Top 10 Drinks You Should Never Mix

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-13 10:28:05

Mixing different types of alcohol, and drinking them the same night, is never a good idea. Of course, downing alcohol is a part of the culture today, and it's a regular routine at parties and when you're having fun. Still, you have to be careful when doing it, and you shouldn't forget some rules, no matter how much fun you're having. If you'd like to drink while steering clear of any problems that may occur, stop mixing these ten combinations of drinks. Instead, go for something safe.

10. Beer and Wine

Choose your fighter – just don't mix them the same night

Even though they're both the most consumed alcoholic drinks around the world you need at every party, drinking them at the same time could be the worst decision of your life. Yet, it's expected that you like both since many people do. Still, people usually don't go for a beer after a glass of Chardonnay.

In conclusion, these beverages are way too different for your stomach to take both simultaneously. Hence, make sure you decide well what's going to be your tonight's choice. If you're having a formal occasion, go for wine. However, if it's a casual hangout at a bar, beer will be enough!

9. Wine and Tequila

What could go wrong? Some things definitely could!

Wine is a drink that you'll have a tough time combining with other alcoholic beverages. It goes with food perfectly, and it's one of the fanciest treats you can have when you drink. Still, that doesn't make it easy... Especially with tequila, which is way too strong to drink with a beverage as tough as wine.

In some cases, wine and vodka are a combination that cocktail experts recommend. Actually, this should be your option if you're really curious to try a punch with two different ingredients. Vodka is already very similar to tequila but slightly milder, so make sure you use this one instead of the Mexican drink! Also, tequila sunrise is a great idea during summer.

8. Beer and Tequila

The difference between these drinks is evident

We have to disappoint you again, but your stomach can't stand tequila with beer, too. However, the problem is not in tequila since it can work well with many beverages – take vodka as an example. Of course, you know that tequila is often a cocktail ingredient, so that already tells a lot about how this drink is easy to mix.

Now, you probably understand why beer isn't usually in cocktails – it just doesn't go well with drinks in general! Tequila with beer could make your hangover a nightmare, but tequila is not the only worst-case scenario. Drink beer the whole night, or avoid it at all costs, and that's the best lesson! This goes for everyone, not just the beginners!

7. Cocktails and "Simple" Alcohol

Cocktails are the most astonishing delight on their own, anyway

We all have a soft spot for cocktails... They're definitely the superior alcohol, with perfect blends of various good mix drinks while looking gorgeous and Instagrammable. Still, even though cocktails are served in huge glasses and contain various alcohol types, people tend to drink wine or beer afterward.

Unfortunately, you'd better stick to a cocktail only or order two of them... Your stomach obviously won't take a mixed drink that you combine with something else as well. Too much mixing isn't good even with a "simple" alcoholic beverage, so don't cross the line like that.

6. Don't Play with Absinthe!

Have you tried any of them?

Cocktails that contain absinthe are usually made of a maximum of three ingredients. Does it say enough about absinthe being hard to handle? Take it seriously because this potent alcoholic beverage has all the ways to get you drunk fast, so don't you try to mix it with all the drinks you like besides it. Also, it's a horrible choice for the first date.

If you'd like to prepare a mix anyway, be careful and read about the cocktails that have a long history and are already acclaimed. For example, champagne is a drink you mix with absinthe when you prepare Death in the afternoon cocktail. The title sounds a bit too dangerous, though!

5. Rum and Anything... Besides Water and Ice

Rum cocktails are the only mix we recommend

Before you drink rum, you'll need a brief guide on how to consume it since it's a beverage that isn't so easy to handle. Hence, it's even harder to combine it with other drinks, so we would highly recommend drinking it only with water and ice. That's how you'll make it as simple as possible, especially since the drink is potent on its own!

Furthermore, if you know how to drink whiskey, you can do it similarly with rum. Do you mix anything with whiskey except water? Your answer is hopefully no, so just apply the same rules to rum. Some whiskey cocktails can be switched to rum, so try these versions if you want a good mix!

4. Whiskey and Vodka

If it's better for you as well, then drink it without vodka

Whiskey has between 40% and 50% alcohol percentage. Hence, we don't have to tell you that it's a bit too much to drink another alcoholic beverage the same night you consume whiskey. Still, many people try to drink it with vodka, tequila, or something similar, which almost has the same strength. Avoid that!

If you look closer, many combinations that we have here are more ridiculous than dangerous. In fact, they're unsafe to consume, but they're totally unnecessary at the same time! Why would you ever mix whiskey and vodka in one night? Vodka is way better in a cocktail, or tequila, or something that is simply similar.

3. Coke and Wine / Beer

"WTF?" is the only correct reaction to this combo

Wine and beer are something that you'll remember the most from this list, so we believe you'll never mix them with anything again! However, combining them with alcohol is not as troublesome as doing it with coke. Soda is, in general, very complicated to fuse with beer or wine, so avoid that option.

In fact, we have no idea why someone would even try to make such a scenario. Coke is so suitable with other alcoholic drinks that you shouldn't even consider drinking it with these two types. Coca-cola gums, cocktails with coke, rum with coke... These options are way too good and diverse, so go for them instead! Yet, don't drink it regularly!

2. Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Combining alcohol types is not even half as harmful as mixing it with energy drinks

Energy drinks are obviously the worst option you have when you're ordering a drink – you could basically get anything else, right? Then why would you order it after drinking alcohol? Beverages as extreme as alcohol aren't good with energy drinks that are even more harmful to your health.

Nevertheless, young people believe that energy drinks reduce alcohol side effects because alcohol tastes more like a regular juice when they mix it with energy drinks. That's only a myth, though, because that makes you drink even more and lose track of how much alcohol you consumed. That's not a good idea, in any way!

1. Caffeine and Alcohol

This combination is even officially banned, and that says a lot

You don't need to use drugs to get high – just try to mix caffeine and alcohol, and you'll see how bad that is. Actually, don't try it at home! Unfortunately, many young people, especially those who study too much for their exams, have this terrible habit so they can stay awake and focused. 

Furthermore, you could easily buy caffeinated alcoholic beverages in the past, but these have been banned for being too dangerous. Since the experts are convinced that this combination harms your brain function, you definitely shouldn't play. Try to concentrate with the help of coffee only, staying away from alcohol.

Just like we already mentioned in our top ten list, try to stay in your lane, especially if your current circumstances don't allow you to drink too much. Let yourself have fun and enjoy your time, but keep in mind that the examples we named here are something you should keep yourself away from! Furthermore, be very careful about consuming strong drinks.

Do you ever mix alcohol, or do you always play it safe? Is alcohol a must when you're going out? Let us know in the comments sections!

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Hugh Mackay Says:

I only ever drink 3 double measures of neat whiskey on a night out, then stick to Coca-Cola. No ice in the whiskey, no ice in the Coca-Cola. As my dear grandmother remarked "Never drink cocktails. You don't know what you're drinking"

January 06 at 07:15:52 AM

Vj rules. Says:

Water and ice is the best drink of all with no side effects and hydrates you well and you can sip it slowly through your night of fun. No hangover guaranteed.

November 06 at 03:36:19 AM

Joey Says:

this was a very helpful and interesting read- thank you !

September 22 at 01:17:51 AM

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