Top 10 Fashion Pieces to Avoid When Attending a Concert

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-19 15:29:26

Concerts and music festivals require a lot of energy, but let's hope you always bring positive vibes with you when you're attending your favorite artist's show! You also need to bring comfortable clothes, so you should get to know some dos and don'ts. Let us show you the top ten things you shouldn't wear to a concert if you don't want clothing to ever bother you!

10. Open-Toe Sandals

These are gorgeous… But not for a concert!

They're beautiful, help you in the summer, and are healthy for your feet. However, they're a crucial mistake when attending a concert, so we're really sorry if you planned to take your favorite pair to a gig! You'll regret your decision as soon as you arrive since the immense crowd will make it uncomfortable.

In conclusion, someone can step on your toe and harm you when you're in a crowded room, which will definitely hurt more than you could imagine. Moreover, too crowded places also tend to be not so clean, so it's not the best time of the year to wear open shoes. Keep your feet healthy, and stay away from sandals when there's a gig!

9. High Heels

We wonder how he survived!

High heels are even a more giant no-no than open-toe sandals since you'll literally be able to do nothing at the gig if you show up in them. Jump? Dance? Move? Stand? It's OK to love heels and know how to handle them, even for hours, but it would be nonsense to wear them at a place where everyone is in comfy sneakers and shoes!

No one cares how tall you are when you're dancing and jumping, and everyone's having the best time with their friends. Concerts are there to make you feel good and confident and help you overcome everything. Let go of any complex, and enjoy the moment. Make sure your feet don't hurt along the way!

8. Fabrics That Make You Sweat

Learn these fashion hacks!

While this depends on the season and the venue, you'll 99% sweat at a concert. A lot. When dancing and thoroughly enjoying the concert, you won't even notice how much you move, and sweating will come naturally. Even if you simply stand and enjoy the show, you'll start perspiring because it's too hot around you! 

When you sum it all up, the best way to choose your outfit is to see if it's made of fabrics that don't make you sweat. Cotton is always the best option, so if you go for it, you'll have zero problems with sweating. Linen is also breathable and comfortable, so try to learn more about fabrics!

7. Hats That Can Fall Off Easily

Sometimes, it's a struggle!

OK, we understand that those artistic souls love wearing hats in everyday situations, and concerts are an excellent opportunity to be artsy. However, hats are problematic when you want to completely let loose and enjoy the moment. They can fall off your head quickly, so either learn some hacks or let them go!

Luckily, some hats are more accessible than others and won't fall off. Hence, choosing the right one that won't betray you when you're vibing with friends and the music is loud is crucial. The crowd is there, too, so you definitely don't want your beloved hat to fall off and someone suddenly steps on it!

6. Large Jewelry

Here are some tips you might need for everyday style!

Some big accessories are trendy, but they tend to jump when you're jumping, and that's not cool in any way. It will look silly and won't work as an accessory. Hence, we'd leave those long necklaces at home and show them off on more suitable occasions. Small jewelry is OK, but only if it's comfortable!

Moreover, you can quickly lose jewelry at places like concerts since it's dark and crowded, and you might never find your favorite bracelet again. Hence, save those for a more formal occasion where you're at a table, and you should look fancy. Concerts are for carefree looks and positive vibes, so don't wear too many accessories!

5. Big Bags

Some of these are ideal for concerts!

The wrongest thing to do at a gig is to take something big with you, which will stay in your arms the whole time. Your arms will want to be free and support you while dancing, so don't bother yourself with large bags with many things inside. You don't need too much to take to a gig, so draw the line!

Bags and purses ideal for concerts are small and accessible. Hence, they're usually in the form of a messenger or crossbody bag. These bags are easy to handle in front of you, so you'll know no one could steal your personal belongings, and you can take care of them without too much effort. They're also tiny and won't jump with you all the time!

4. Too Many Layers

Those are way too much for a live gig

Didn't we mention sweating already? Yes, some fabrics make you sweat more than others, and you should pay attention to that. However, even if the fabrics are OK, you'll sweat a lot if you wear too many layers! Hence, skip jumpers, warm clothes, and oversized jackets because it might ruin your mood afterward!

Of course, it's more complicated when it's cold outside since you must wear something warm before coming to the venue. However, even when it's too cold, try not to have so many layers that it gets boiling hot inside the crowd. It's better to freeze outside than be so layered that you can't breathe at the concert!

3. Too Tight Clothes

It's better to go for this at gigs!

When your jeans are too tight, they might look pretty, but it isn't the most comfortable option in the world. Unfortunately, girls tend to wear too tight dresses at parties, and some treat concerts like parties and wear the same stuff. Nonetheless, remember that a fine line exists, and a gig is way more carefree!

Actually, it makes no sense to wear something tight to a party either, since you'll want to dance there as well. Baggy and loose stuff is more suitable for comfortable body movements, so try to make yourself cute and attractive is something that will suit the mood more. Music is refreshing and relieving, so don't make your body your cage!

2. Glitter and Itchy Clothes

Irritated skin is the worst-case scenario

Just as tight clothes can ruin your mood, glitter fabrics can make your skin itchy, so try to avoid those sparkling dresses that put glitter on your skin. Even if it doesn't itch when you wear it for a few minutes, you'll probably start feeling all the issues as time passes. Itchy clothes sound like a nightmare!

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do when your clothes are itchy. You can't dance, smile, jump, or anything – everything will hurt at one point. Of course, we know you crave some glitter on your skin for parties, but there's a hack. Wear glitter makeup since it will look even prettier, and it definitely won't irritate your skin!

1. Pieces That Don't Match the Theme (If There Is One)

Disco party is also a kind of a theme!

Even adults tend to throw parties for friends, and people love when a party has a specific theme. The 80s, 90s, 00s, and other decades are the most usual kind of theme, giving you many opportunities to play with your wardrobe. Hence, don't be that boomer who will decline the theme and wear jeans and a T-shirt to a masquerade!

To sum it all up – it's not cool to boycott a theme at a concert either. If the concert is jazz by genre, look up some ideas on the Internet. If it's k-pop music, you have more freedom, but still, choose the right outfit. It's OK to have the freedom to select what you will wear, but if it matches the theme, it's fantastic!

Of course, comfort is the priority wherever you go, and a concert isn't an exception. Hence, search for comfort first, and then try to find something both comfy and suitable for the concert you're attending. Remember to have the time of your life every time, because that's what concerts are there for!

What do you usually wear to a concert? Are there any particular rules? Let us know in the comments section!

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Marianne Says:

Personally, my advice is not to wear anything new when you are going to a concert - it might get ruined. No one cares much about what you are wearing there anyway.

October 17 at 12:24:41 PM

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