Top 10 Quotes From Maggie Stiefvater's "Call Down the Hawk"

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

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If you're familiar with Stiefvater's writing, it should be no surprise that "Call Down the Hawk" is packed with some of the most poetic writing that will ever grace your eyes. Considering that the book is about Ronan Lynch, one of the more mystical parts of the Gangsey, it's no wonder that it is also filled with some brain-scratchers. Enjoy our top ten list, and be warned of The Raven Cycle spoilers.

10. Declan Envied Him. His Love And His Grief Both

Declan, we're so sorry for judging you

We love that we get to see more of Declan in this book. While he was more of a boring-suit-wearing background nuisance in The Raven Cycle, we can understand his actions. We get to see why he was constantly being oh-so careful, and more importantly, we get to see how much of a toll it took on him.

Seeing that he was no one's favorite child, that he was forced to bear all of the family's burdens really gets us to sympathize with him. As much as he wanted to let himself feel things and get attached to people, he simply couldn't. It wasn't in his nature, but he had to do it for the sake of survival. He was responsible for two younger brothers, after all. 

9. Adam Picked Up Skills Like Other People Picked Up Clothing or Groceries. He Was Always in the Market.

Hey, are you having an existential crisis right now? 'Cause we are

Adam Parrish should be nominated for the character of the year. We don't care about the criteria; just give him the award. While we understand that this book is about the Lynch brothers primarily, we would've still liked to see more of him. His appearances were still outstanding, no matter how sparse they were.

Adam grew up in poverty, not just deprived when it came to financing, but to a loving home as well. Therefore, it's no surprise he started picking up different skills. People who grew up in poverty are known to be hoarders, and that doesn't have to extend to just material things. Learning as much as you can because you were deprived of something in another part of your life is something many of us are familiar with.

8. She Had Been Ignoring What Her Heart Felt About Things for Too Long To Pretend to Be an Expert In It

Are you trying to suppress that existential crisis right now? 'Cause we are as well

Ahh, denial, our sweet old friend. There is nothing quite like drinking copious amounts of coffee to suppress your feelings. If you're not already familiar with the feeling, we do not recommend you try it; it's okay for only so long.

In reality, if you find yourself in this situation, you should still attempt to listen to your heart. In the end, it doesn't really matter if you're an expert or not, as long as you still try to listen to it. Allow yourself to hear your desires and what you want. It doesn't matter if you mess up, as long as you try to live your life for yourself.

7. Things Were Changing. His Head Didn't Know If It Was for the Better Or for the Worse Yet, But His Heart Didn't Care. It Was Pumping Pure Night Through Him

Nothing better than change

We'd argue that there isn't a more exhilarating feeling than this. Feeling that things are changing after days, months, or even years of being stagnant. "Pumping pure night" is an excellent description of it as well. We associate night with intoxicating activities, all the things you wouldn't have the bravado to do during the day. 

Honestly, is there anything more electrifying than change? It is terrifying because we don't know what might come out of it and animating since it may be the best change we can ask for. Look around and ask yourself if you're getting tired of what you're doing. If you've had enough, just make a change, no matter how small or big.

6. But Once He'd Begun to Explain the Day to Adam, He Couldn't Stop, Not Only Because He Needed to Hear It Out Loud, but Because He Needed to Say It Out Loud to Adam

Everyone needs that type of person in their life

Sometimes all we need is a specific person to talk to, whether that's a partner, friend, or relative. All of the unsolvable problems magically become solvable, and things weighing us down become light as a feather. Think how much you've been struggling with something, and just seek out that person if you haven't already. It's life-saving.

Also, don't mind us crying about Adam and Ronan's relationship. Those two are so in love with each other. Things seem wrong for Ronan until he hugs Adam. When he can't be around Adam, his world seems much bleaker. Those two are so gosh darn cute. We're not crying - you're crying! We would say that they're relationship goals, but that much codependence seems unhealthy. 

