Top 10 Gorgeous Kpop Concert Outfits Ideas

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-24 08:55:17

Attending a K-pop concert is every fan’s wildest dream, and some of them get the opportunity to see their favorite idols live. If you’re the one who got lucky and bought a ticket for a show, now you’re probably wondering what you should wear to be the coolest K-pop fan out there. Let us help you with our ten authentic kpop concert outfit ideas!

10. Put Your Sneakers On!

ITZY are the ultimate queens of wearing fancy dresses with sneakers

When ITZY scream, “Put my sneakers on,” you should believe them! Jokes aside, there’s no way you should wear anything else except sneakers when it comes to shoes. Forget high heels even though they might fit your outfit the best because you’ll spend the rest of your evening worrying about your legs.

There’s no room for enjoyment in a situation where your legs don’t feel comfortable, and concerts should be your safe place to dance and move around as much as you want. Hence, try to focus on your clothes and makeup (and your hair as well) instead of wearing fancy shoes. Save fancy for other stuff!

9. Steal Your Bias’ Style

So many icons in this video – K-pop is indeed stylish

Fashion icons are everywhere in K-pop – fashion is an inevitable part of their industry, and we’ve never seen an idol who has zero taste when it comes to clothes. Of course, every group has a stylist for projects, but most artists are also naturally talented. BLACKPINK’s Jennie is a perfect example of that!

A regular joke about BLACKPINK is that they’re models way more than the actual singers, but they aren’t the only ones looking stylish. Hence, we’re sure you’ll find both male and female fashion icons that will inspire your concert look. You’ll probably need a more affordable version, but it will help anyway, and you’ll get some ideas!

8. Wear the Group’s Merch if You Have Some

If you don’t own merch, you can try to copy an outfit from the group’s show!

The most essential K-pop merch is the actual albums because K-pop albums have the best packaging in the world. There’s no merch compared to K-pop albums, but just like any other artist, K-pop groups also sell clothes with motifs of their albums and stuff. BLACKPINK had not one but two H&M collections that looked gorgeous!

If you bought any of the H&M pieces from the BLACKPINK collection, that should be your best choice for a BLACKPINK concert. The same goes for any other group, too! You can also wear DIY merch, and it’s an excellent idea because it looks unique and shows you dedicated your time to preparing the outfit!

7. …And a Cute Crossbody Bag

Find a perfect one for yourself and take it to the concert!

Let’s return to the BLACKPINK H&M collection(s) because they included four gorgeous black and pink crossbody bags. Those bags came straight out of heaven, we swear! They’re ideal for situations where you want to move your hands freely without pressure but have no space to put your bag somewhere. It was made for concerts!

Moreover, crossbody bags are incredibly stylish yet casual, and they’re popular in the K-pop culture. They make any outfit laid-back and urban, and most idols love to dress like that. Lisa from BLACKPINK is also the best example. Hence, make sure to choose a bag like that because it is useful and gorgeous!

6. Wear a Tie If That’s Your Dream!

This outfit screams K-pop!

What if your school didn’t have uniforms, and all you wanted in life was to wear a cute necktie? Girls aren’t used to wearing a tie in most countries, but most of them desire to try a tie at least once. A K-pop concert is the ideal opportunity to channel your inner schoolgirl, and all the eyes would be on you all the time!

You’ve probably noticed already that girls wearing a tie aren’t a rare phenomenon among K-pop idols, so you’ll basically look like an idol in an outfit inspired by schoolgirl style. It’s chic and unique, and you’ll feel important when you tie a tie around your neck. It can have various shapes and colors, so feel free to experiment!

5. Asymmetrical Outfits

Yes, you can cut them yourself, too, and you will definitely look chic!

One of the main trends in K-pop fashion, especially for concert outfits and badass music videos, is to wear asymmetrical tops. You can even try them with skirts, but tops cut in unusual places to get an extraordinary shape are one of the coolest trends ever! They fit almost everyone, and they can highlight your gorgeous figure.

You can go for one-shoulder dresses or even a one-sleeve top – the opportunities are endless, and that’s what feels the best. Whenever you think you’ve mastered the asymmetrical style, you find another piece that looks cool, and you didn’t know it could be shaped like that. If you find one for your K-pop concert, don’t hesitate!

4. Crop Tops

It’s actually easy to combine them!

It’s basically impossible to find a K-pop idol that has never worn a crop top – some adore them, some don’t, but all of them wore them at least for a concert outfit. Why wouldn’t you do the same, then? In K-pop, crop tops are so beloved that even male idols pull them as if it were their primary profession!

When wearing a long T-shirt, you must be very careful with the jeans or skirt you choose for your outfit. But when it comes to crop tops, everything seems so much easier. And also prettier! The good thing is that a short top always gives you space, and if it’s in a plain color and style, you can combine it with a fabulous skirt!

3. Plaid Short Skirts

This 90s look is back

Here we come to another fashion piece that can’t go out of style, especially in K-pop culture. Short skirts are, in general, so prevalent in Korea that it’s impossible to find a longer one, and plaid skirts are especially beloved. These can make any girl look cute yet sophisticated, and they go well with crop tops but also with more formal tops!

Furthermore, plaid skirts are an inevitable part of a schoolgirl outfit, so if you like the idea of wearing a tie, combine it with a plaid skirt! Even crop tops that we recommended go amazing with plaid skirts, so this is the element you can style with anything that looks like K-pop. It’s a K-pop essential!

2. Match with the Lightstick 

They look fabulous – make sure you grab a lightstick before the show!

One idea you’ve probably never seen before is to dress according to your lightstick. You definitely shouldn’t attend a K-pop concert without the group’s official lightstick because it will be one of the most incredible memories of the show after it ends, and the shining crowd makes the whole concert epic. Maybe your lightstick can inspire your outfit!

For example, (G)I-DLE has a purple lightstick with some white parts, with something almost looking like a castle on top. Hence, an excellent idea would be to go for a purple outfit that matches the glowing thing you wave in the sky while dancing. The lightstick is already a crucial part of your look, so match it well!

1. Colors Are Crucial

Knowing how to combine colors really matters!

The thing you learned while reading about lightsticks is that they all have their unique color that is also authentic to the group. Hence, one of the first things to consider when looking for a K-pop concert outfit is definitely color! When you dress according to color, you can’t look bad – the perfect color combo does half of the work.

Moreover, some groups prioritize color symbols so much that they have colors in their title. You know what we mean – BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are quite famous groups, and dressing for their shows should be easy if you follow the color rule. You won’t have to make much effort to look perfect!

Luckily, the opportunities are endless. If you’re a true K-pop enthusiast, you definitely get to see various outfits from your idols as well. From the music videos to their street style, idols will surely inspire you. We hope our tips gave you the first impression of the path you should follow when choosing the ideal outfit!

Have you ever attended a K-pop show? Which group is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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