Top 10 Lessons to Keep Your Toenails Healthy and Pretty

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2024-01-31 13:27:31

You probably have no idea how much trouble toenails can cause. And we're glad if you don't because that's something that doesn't rarely happen, so you're lucky if your toes look flawless. Since many people face several problems regarding toenail health and beauty, we'll show you the top ten ways to keep them as perfect as they are! If you're already in trouble, these tips could help, too!

10. Avoid Questionable Beauty Salons

This is an excellent example of quality salons where you don't have to worry about the results

We guess this one is quite clear – you have to know where you're going and whether the people that work on your skin and nails are trustworthy. We're sure that you've already heard of the situations when young girls go to beauty salons with a questionable cleaning routine and tools sterilization. 

Unfortunately, beauty salons without instruments supposed for one person are the main problem that brings you to toenail issues and infections. To find a trustworthy beauty salon, you have to ask some friends or acquaintances for recommendations. Obviously, check the place yourself!

9. Avoid Questionable Tools, Too

Use these only if you're a professional

It's always so attractive to try all these exciting tools you see in the professional beauty salons that make your toenails and feet shine. Nevertheless, they aren't meant for people without experience and knowledge! Avoid buying all this "do it yourself" stuff because you can easily do harm.

This means, of course, that you should have someone do it for you, and that's natural. The same goes with professional makeup since there are many tools. Still, only some can be used by people without experience. If you try to do it alone, it probably won't look the way you wish. Unfortunately, with toenails, it's even more complicated, and the consequences can be severe.

8. It Matters How You Trim Your Nails

Find out how to get your preferred shape

We know you're probably doing it while you're in a hurry, so you don't focus on how you trim your toenails. However, that is actually something that could cause many issues. Ingrown toenails usually happen when you wear uncomfortable shoes or when you don't cut your nails the way you should.

To avoid ingrown toenails, never trim your nails too much since they have to maintain a proper length. Of course, cut them when your feet are dry, and make sure that your clippers are clean! It doesn't have to be complicated, as you can see, but it helps your feet' beauty and your health significantly.

7. The Nail Color Matters, Too

Learn the colors' language – it's pretty simple

The color and texture of your toenails show you a lot – you don't need any words since nails talk in colors and textures! In this way, they try to tell you that an infection is going on or that your feet are sore, dry, or the nail is ingrown. 

In conclusion, you should never ignore the fact that your toenail got yellowish on the sides because that's the first red flag. Applying a nail polish over it, just so people won't notice the actual color underneath, won't solve it. Pay attention to the changes because once they alter your nail, it could even fall apart and never grow again... Yes, it's that complicated.

6. Don't Keep Your Feet Wet for Too Long

Feet should be moisturized… Just try to dry them afterward!

It may sound odd, but if you have toenail fungus or any other infections on your feet, dry them with your hairdryer! Any good specialist or pedicurist will recommend you the same. The reason behind it is that fungi and infections that happen on feet adore wet and dark places, so when you put your socks on wet feet, that's a perfect habitat for fungi.

It's not a tragedy if you don't have time to dry your feet flawlessly at the moment or you're in a hurry. Nevertheless, try to make this your daily habit, because that will prevent many problems that could make your life complicated.

5. Your Socks Should Fit Your Feet

Wool, cotton, polyester… The difference matters

Like many things we mentioned revealed how small details matter when it comes to toenail health, socks play a massive role. People believe that it doesn't matter from what fabrics their socks are made of. And it's true... for some feet. However, if you already see differences on your toes, that's a warning your socks don't fit your feet!

Just like you should make sure your feet aren't wet for too long, you should check if they tend to get sweaty. If that's the case, they won't only smell terrible, but they will also cause you several infections. To prevent that, you should wear 100% cotton socks and carefully buy those that make your feet feel comfortable. If anything's sweaty or itchy, something's not right!

4. Ask for Recommendations and Advice

Not knowing how to ask for help is something you can work on

When it comes to some health problems, it's hard to find out where to go, who to ask, and who can solve your issue. Toenails usually cause troubles that people feel ashamed of, so it's hard for them to ask for help. However, we're sure you have trustworthy friends who maybe know some specialists or places where you can ask all your questions!

Luckily, we're living in the Internet era, so shy people can ask Google all the questions they need. In conclusion, if you google your toenail issue, some correct answers will probably pop out. Moreover, in this way you can even find some good specialists and read reviews about their clinics. Everything can help, except not being interested in your ongoing toenail issue.

3. Maybe You Just Need a Pedicure

You'd be surprised by how much work this job requires

Pedicures aren't always dangerous or "questionable," just like we mentioned above – they can actually save you. It's essential to visit a pedicurist, especially when your problem is still not that complicated and the thing didn't go too far. Just make sure you trust that person, and you know where you're going.

For example, corns on your feet can easily be treated by a pedicurist, and you probably won't need anything except a medical pedicure or two. Medical pedicures require a trained person with professional, sterilized tools, so you don't have to worry about anything – they will handle all your foot problems!

2. Problems Won't Go Away on Their Own

Ignoring won't help because the problem will just grow and become more severe

A huge myth that people still believe in is that toenails have problems that come and go. Spoiler alert: time won't heal them because serious problems have to be treated. Luckily, some specialists can help you quickly, without any pain, so if you believe that something looks wrong, go on and see a podiatrist!

Just like we already mentioned pedicures, there are teams of people that can make your infection or ingrown toenail go away. That's especially the case if you have ingrown toenails: You need surgery, and nothing else will help. The more you wait, the worst will it be, so don't expect the problem to disappear!

1. Remember That an Unhealthy Nail Tells Something About Your Health

Toenails are more than just looking pretty!

It's sad but true – unhealthy nails tell a lot about your general health and immune system. It's pretty unusual that someone has toenail fungus without any other fungal infections. In this way, toenails should warn you that you should check your health and take more care.

This point might even be the most crucial one because many people believe that unhealthy and not "good-looking" nails are only a "beauty issue." That's not true, because beauty goes hand in hand with health, so maintain both to have feet that everyone will admire!

In conclusion, there's no such thing as perfect toenails, but it's essential to make sure they are healthy. All these top ten tips can provide you lifelong toenail health, and we hope they will work for you. It's not that complicated, but it can spare you from problems that could last a lifetime!

Do you take special care of your toenails? Do you have any recommendations for us to add here? We're looking forward to your advice!

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Shannon White Says:

I tend to easily hurt my toenails as I'm running a lot. Whatever shoes I tried, it continue happening.

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