Top 10 Tips on Wearing Glitter Outfits (When, Where, and How)

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2024-03-01 17:05:59

Glitter isn't even a pattern, and it can feel a bit uncomfortable on your skin if it isn't attached to an appropriate fabric. Still, it's a trend that keeps living in fashion, and we don't see it going anywhere soon! To keep up with this evergreen fashion moment, you'll finally learn how to wear glitter properly, thanks to these top ten tips!

10. Sequins Can Irritate Your Skin  

Even skin can have allergies and get irritated!

Rule number one – never forget that you can't wear glitter close to your skin because that will ruin your whole night. You'll want to take off that dress after a few minutes since, with sequins, your skin can get irritated too easily! Skin that gets red and itchy can be enough to make you skip glitter for the rest of your life, but there's a solution for that!

The crucial tip you need for this is to keep a proper distance between skin and glitter – the sequins should be only the outer part of your dress. The inner fabric needs to be soft but thick enough to keep the sequins out. Don't sacrifice your peace for a beautiful look because sequins against your skin are a nightmare!

9. They Look the Best on Dresses

Would you wear any of these?

If you're looking for the best way to wear glitter, it's definitely the one-piece outfit that is every classy lady's go-to – a dress! A sparkly dress can indeed be a jaw-dropper and attract every person that's in the room with you. Dresses love intriguing patterns, so they're no strangers to glitter in various colors and shapes.

These dresses mostly go with a higher neckline, and they're pretty short simultaneously, as a solid mix of sophistication and sexiness. Their sparkle will be undeniable with or without sleeves, so consider going with this outfit for some special occasions. Don't combine it with jewelry, though, because the dress shines enough!

8. ...Or As Tops

These tops are the best partywear in the world!

We used dresses as the best example, but that's not the only option. Girls like having glitter on tight tops that they wear at parties. It's a daily habit for many of them, so you can shop these basically in every boutique you stumble upon, and they're very affordable!

Luckily, these tops won't be itchy since they usually have glitter only on the outer part, and that's a thing you should look for when you're buying them. Of course, even a dress doesn't have to be glittery from top to bottom – for example, it can have a glitter top and a tulle skirt. That's a superb combination, to be honest!

7. You Can Combine It with a Non-Glittery Piece

See how a professional does it!

As we said about the dresses with a sparkly top and a regular bottom, try combining glitter tops with a more subtle piece. Combining two glittery parts is an option only if it's a matching outfit. Otherwise, it would be too much, and your look would become cheap.

Whether you're curious about combining glitter tights (quite a trend nowadays) or it's a basic top that you got for a low price, the rules are similar. Don't go too far with combining colors – it's better to stick to a monochromatic mixture or two colors, but not more than that.

6. When? Glitter Works Best at Night

Besides glitter, the ideas are various!

Since glitter isn't really an ordinary type of a pattern, there is only one correct answer if you ask us "when" – the night was made for them! It's very challenging to pull off this look on the streets on a regular day, so we'd instead save those sequins for a night out and go for something more simple when we're taking a walk!

Moreover, one thing keeps glitter different from any other style you choose – it actually has an eye-catching, natural glow! So, why would you waste the chance to glow under a disco ball or under the city lights? The night is the best time to let glitter shine, and once you try it, you'll never want to stop!

5. How? Wear it With Confidence

You have to learn how to dress with confidence because that changes the whole impression

If there's only one answer for "when," there are various ones for "how." Nevertheless, confidence is the key when you're wearing something daring and eye-catching because you'll shine the best when you feel like that, too! Glitter will do its thing on its own, but you have to wear a smile and feel good in it!

After all, confidence is just like love – it's something that you can't hide when it's taking over you because that's the love you feel about yourself! It comes naturally when you're wearing something that fits you, so don't hesitate if glitter is your dream outfit. Let people see how good it fits you, and confidence will appear on its own!

4. Take Something Glittery to a Photoshoot

Dressing up for photos? We've all been there!

Do you take special care of your outfit when you know you're about to take some pictures? You indeed should, because your clothes obviously determine how good the pictures look! If you have an outdoor shot in the evening hours, a glitter dress or sequin jacket can make your photos extraordinary!

Whether it's the most fabulous day ever, your wedding day, or just a regular photoshoot for your Instagram, glitter will make your photos exciting. Luckily, professional photographers know how to adjust the angles and light to your sparkly outfit, so it will surely be one of your favorite shots ever.

3. Where? Parties All the Way!

Many of these dresses have sequins!

We already mentioned parties along the way, so we'll just repeat it again. Parties are your best chance to go out of your comfort zone in every way! You'll meet new people, learn how to dance like nobody's watching, enjoy some drinks, and you'll definitely have the opportunity to wear something daring!

Since you'll have the chance to try out things you don't usually wear, use parties as your catwalk and pull off some sequins! Luckily, no one will say you're overdressed or think you didn't choose the right combination. Cocktail dresses with glitter are always an option for a good time and fun!

2. It's a Must for New Year's Eve

Sydne Summer said yes to New Year's Eve with sequins!

Whenever New Year's Eve approaches us, shops and fashion designers suddenly start showing off only one type of dress and outfit. Out of nowhere, sequins take over every boutique in your area, and you have no choice but to get your glowing outfit, too! We wouldn't say no to that offer!

After all, New Year's Eve also belongs to those occasions when you pull off partywear, so it doesn't differ too much from the regular parties. However, it gives us even more reasons to glow from head to toe since we're celebrating new beginnings and kicking off a new era of our lives.

1. Let Glitter Show off Your Happiness and Make You Happy

Shine and show it to the world!

Since your outfit affects people's impressions about you, it obviously impacts your mood and inner state, so you have to wear clothes that keep you happy. Sometimes we need those small things that make us get over stress and daily struggles, and it's not strange that buying clothes helps a lot!

Actually, glitter has one of the most positive impacts since it instantly reminds us of exciting days when we feel good. It brings us back to the best parties and the most relaxing moments in life, so who wouldn't love this pattern? Go out and buy another glitter dress and combine it with glitter makeup because you won't regret it!

After all, it's OK if you keep avoiding glitter or if it just isn't your thing. However, if you're obsessed even more after these top ten list, we completely feel you! Hopefully, you won't have any dilemmas about combining glitter outfits and the occasions that go with them.

Do you wear glitter occasionally? Or is glitter your biggest passion? We'll check your answers in the comments section!

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