Top 10 Breathtaking Songs From Little Mix's "Confetti" Album

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-04-03 18:00:07

Little Mix is the most beloved girl band in the UK and Europe in general. However, they admitted multiple times that not having a breakthrough in the US makes their achievements still much smaller than it should be. If you've stumbled upon this article, hopefully, you'll check out their sixth album "Confetti," and especially these ten outstanding tracks we'll recommend to you! There is no doubt that this is one of the best albums of 2020.

10. "Holiday" 

This single is all about the warmth – it's tropical and sexy

We'll kick off the list with "Holiday," one of the album's singles, which felt like an introduction to their jolly mood from the very start. It's not the best piece of the record… However, it's already better than "Break Up Song," the lead single that felt a bit repetitive and recurring throughout their career. "Shout Out to My Ex" felt much better, to be honest.

"Holiday" was a level-up since it gave the girls an amazing chance to show off some creativity in the music video and take us on a trip. The video is refreshing and exotic, and it feels like a warm hug. Good job, girls!

9. "A Mess (Happy For U)"

The girls love to play with painful lyrics and bubbly vibes

Little Mix admitted that not being the US pop sensation is "a bitter pill to swallow" for them. However, it seems like their sixth album could change the game! We see no reasons for songs like these to not get a breakthrough – it's extremely relatable, you can dance to it, and it even has some powerful vocals.

In "A Mess," the girls complement their name – it's a "little mix" of love and pain! You've probably felt this way already – you're trying to be happy for someone, but what if they're your happiness, and they found it in someone else? As Perrie belts it out here, no hard feelings. Try to move on.

8. "Sweet Melody"

The ladies tried some spicy choreography after a long time

Little Mix love the themes regarding relationships between musicians! They often make songs like "Sweet Melody" about the guys in the band that dumped them – remember "American Boy?" We have no idea if real situations inspired songs like these, but they're outstanding and absolutely worth checking out!

The girls already performed this hit at 2020 MTV EMA, without Jesy Nelson, though, but they still slayed their choreography. "Sweet Melody" has the absolute potential to be a worldwide hit, and they shouldn't settle down for less.

7. "Breathe"

For this song, they sampled Harry Styles' voice screaming, "Hey!"

Some good old friends in the music industry are the best that could happen to any musician – especially when their buddy is a phenomenal songwriter. Little Mix had this luck with KAMILLE, who co-wrote their A-list hits like "Black Magic," but also the closing track for "Confetti." "Breathe" is another powerful LM ballad that displays their emotions and vocals.

The album is very positive in general. However, this sensitive ending felt like the girls weren't ready to break up with their vulnerability. And it's completely alright since we all have that in ourselves. The most remarkable message of the album obviously is, "I can't let go sometimes, but I'm ready to try, at least." Mark these words!

6. "Confetti"

Jesy Nelson shines through this track, and that's what her fans needed to see

The girls were so inspired by the "Confetti" concept that they knew this would be the title track from the very start. Moreover, it fits their new mood like a glove! The sparkly make-up on their faces on the album cover really screams "all eyes on me, so VIP" and gives off the festive vibes and enthusiasm they found in themselves again.

Jesy Nelson co-wrote this song, and it shows, as it's a real feel-good anthem, highlighting that she finally let go of her insecurities. "You're missing me, but I'm finally free," sounds like Nelson said "goodbye" to her ghosts, after all. At least we hope so because her documentary "Odd One Out" was heartbreaking!

5. "Rendezvous"

The girls ooze confidence when they invite their crush on a "rendezvous"

Just like Ariana Grande sang "pardon my French" in her song "love language," you might have difficulties pronouncing this tune's name. However, the girls obviously think that French is the language of love. This song is all about that thrill this feeling indicates!

"Rendezvous" has sampled "Sway" by Michael Bublé, and you may notice it from the first listen. It's very unusual for the girls to sing in this lower register the whole time, making the song very sexy and confident. Rendezvous is always a romantic meeting, so who's surprised?

4. "If You Want My Love"

Little Mix explored the late 90s and 2000s for this vibe

We get so easily satisfied by superficial feelings, and people don't show the effort the way they did in the past. We shouldn't let things work out this way, and that's the aim of "If You Want My Love." Don't mix it with "If You Had My Love" by J. Lo, though! The girls stated that "you got to work" for their love, and it's not selfish, but just the way things should be.

Showing effort is not old-fashioned, so this song doesn't only have a strong vibe but also a special message. Moreover, the part when Leigh-Anne belts out, "It's Saturday night, and I'm on a vibe, baby," really feels like confetti falling from the sky. The girls are in a festive mood, and we love that!

3. "Not a Pop Song"

"I don't do what Simon says" is a lyric that disses their ex-manager, Simon Cowell

It looks like the brutal honesty was the main purpose of Little Mix's sixth studio record. "Not a Pop Song" is the embodiment of outspokenness, the quality that many young singers are afraid to show. The girls know very well about double standards in the music industry, and they're aware of how much they suffered to get to the point where they are now.

In this song, they finally confess how hard it was to follow all the rules and how they felt like "puppets on a string." Moreover, if this song became viral, many singers would stand behind the girls' back and relate to what they lived through. It's a song the music industry needed, especially women.

2. "Gloves Up"

This is a kind of an anthem that would have billions of views – you just can't miss this!

If you loved "Power," this will be your favorite track, and we fully understand you. Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jade worked together on this song, so it's very personal. It perfectly showcases their vocals' strength and the work they put into every project. It's a "blood, sweat and tears" anthem that would work on a big stage, with gloves up and a wild choreography!

The girls whispering, "I'm gonna be starting something," before diving into the grand chorus is what we hope to see from them in the future. Girls, please get the breakthrough you deserve; start something big!

1. "Happiness"

This is the most honest track about searching for happiness, and it worked out excellently

"I was mine before I was yours" is the most important lesson a girl can learn in a relationship. You always have yourself, just like Demi Lovato says in her post-breakup anthem "Still Have Me," and Little Mix touches upon this theme very frequently. No one owns you, and your feelings have to be under your control in any situation!

Little Mix really slayed in this self-love anthem, with the best vibe of the whole album. Happiness is the real feeling you get after bopping to this dance melody. Furthermore, the rawness in their vocals when they say, "and I swear I'm never gonna lose me again," will make you repeat it after them. As you should!

After all, this album is literally skipless, so we recommend hearing the whole record. There's not a single song that will leave you disappointed! It's hard for the girls to make a more successful album than "Glory Days," but "Confetti" deserves to break all the records.

Do you like "Happiness" the most, too? Or do you have another favorite from our top ten list? Let us know!



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