Top 10 Unique Places to See and Enjoy in Qatar

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:08

Qatar was the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and one of the wealthiest countries in the world, quite literally. Hence, you will have many exciting things to do in this area. From rich nature to affluent cities with great architecture, Qatar is a masterpiece. If you need to learn about this country, we've covered you with the top ten unique places to see in Qatar!

10. Visit a Desert

One of the best places in the world for Safari is Qatar

Would you like to ride a camel? Does it seem unrealistic to you? Actually, you can make that dream come true in many Oriental countries close to deserts! Safari tours attract many tourists, as they're suitable for all generations. Plus, you get to see a lot as it's not just a flat area with sand!

What you experience and do is exciting and perfect for people desiring genuine adrenaline. Riding a camel, driving a car through dunes, feeling the wind in your air… All of that, together with a view that takes your breath away! Watch the sunset from a desert near Doha, Qatar, and you'll want to return to this country every year.

9. ...And Gorgeous Mangroves

Watersports like kayaking are even more exciting when you're in this area!

You've already seen the deserts, and they aren't the only natural phenomenon in Qatar that will blow your mind. Qatar's hidden treasures are its mangroves, which are even more unusual! Mangrove forests include a lot of slow-moving waters, and the landscape around them looks like paradise!

Al Shakira is the most gorgeous mangrove forest to see around Qatar, and it's the best way to fulfill your adrenaline wishes. If kayaking is your favorite watersport, you've found the ideal place for that – even if you're a beginner. Exploring flora and fauna is a must, so come early and spend a whole day wandering around!

8. Have a City Tour Around Doha

You'll get to see a lot in this video, but it's just a tiny part!

What places to visit in Doha? You will probably get thousands of recommendations regarding the city, but having a proper city tour before shopping or exploring the neighborhood matters the most. Professional tours will know where to start and which parts are a must!

Moreover, the city offers a long coastline, so you can watch sunsets from the sea while having a boat tour. The tours vary from affordable boats to luxurious yachts, so we're sure you'll find your ideal combo. The city's skyscrapers and clean, green streets are something to watch in awe of, and they're a rare phenomenon! Therefore, this is one of the most beautiful places in Qatar.

7. Shop at Souq Waqif

It's more like a labyrinth, making the experience exciting!

Doha is a city made for a unique shopping experience. And while you're shopping, you can see many attractions, including horses, pearls, and beauty items available only in Arabic countries. They're masters of beauty, so keep your eye on their products while walking around the market. And chill like an authentic local citizen if you have time!

Luckily, street markets like these are approachable in any part of the Orient, so you can also shop like this in Turkey! However, we'd still travel all the way to Souq Waqif since a large and busy bazaar is a wonder you only get to see sometimes! Some things are a matter of tradition and not only shopping, and that's what Souq Waqif is!

6. Katara Cultural Village

Whole Qatar is 100% clean, but this is presumably the cleanest area in the world

Is shopping an essential activity you think you can do anywhere, anyway, and you'd prefer authentic sightseeing that you can get only in Doha? Qatar's gem in culture is Katara Cultural Village, far from an actual village. It's usually named "a Valley of Cultures," for a good reason!

Msheireb Museums, the Amphitheatre, and fancy places to wine and dine will probably be the favorite thing you've ever seen in Doha. Katara Masjid is a mosque to visit regardless of religion, as its architecture and cultural significance are a must-see attraction. You'll spend a whole afternoon wandering around and be full of memories!

5. See the Teapot Sculpture

Art sculptures in Doha are gorgeous

Doha's skyscrapers are higher than the sky, which you'll notice as soon as you reach the city. However, it also has statues you'd never expect to see in this part of the world. Would you foresee experiencing a giant teapot sculpture in the middle of a fancy street? The teapot is also quite fancy, though!

Moreover, we highly recommend visiting the street with the teapot at night since the sculpture's neighborhood has many skyscrapers glowing in the dark so nicely. Even their shapes feel like sculptures, so the whole city looks like a massive, wealthy exhibition, and you won't know what you should see first!

4. National Museum of Qatar

This place is Qatar's pride for a reason

Opened in 2019, this museum is brand new, and it's a crown to everything that Qatar has done to save its remarkable history and culture from fading away. The inspiration for this unusually-shaped building was the desert rose crystal, which makes this museum unique and memorable.

Galleries and artworks are the main reason to stop by and visit this place of national importance. Still, there's more to find inside. Besides the three chapters of Qatar's history, you'll see one of the prettiest parks in Qatar around the museum and try some fantastic food in the restaurants inside the building!

3. See the Museum of Islamic Arts

When you enter a museum in Qatar, it's way more than a basic art exhibition

You've probably noticed how crucial art is in Doha – every street has something artistic to offer in various forms and shapes. Yet, don't skip the Museum of Islamic Arts if you have museums on your bucket list. It's located in Corniche, the prettiest part of the city, and it's worth visiting!

Moreover, this museum isn't only there to show you the Islamic tradition religiously nurtured in Qatar. The building is modern, with brand-new architectural examples, and students interested in learning more about this can attend educational programs in the museum. Sports events, workshops, and film screenings are also happening often!

2. See the Corniche in Doha

This is a long, long walking tour, and it's worth it!

You're probably asking yourself where people embark on walking tours by the sea since the shore in Doha is so long. There it is – Corniche is the most gorgeous place in the city and Qatar! It is seven kilometers long and a dream for those that love promenades in the sea neighborhood. 

Palm trees and skyscrapers near the crystal blue waters blending with the blue sky sound like a dream, so spend at least one early morning in this area while the weather is pleasant and you still have enough time for further sightseeing. You've already learned that nature makes Qatar incredible, so use the best of it.

1. ...And the Pearl 

The Pearl is one of the prettiest urban islands in the world

On top of everything we've already mentioned about Qatar, it even has an artificial island that you should visit at all costs. This might be the most prestigious seashore you've ever seen, as the buildings and residential towers are luxurious, and the 5-star restaurants will awaken your senses. You will see an island like this infrequently, so we would take advantage of the Pearl!

Moreover, the Pearl feels like the Mediterranean with its yacht-lined marinas so white it looks like Heaven. The elegance of the Arabian Riviera is a view you'll never forget, so make these memories if you're visiting Qatar. Enjoy the best of the Orient, as the sea is crystal blue and the weather is sunny there! 

Qatar is a perfect example of a rich oriental country, as our top ten list shows. A wealthy lifestyle with skyscrapers taking your breath away sounds like a great sightseeing opportunity! As soon as you have an opportunity, pack your bags and fly to Qatar, one of the underrated destinations that you'll definitely adore! Just follow the basic rules, and you'll be fine!

Is visiting Qatar on your bucket list? Is the Orient a dream destination for you? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover photo: Deepak Siva/Unsplash



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