Top 10 Delicious Types of Cheese to Spice Up Every Meal

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Preparing food is a challenge sometimes – you need enough time, space, and money if you want to use unusual ingredients. However, one element is diverse and delicious enough to spice up every meal you're making. It's cheese, made by good bacteria! Every gourmet loves it, and if you'd like to start using cheese like a pro, check out our top ten list of cheese types everyone should know!

10. Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola is often used in portions of pasta

Gorgonzola is usually up to six months old, so it's not much more complicated to make than some other types you have to wait a lifetime. This is another "fancy" cheese since it's characteristic of one and only region – Lombardy, Italy. Moreover, its taste is creamy and rich, and that's not even everything you'll discover here!

Things that make this cheese significantly different from anything you've tried are the blue-green ripples that give it a sharp, spicy flavor. Try this one only if you'd like to have that salty "bite" in your mouth – it's not for everyone and not for the regular dinner!

9. Cheddar

Well, this is quite a process

Cheddar is that hard, sharp-tasting, very yellow, and a particular cheese, so not many people love it. However, it still manages to be one of the most used types worldwide, probably for its unique taste. In other words, you can't mix it with anything else!

If you're wondering what goes best with this cheese, since it's not that capable of melting, try it with sandwiches and BBQ! However, don't forget that this one has a bit higher fat content, and it's a low-moisture cheese. Therefore, it depends on your taste whether you'd add cheddar to your diet or not!

8. Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is easier to prepare than it looks!

After the foreign cheese types, we have the one you undoubtedly know – Monterey Jack! Its name is rather ridiculous, and there's a whole story hidden behind the title. However, the taste is delightful and relatively mild without any salty flavor, even though the cheese is semi-hard in its structure.

What makes Monterey Jack different is also its slight sweetness – you'll understand what we mean once you try it! Some flaws it has are the crumbly and "breakable" structure, so it's not very versatile and appropriate for pizza or some other crust. However, we're sure you'll find your favorite way of consuming it!

7. Cotija

Find out what goes best with cotija

We don't see Latin American countries as the leaders when it comes to types of cheese in the world. However, that statement excludes cotija, which comes from Mexico! This cheese is more crumbly than usual and whiter, so its taste is softer, and it's not salty.

This cheese is compatible with many meals, so you don't have to be very innovative. However, you can be sure that tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other Mexican dishes wait for you to put cotija over them. There are no mistakes at all with this!

6. Comté

A French cooking class that you needed in your life!

We'll represent the French cheese not many people know about to take a break from all the Italian cuisine masterpieces. The real gourmets should get to know it, though! Comté is well-moisturized, and it's even gluten-free, so it's a safe zone for basically everyone.

What makes this cheese have such a refreshing taste is raw milk delivered straight from the farmhouse! The taste is quite unforgettable, and it can't be replaced. Nevertheless, if you're unable to get this one, the Swiss Gruyère is the most acceptable substitution. 

5. Burrata

When it's Jamie's recipe, you know it's tasty!

Burrata means "buttered," so you can already guess by the title that this cheese is exceptionally creamy! Burrata is soft, maybe even softer than mozzarella, because when preparing it, you mix mozzarella and cream. It's so creamy inside that you realize how amazing it tastes when you cut it into slices!

In conclusion, your choice should be burrata, especially if you like milky and smooth cheese types, unlike cheddar or gorgonzola, which are somewhat "bitter." Burrata can be used as soft cream, and it's not as versatile as mozzarella, but it's mozzarella's delicious relative!

4. Feta

Feta is originally from Greece, and it's the best in the region

Not all awesome types of cheese in the world are supposed to be melted and used on pizza. Some of them are simply an addition to a salad or any dinner or lunch. One of them is feta, the Greek version of cheese, as the whitest you've ever seen. Moreover, it's hard enough not to melt and smooth enough to enjoy it in your mouth!

For anyone who loves harder cheese, this one can be a part of the daily routine. You don't need to know how to prepare any meal with feta since it just goes well with meat, pasta, or salad, so you don't eat this one only occasionally. It's not even pricey, even though it's very delicious!

3. Gouda

The 100 years long tradition already says a lot about the quality of gauda

From a small business to an empire – gouda is the best example of going from rags to riches. Today, gouda makes the most significant contribution to the Netherlands' export, even though the story actually started in a small city in Zuid-Holland province. It's the Dutch trend that can't be skipped in any gourmet's life!

Moreover, the Gouda Cheese Market opened in 1395, might be on your bucket list if you'd like to get the natural feel of trading and preparing gouda. This cheese is one of the softest options, especially the young one, since the taste varies depending on the cheese's age. The older gouda is the first choice for cooking, though!

2. Parmesan

The fun part of this parmesan video is that these people are actually "cheese masters!"

There is a proper reason why parmesan has to be the most pricey cheese out there, as nothing can replace its taste! Of course, it stems from Italy, as the pioneer of delicate pasta and pizza, a.k.a, the foods that go so well with cheese. The rumor is that the real parmesan exists only in a single Italian region, Emilia Romagna.

Moreover, maybe you'd never thought you could find a healthy cheese here that actually helps you lose weight. Still, parmesan definitely won't negatively affect your health. It's even full of protein and has more calcium than a regular cheese slice. This makes it much better than another Italian specialty, Casu Marzu!

1. Mozzarella

Mozzarella has such a vibrant history

Just imagine one cheese type that allows you literally everything. A cheese smooth, soft, and so versatile that you can prepare many meals with it. Moreover, this cheese is so good that it's usually the main ingredient in many delicious recipes! Have you ever tried mozzarella sticks? Then, what are you waiting for, as this finger food is among the perfect cheese and food pairings.

Actually, mozzarella is the favorite pizza flavor on Earth if we exclude ketchup. These specialty cheese types need to be in capricciosa or pizza quattro formaggi (with four kinds of cheese). It's even usual with the New York-style you regularly eat. You just have to enjoy this one, so it rightfully takes the number one spot on our top ten list!

After all, you aren't obliged to be a cheese pro because, for many meals, it only counts as an addition. Nevertheless, it's always good to know them well because they make every meal more delicious. Go ahead and experiment with cheese as much as you want – it's a free zone and the uncomplicated one!

Do you have a favorite cheese type? Is cheese your favorite addition to every meal?

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