Top 10 Ways to Start Reading Again If You Have Reader’s Block

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-26 18:00:05

Reader’s block is a horrible state of mind where you just can’t stand reading. It usually happens if you didn’t have enough time or concentration for this activity. Sometimes you’ve been coming across the worst types of books that didn’t correspond to your preferences. But how to overcome this feeling and remember that reading used to be your daily habit? There are various methods, so we’ll try to help you with our top ten ways to conquer this block holding you back from discovering literature.

10. Visit Libraries to Get Inspired

Don’t forget that books are actually works of art. Writers are true artists, as they create new things with their words (and worlds). In conclusion, books should open some new doors in your mind. Nevertheless, it can go the other way around – you should try to get inspiration to actually start reading.

The best way to get inspired to read is to simply visit places where people read! Seeing other people doing it will probably awaken that feeling that you should take a novel, too, and check a few lines. If it’s amusing, go for it! The world is full of stunning libraries you can check online. Still, a small place where people enjoy their books is already satisfying, too.

9. Ask Friends for Recommendations

There are so many ways to support your friends and help them when times get hard. Nonetheless, friendship also has this fun side as you give each other suggestions about good clothing shops, quality make-up, restaurants where you should try this and that… So why wouldn’t you discuss books as well?

Subconsciously, we do many things the way our close friends do. So if you’re suffering reader’s block, maybe your friends are in a better relationship with their bookshelf, and you should check on that! Even if your friends have a different taste and read another genre, you should try it anyway, because you can’t know what you prefer if you don’t give it a shot.

8. Enter a Group About Literature

You’ve probably heard that many writers had their circles in the past. These small groups of people were willing to help each other with suggestions, ideas, promotions… It’s a blessing to have someone who will connect to you on a creative level! Well, this thing is not only for writers as you can have a reading circle too!

In the Internet era, it’s even easier to find people who think the same as you. You can always look up genres and writers you worship and find groups on social media about them. You’ll find many people with similar opinions as yours, and they can move you to read something they suggest! If you read more stuff, you’ll have more things in common with these people.

7. Watch Booktubers

If you’ve never heard about Booktube, you’re clearly missing something amazing. YouTube is full of tutorials that can be useful in many aspects. It can help you apply your make-up, make your PowerPoint presentation, or anything else you need! Of course, it can also help you find some good books as well!

Watching some quality Booktubers can inspire you to look up the book they recommended. Moreover, they usually give small hints about why the book is exciting, but they won’t ruin your reading and give spoilers. Find some interesting Booktubers, and your reader’s block will disappear!

6. Browse the Internet and Especially Goodreads

You’ve probably stumbled upon Goodreads’s website when you were searching for a book. And in all likelihood, you skipped it without signing up and browsing. Now go back to this website and create your free account because the world of books is already there – you don’t even have to google anything else. Everything about the book will show up there.

Moreover, Goodreads is awesome because it doesn’t only contain brief information about the plot. There are quotes from the authors, user reviews, ratings, top lists, and so much more! If this site doesn’t awaken your will to read, try to simply browse the Internet and find something intriguing. However, Goodreads is a real deal.

5. Spend Some Money on Really Good Books

Of course, it’s alright if you can’t afford a book right now. Actually, any of us can relate anytime. Sometimes, a book has a stunning design, and it’s intriguing, but it’s just too expensive! However, you should find a way to treat yourself with a really quality book to overcome your reader’s block. People are naturally visual types, so we love to see a book with a beautiful cover.

Moreover, we must confess that books truly worth reading are more expensive than the books you should skip. That’s why sometimes paying more is getting more when it comes to books as well. Nevertheless, you can always lend a good piece of writing from a library, or try to locate certain cheaper bookstores – we’re sure you’ll find some!

4. Don’t Wait Too Long to Start a Book

 “I’ll start tomorrow; today, I have something else to do.” “Nevermind, I’ll start next week.” Do these sentences seem relatable to you? Maybe you say the same things about your diet or doing homework, but when it comes to reading, that’s not a way to overcome the reader’s block. Furthermore, it’s maybe the reason why you developed this block!

If you bought a book that you were delighted to get, start reading it the same day. If you’re too busy, try to really take some time to get familiar with the book, at least after you finish your assignments. Just try to do it soon, because when a book spends too much time on the shelf, you’ll maybe forget about it, and your block won’t go away. Start that book already!

3. Re-read a Book You Adore

Try it, as you'll enjoy it more than you expect!

Why would you think that reading one book two times is a waste of time? On the contrary, if you love a book, you should return to it, just like you go back to a nice restaurant where you enjoyed a good meal. Reading a good piece of writing feels the same – it feeds your brain cells and makes you inspired and content.

We read some books only to feel the thrill of unexpected plots (crime stories, for example). However, something like "Neapolitan Novels" may be close to your heart, as it contains many favorite quotes, beloved characters, most exciting moments… So reading them again can make you feel willing to find out if any other book can captivate you the way that one did. And there are many books like that, just try to find them!

2. Stop Reading the Book You Didn’t Like

For some people, it’s embarrassing to stop reading a book they don’t enjoy, so they finish it although it’s not their cup of tea. Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing you could do to your reader’s block. You can just make the whole thing much worse and never feel like reading a book again. You can suddenly think that all the books are terrible, just because you didn’t cherish reading that one. Stop reading it then, and find something else!

You can’t read every book in your life, and it’s completely okay. You shouldn’t feel guilty, irresponsible, or in any way bad even if you don't like something from Shakespeare. It's even OK if Bukowski is not your style. Not all novels are made for everyone; not every poem was written for you to enjoy it and understand it at the same time. Find the right choices for yourself.

1. Don’t Stick to Novels Only

Many people forget that they’re not obliged to read the longest literary form – a novel. You can keep up with the literature in many other ways. It doesn’t revolve around lengthy stories or long forms in general. It’s completely alright if you can’t concentrate on extensive books, or you just don’t have enough time for that in your daily life.

You can always wake up your desire to read by reading poems. Furthermore, they’re usually short and inspiring, and their motifs are easier to follow. Moreover, short stories are always the best option whenever you want to read prose and don’t have time for a novel. For example, one of James Joyce’s best works ever is his short stories collection named “Dubliners.” Why don’t you try something like that?

Unfortunately, some reader’s blocks may last a few months. If you’re asking yourself what to do about it, we hope our top ten list helped you overcome this terrible feeling. Reading is a blessing, and you should try it again!

Do you have any recommendations on how to fall in love with books anew?

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