5. For the First Time In a Long While, He Was More Interested In Being Awake Than Asleep

Having an interest in the waking world while still keeping the dreams close, my beloved!

Shout-out to everyone who has dealt with depression at any moment in their life. While this quite literally relates to Ronan, who can pull things from his dreams into the waking world, it also has a significant symbolic meaning. Like many of us, Ronan spent most of his life feeling weighed down, going through it just because he had to.

Dealing with life can be tedious, overwhelming, and obnoxious many times. There are no words to describe the relief you feel when you start taking an interest in the life around you. It's not just relief; it's like you're waking from a thousand-year slumber. Just to imagine, you had your eyes closed all this time, and you don't realize that they've opened until it hits you like a truck.

4. Your Father Has Geis of Blarney […] He Has to Tell Stories Or He'll Die

What would be your taboo?

Every hero from the stories the Lynch brothers were told as children had a taboo, their geas. All of their geasa were strange things: some couldn't refuse food when offered, some couldn't fight a wolf, and so on. All of their taboos lead to their downfall in the end. The endings would be either gruesome or gentle, depending on whether stories were told by their mother or father.

Everyone has their own geas, whether we know it or not. It might be telling stories, making art, or music for creative people. Others may be obsessed with space, so they become astronauts, or they might be in love with flora and fauna, becoming biologists. Everyone has a thing they have to do, lest they give up on life.

3. Art Always Lasted Longer When Mingled With Blood

The way we treat contemporary artists is as big of a tragedy as how they treated Van Gogh

That is a sad truth that we can see all around us. Van Gogh was an unaccomplished artist until well after his suicide. How many other authors, painters, sculptors, and photographers would only get recognition post-mortem? Why do we tend to ignore art until it gets old, unless you are Banksy? Or better (or maybe worse) yet, only like it after some tragedy is tied to it?

We starve artists, don't pay them for their hard work and hours and hours they put into it, then when they're gone, we shake our heads and say, "how tragic." Why do those pretentious academics appreciate the beauty of the times long past and turn their noses up when someone mentions something contemporary? It's a tragedy of their making.

2. These Were the Thing That Made Ronan Lynch Himself, But He Didn't Realize It Until He Met The Rest of the World

We are a myriad of other people while staying ourselves uniquely

It's strange how we can think everyone experiences things the same way as we do. Some of the greatest parts of adulthood are seeing the rest of the world and learning how other things work. Every household, every nation, every culture has things that set them apart from others.

While many of our experiences might be shared, there are still thousands upon thousands of small things that make us us. It's both reassuring and disturbing to know that every part of your being is the same as someone else's but that no one has a collection of attributes and experiences like you. There are no carbon copies or perfect clones in the world, but there are shared experiences.

1. It Had Been Overwhelming Enough to Know That the World Was Vastly Huger and More Mysterious Than He Had Given It Credit for. It Was Above and Beyond to Think that World Had His Back

The world really is on your side, sometimes

Many of us are used to the bitter taste disappointment leaves on our tongues. Knowing what it's like to be left behind by the world, we learn to never expect much in the first place. Losing faith in humanity can become a hobby and a career of ours if we don't keep ourselves in check. So, happiness can hit us like a bullet in the back, as Florence said.

But, in reality, the world does have our backs many times. Like that poem said, sometimes we have to believe that the universe has its best intentions for us, even though it might not feel like it often. Just like we don't let our dogs eat a piece of chocolate even though they want it. The world is full of surprises, and many of them can be good.

Maggie sure does know how to rattle us to our core, doesn't she? And all of this is from the same book where a cow turns into a balloon. It's ridiculous and kind of outrageous how she can drag us within an inch of our lives and make it look like it's nothing. We feel like we should email her our therapy bills.

Are these the type of quotes that stick with you for days? Is there another quote from CDTH that you wished we included in our top ten? Tell us in the comments!



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