Top 10 Tips to Enhance Your Summer Music Festival Experience

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-19 15:26:16

Concerts are the best way of going out and enjoying music with friends. During the summer, you can experience it all outside, in the open air, at festivals popular everywhere, so you’ll find the one you’ll like! Before visiting a festival for the first time, check out our helpful tips on everything you’ll experience there!

10. Explore the Stages and Be Flexible

Some festivals have more than the main stage

The biggest mistake you always make regarding your stage choice when coming for the first time, if a festival has several stages, is to stick to one of them and stay there the whole night. You’ll probably be insecure when you go somewhere for the first time. Still, you shouldn’t be since there are thousands around you and they’re also exploring and running around stages!

Moreover, festivals are ideal for getting to know new artists and genres. Not every artist at the festival is someone you know and like, but once your favorite ends the set, you can go on and search for something you enjoy. Maybe you’ll find a genre you never knew you’d be obsessed with, so keep discovering stuff!

9. Don’t Be Shy with Your Makeup and Accessories

These makeup artists went all-in!

If you ever wanted to try something daring but never had a chance, festivals are the perfect occasion. Nothing is more vibrant and colorful than concerts and crowds under the open sky, so feel free to experiment and go all in with glitter and gold. Let your inner artist shine bright, but you can also use dark colors!

When it comes to clothes, you have some limits (read more about it later on the list), but makeup is where your creativity and free spirit can shine. Luckily, many festivals have options where professional artists can do your eye makeup. Let them play with glitter and everything you always wanted to wear on your face! This can be essential part of your k-pop concert outfit!

8. Take Only the Essentials with Yourself

Her tips will definitely help a lot!

Festivals aren’t the ideal place for your new fancy bag – if it’s big, it’s even worse since you should bring a smaller one. Crossbody bags are made for a place like this since you’ll need free hands for dancing and moving around. Therefore, get a small crossbody bag and don’t stress over your stuff. Everything will be safe in front of you!

Bring a small crossbody bag, please, because a big one will jump when you’re jumping! Prioritize dancing and enjoying the night, so don’t take any expensive things with you. Stressing over jewelry and belongings in your bag isn’t an option, so take your ticket, some money, and only the things you know you’ll need.

7. Meet Your Friends Outside the Festival

Some people you don’t know will also catch your eye along the way

...Or determine a meeting point before the festival, because you’ll never find each other otherwise! You should know that crowds are massive at events like these. Therefore, your friends should get inside with you, or you will get lost easily. The music is too loud to call anyone because they won’t hear you, so don’t separate from your group!

Of course, you’ll also have a lot of options to meet new people at the event if you’re open to that. However, the best way is to organize your friend group and stay with at least a part of them the whole night. It’s the way to stay safe and not worry about others’ safety. That’s why you should go with people who love music like you!

6. Wear Comfortable Clothes

This video might inspire your outfit!

Too short skirts that you can’t jump in, tight dresses that make you sweat and itch... All those things should be canceled at festivals. On the contrary, seek 100% comfortable and versatile clothes without many layers. A cute jacket is also OK, and jeans will be more than enough!

Moreover, don’t forget that festivals are open-air events – read about the weather the night you’re going to a festival since not every clothing fits every temperature! Since the festival is probably during the summer, it’s going to be hot, so don’t layer too much because you’ll sweat too hard in the crowd. It won’t feel comfortable!

5. ...And Shoes As Comfortable as You Can!

You should have your go-to shoes as well!

Footwear is even more crucial than your clothing. Just try to imagine wearing shoes that don’t fit you well and make your feet hurt in any way – you’ll have zero fun like that. Instead of enjoying, you’ll overthink what you can do... And you can basically do nothing because you probably didn’t bring another pair of shoes with you!

Hence, make sure you’re wearing sneakers or something comfortable like that. And definitely, something simple, since you’ll have to jump and move through the open-air venue that might not fit your high heels. Risk it with makeup, try everything you wish, but don’t play with choosing the right shoes, and you’ll be safe!

4. Actually, Don’t Wear Anything Fancy

Luckily, these clothes aren’t too fancy!

This is not the event where you can pull your long dresses, fancy trousers, and all the glad rags you wear to the theatre or a sophisticated party. Consider that these aren’t really comfortable, but that’s not even the only problem. The issue is that open-air events can get a bit dirty, so if you wear something fancy, you’ll ruin it!

In conclusion, festivals aren’t fancy – they’re raw, alive, and wild. Hence, don’t let the things you wear put limits and stress you. Leave your elegant clothes in your wardrobe because we’re 100% sure you’ll be better off in some shorts and a basic T-shirt. No one will judge your look anyway – everyone’s there to have fun!

3. Get Some Rest the Night Before the Concerts

Make sure to sleep without distractions to rest properly!

We hope you’ll sleep well the night before you reach the festival since the atmosphere will probably be so incredible that you won’t sleep the whole night. If you’re refreshed and fully rested, of course! Hence, we highly recommend sleeping even longer than usual before visiting a show like this. Don’t ruin the vibe by constantly being tired!

Of course, some festivals have a camp where you can have your tent and sleep after the shows, but it’s so crowded that you might not sleep well. Hence, we’d instead rest the whole night and the day before and then spend all of our energy in the evening, dancing and enjoying the summer breeze without feeling dizzy!

2. Eat and Drink Before the Event

This is where you can bring food, of course!

Festivals can get exhausting, and that’s why we said you should sleep well. You should also eat and drink since those are also basic needs! You can buy food at a festival, but you’ll be busy dancing and enjoying the shows. We’d definitely eat before the show because we want to enjoy the music without standing in line for food!

Of course, you should hydrate as much as possible during the boiling hot days, so you’ll need a bottle of water inside, too. You’ll be able to buy cold drinks while the festival lasts. Just purchase them before your favorite artists start their set because it will get harder to get out of the crowd once the concert begins!

1. Live the Moment As Much As You Can! 

Enjoying all of it is a must!

To sum it up, you’ll be fine if you rest, eat, drink, and dress well without making yourself uncomfortable. Your main goal is to remember this night forever, by the high vibes, good energy, and music you always wanted to hear live. Hence, live the moment freely and happily, without stress and worries!

All these tips should help you feel one thing only, yet a thousand feels – enjoying the moment, feeling like a firework, dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Simply feeling free. Feeling good. Music is there to calm you but also cause a storm in you. Live the moment because that’s the best you can have!

In conclusion, enjoying the moment matters the most, so try to forget everything that happened, and that is about to happen. Festivals are for dreamers, for nights that will stay on your mind forever. If you’ve read all our tips, we’re sure you’ll remember them and have the time of your life!

Have you ever gone to a festival? Was it complicated the first time you went? Let us know more about your experience!

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