Top 10 Unusual Milk And Milk-based Drinks

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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Since ancient times people have consumed milk and milk-based products, as they are highly nutritious and loved by many. Therefore, it's not unusual that we have a variety of dairy products. However, we won't be talking about regular milk, cheese, or yogurt here, as we have a few not-so-common milk options prepared for you. So let's get started with the top ten list of unusual milk and milk-based drinks.

10. Clarified Milk Punch

Benjamin Franklin enjoyed clarified milk punch

The first recorded clarified milk punch recipe dates back to the 18th century when Mary Rockett, an English housewife, made it. She used hot milk, brandy, lemons, water, and sugar. After you add brandy and lemons to the hot milk, it curdles, which allows it to be strained until it's clear. 

Hence, after the mixture is made, it needs to sit for an hour. Afterward, it must be filtered through a flannel bag. This easy preparation of clarified milk punch allows storage for a long time. The drink has been off the spotlight for quite some time, but lately, it made a comeback.

9. Kumis

Kumis is a fermented mare milk

Kumis is a strange fermented dairy product used in Central Asia by nomadic people. It was consumed thousands of years ago, even by the great warriors Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan. The preparation of kumis is easy, as all you need is a raw unpasteurized mare's milk that you put in the vast, and wait until it produces alcoholic carbonation. This process takes a few hours, but sometimes it can be days.

This is a light, slightly sour flavored drink with a mild alcohol percentage customarily served cold. Nowadays, kumis is produced from cow's milk, as traditionally made ones can only be found in rural parts of the country.  

8. Rhode Island Coffee Milk

Rhode Island Coffe Milk
Rhode Island Coffee Milk is milk with a lot of sugar and a dash of coffee (Photo: guydudka/

Over the years, coffee milk became a trademark of Rhode Island, and love for it has a long tradition. Moreover, it has been changed over time by adding more sugar and milk to the coffee, which eventually became milk with sugar and a bit of coffee. 

Furthermore, back in the 1930s, the bartenders started to use coffee ground leftovers, mixed them up with a lot of sugar, and milk to make homemade milk coffee. Therefore, local companies began to produce coffee milk syrup with just a trace of caffeine. Hence it became a popular drink among youngsters and adults.

7. Doodh Soda

Doodh soda is among the favorite drinks in Pakistan

Doodh Soda is one of the favorite drinks in the Punjab region, Pakistan. The beverage has a few essential ingredients, including milk, soda, powder sugar, and ice. Hence the preparation is simple as well, as all you need is to boil the milk, cool it, cool the soda, add powder sugar into milk, and stir it. 

Afterward, add soda to the mixture of milk and sugar, stir, pour it in the glass filled with ice and enjoy. Moreover, there are various recipes online. A long time ago, milk with soda water was considered a very healthy drink, so it was enjoyed especially in Victorian England.

6. Mint Milk

Mint milk
Mint Milk has become a part of St Patrick's Day tradition (Photo: superkorean/

Byrne Dairy, as a family company, has been producing milk since 1933. In 1976 they introduced a new product, Mint Milk, to honor St. Patrick's Day. Hence there's no worry if you see the green milk on the shelves since it's not gone sour and is actually delicious.

The full and rich taste of milk flavored with mint is trendy during the holiday. Hence it's no wonder that people travel to New York just to buy it. However, this delicious drink enjoyed by people of all ages is only available around St. Patrick's Day.

5. Posset

Posset served on a plate
Posset is often made by a family recipe served in fancy dishes (Photo: gefrorene_wand/

Often used as a cure, a posset is a spiced hot drink made of milk curdled with ale or wine. It was very popular among British people, as they first came up with its recipe during the Middle Ages. The original posset was made by boiling milk, adding wine or ale that curdled it, and mainly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. 

As such, it was considered to be a nightcap, a cure for head colds and several other diseases. Yet, it also had a reputation to be an aphrodisiac.  

However, in today's version, it's mainly served as a dessert, made from cream, sugar and mostly flavored with lemon.

4. Araga

Shot glass with alcoholic drink
Araga is usually made in the countryside by Tuva people (Photo: TheresaMuth/

The old Russian people, or to be precise, people of Tuva, really love their milk vodka. Araga is basically a moonshine from fermented sour milk made usually in the countryside. For the distillation process, they use the hollowed log of a popular tree placed inside the pot. This all is then put on the stove and sealed off with a cold water container. 

Hence, this way, boiled, fermented milk makes the steam, which condenses and slowly drips in a long spout over to the box that collects newly created araga. This way, they get a clear sour drink with five to twenty percent of alcohol.  

3. Donkey Milk

Donkey milk is so healthy and even suitable for infants

Okay, we already had a few adult variations of milk-based drinks. And what about the infants? We have one on our list that's highly nutritious and suitable for them, and believe it or not, it's donkey milk. This milk has a bit sweeter nutty taste, and it's less likely to cause allergies than cow's or goat's milk. 

However, it's a bit pricier than all others, as the donkey produces a lot less milk than a cow or goat. Moreover, the cosmetic industry often uses donkey milk in its production. Furthermore, studies show that it boosts immunity in a reasonably short time. 

2. Mursik

Two calabash gourd to make murisk
Murisk is fermented milk stored in calabash gourd (Photo: manfredrichter/

Mursik is a type of fermented milk, a sort of heritage to Kalenjin people in Kenya. It has a long tradition with the purpose of keeping milk fresh. Hence, murisk is made from cow or goat milk stored in calabash gourd or sotet, as the locals call it. Moreover, the gourd is lined with soot from a particular tree type to get the right flavor.

Today, murisk is an essential part of the culture, as the locals are serving it on every momentous occasion. Also, they are using it to cure stomach ache and neutralizing acids. 

1. Panther Milk or Pink Panther Milk

Pink Panther milk cocktail
Pink Panther Milk was and still is very popular among students (Photo: StockSnap/

This is an adult way of drinking milk. The first version was made in Barcelona in the 1920s among Spain's elite military units. Seeking something simple and easy to make, they come up with a cocktail made from milk and alcoholic beverages. It was wildly spread as a favorite drink of the Spanish Foreign Legion.

Later on, the drink was a bit forgotten, until the 1970s when Barcelona's bartender rediscovered it and served it among students as a cheap yet tasty cocktail. Hence, it shortly became a favorite drink around the city. There have been some twists in ingredients, so it was made from condensed milk, gin, ice, and grenadine syrup for the pink color making it Pink Panther Milk or Leche de Pantera rosa.  

To conclude our top ten, there are so many options of milk-based products and drinks that we don't know about. That's because every region, every country in the world has at least one of its unique dairy products. 

Have you ever tried some of the milk-based drinks from our list? If you have, what did you like the most? Please write to us in the comment section below, as we would like to hear your thoughts. 

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