify, "Sweet Like Candy" is an excellent example of wasting money and time on getting both the original and the limited one. The original belongs to the top three of her fragrances already!

Moreover, it's hard to tell the difference between the original and the limited one, except for the packaging color. If you're not collecting the bottles, we don't see any reason to buy this one. The same goes for the newer versions of "Thank u, Next" and "Cloud" – the originals slay enough already, and we wouldn't change a thing!

8. "God is a Woman"

The bottle might be "ugly," but the scent is so bright!
Launched in: 2021
Main accords: Fruity, sweet, vanilla
Longevity: Average
Ariana Grande perfume info

"God is a Woman" is undoubtedly one of Grande's best singles, but the perfume isn't her peak since she released way better than this one. However, "God is a Woman" is refreshing and light, way smoother than the actual song, and you'll like it if you hated those strong scents that Grande pushed in the past.

On the other hand, the light scent also means that this fragrance is short-lasting. Moreover, the bottle is relatively modest and not too lavish as "Thank u, Next" or "R.E.M" is. It's very mature, though, just like the song, and it doesn't lack the brightness and sexy vibe that Grande always brings!

7. "Thank u, Next"

Do you love it or hate it?
Launched in: 2019
Main accords: Sweet, coconut, fruity
Longevity: Long-lasting
Ariana Grande perfume info

Unfortunately, this one also tends to receive bad reviews occasionally. Of course, every perfume's scent depends on your taste, but something in this formula seems so striking that some people hate it. On the other hand, it also has die-hard fans who believe this is Grande's peak in fragrances!

In conclusion, there isn't any other Ariana Grande fragrance with such mixed reviews as this one. That's why it couldn't make it to the top five, even if it was amazing. However, this one might be in the top three regarding the long-lasting formula since it stays on you even after a few hours!

6. "MOD Blush" and "MOD Vanilla"

Minimalism is a massive trend nowadays!
Launched in: 2022
Main accords: Fruity, sweet, musky (Blush)/Sweet, vanilla, powdery (Vanilla)
Longevity: Average
Ariana Grande perfume info

You've got a bonus here since we have two instead of one for this spot! 2022 wasn't an active year for Ari when it came to releasing music, but she stayed loyal to her perfume obsession. Taking a break from singing doesn't mean she has to move on from the fragrance spotlight; it seems like she never will!

Her 2022 releases, "MOD Blush" and "MOD Vanilla," were unleashed on the same day, and they're sisters that both combine a floral and fruity note. The packaging is minimalistic again, but this time, it's vintage and reminds us of the 60s. This is the most mature stage of Grande's fragrance career, and we're rooting for it!

5. “R.E.M”

The best fragrance campaign ever!
Launched in: 2020
Main accords: Sweet, lavender, powdery
Longevity: Average
Ariana Grande perfume info

"R.E.M" has always been Ariana's favorite child among her songs – we knew she was in love with that record since day one. It's the most dreamy track from her Grammy-winning album "Sweetener," but the fragrance of this name isn't as sweet as her other perfumes. This one is more balanced in every positive way!

Moreover, you'll like how "R.E.M" smells mature – it's when Grande got rid of the "girly" scents. The packaging is also mature yet playful and highly unique. It looks like a cartoon, but Grande is a grown woman when she releases this fragrance that takes everyone's breath away!

4. "Ari"

Ariana's Toulouse also participated in this project!
Launched in: 2015
Main accords: Sweet, fruity, powdery
Longevity: Long-lasting
Ariana Grande perfume info

Yes, it's Grande's debut in the fragrance industry, but she has had her point since the first perfume. "Ari" is so perfectly balanced that it feels like Ari had experience with this industry in the past. Her first fragrance is what you're looking for on this list if you'd like a perfume with a not-too-strong yet long-lasting scent!

Moreover, "Ari" is an ideal way to kick off your Grande fragrance journey because it's a great example of her taste and how she shapes a perfume. If you like "Ari," you'll likely buy some of her newer releases as well. "Sweet Like Candy" will be your next one for sure because they're pretty much similar!

3. "Sweet Like Candy"

It's one of her first attempts – and it turned out amazing
Launched in: 2016
Main accords: Sweet, vanilla, fruity
Longevity: Average
Ariana Grande perfume info

Are you a fan of sweet perfumes? Yes, we're asking because this Ariana Grande fragrance is as sweet as the title says! Its top notes include blackberry, pear, and bergamot, but when you check the middle notes, you'll notice things as sweet as whipped cream. It's also very similar to "Ari," so if you liked that one, you'd adore this even more.

Moreover, we wouldn't recommend the spray version since it will provide you the exact opposite – it's the most short-lasting perfume in her collection. Stick to the original and choose this one if sweet tones and long-lasting perfumes are your thing. "Sweet Like Candy" will stay with you no matter what!

2. "Moonlight"

"Moonlight" is all you need – a whole package!
Launched in: 2017
Main accords: Fruity, sweet, powdery
Longevity: Below average
Ariana Grande perfume info

This one is for those that like their packaging as appealing as the scent. You'll be obsessed with "Moonlight" inside out! The aesthetic of this one is so captivating, from the dark box to the light purple bottle. Moreover, the bottle is authentic to Grande's first releases, "Ari" and "Sweet Like Candy," yet it has its own aura and unique shade!

Furthermore, "Moonlight" is an ideal choice for nighttime, so it resembles its title perfectly, and it's arguably Ariana Grande's sexiest fragrance so far. It's feminine and an ideal mix of fruits and flowers, so you basically get it all at once. The peony and marshmallow blend inside this one is a dream come true!

1. "Cloud"

This one will surely take you to the clouds with its incredible scent
Launched in: 2018
Main accords: Sweet, lactonic, vanilla
Longevity: Long-lasting
Ariana Grande perfume info

Love it or hate it, Ariana Grande "Cloud" perfume is the overall winner, not only in quality. The people's reviews usually make this one the ultimate Grande's attempt to make a good perfume. The con is probably that it doesn't last as long as "Thank u, Next," but it's indeed the scent everyone has been looking for!

The good and the bad thing is that you see comments on this perfume everywhere – even Grande's fragrance debut didn't get as much attention as "Cloud." This one shook up the world with its scent and unique packaging that looks like a cloud, of course. Thus, dreamers will like this fragrance for sure!

After all, we should think twice before we judge something. Some of these fragrances might be too sweet for you or may not fit your type, but that doesn't mean they are bad only because a singer released them. The best of these fragrances will change your mind forever and open more doors for experimenting!

What's your favorite Ariana Grande perfume? Do you usually avoid celebrities' perfume lines? Let us know your preferences!

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