Top 10 Prominent Celebrities with Siblings That Look Exactly Like Them

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-03-12 06:00:07

Having a twin is a blessing and a curse – it probably depends on your opinion. Is it a gift from heaven to have someone by your side 24/7, or is it too stressful because someone looks exactly like you? These stars have siblings so similar to them that you wouldn't see the difference! Or if the dissimilarity is visible, they're still almost the same!

10. Pippa and Kate Middleton

These two are actually very supportive of each other

We'll kick off this journey in a royal manner – Kate Middleton, the beautiful Duchess, has a sibling you may not know about. Pippa Middleton is very close to her royal sister, and they share most of their interests. For example, both are sporty, like loud parties, and have been spotted with the same jewelry multiple times.

Regarding the physical similarity between these, they aren't an example of the twins' look on this list, but they have a very similar style. You can see many pictures of their outfits based on the same textures and shapes on the Internet! Similar hairstyles and signature smiles make them an iconic duo!

9. Paris and Nicky Hilton

They adore the times when they can film videos for fans together

Paris Hilton is a well-known businesswoman and a pioneer of reality shows, and so is her sister Nicky, but way less than her older sis. However, they're not only best friends but also look very similar with their blonde hairstyles and almost the same facial features! They also have two younger brothers.

When they have time, Paris and Nicky make videos together on Paris' channel, and they seem close. Nicky is now married to a businessman James Rothschild, a UK native considered one of the wealthiest guys in the world. Seems like the Hilton family was born lucky!

8. Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears

This drama is so sad to hear because they should be the biggest support of each other

Not every sister is a gift from heaven since some of them can ruin your life. This isn't the finest example on our list, but Britney Spears has a sister looking almost like her twin. However, this isn't a compliment to her. Especially not after all the news about Jamie-Lynn abusing her for years and Britney suing her!

However, since we're not here to promote the timeline of the sisters' drama, let's look up their similarities. The way they resemble each other is almost surreal at some point, mainly because of their long blonde hair and the same eyes. You can notice the difference, but they're still like twins!

7. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Their love and support are always present when they're together at events!

You know those brothers that hug each other in public 24/7 and never had a beef? After the terrible example of the Spears sisters, we've come to Dylan and Cole Sprouse, two almost-twins by their looks and soulmates by their personalities. And yes, they're the twins, so it seems like the twin flame is really the strongest of them all!

Since Cole and Dylan share almost identical features, it seems logical they have to wear different hairstyles to be unique, at least in that way. However, they love their unity and similarities and are always there for each other. When Cole broke up with Lili Reinhart, Dylan was the first person to reach out every day!

6. Alex and Emma Watson

He is as beautiful as his sister!

Emma Watson is among the hottest actresses, and her family is proof that this beauty is all-natural – genetics did the Watson family well. Alex is Emma's younger brother, and he's as stunning as his older sister Emma. He's an actor and a model, so their life paths are similar - as much as their facial features!

Moreover, Alex also participated in several "Harry Potter" movies, which you probably overlooked. Alex is actually the one who always wanted to keep it low when it comes to fame. Therefore, he never wanted to become as massive as his sister, so we probably won't see his face in many campaigns in the future.

5. Victoria Justice and Her Half-Sister

Victoria gets a lot of hate on social media

We had to highlight the "half-sister" here since this phenomenon seems rare, but even your half-sister can look a lot like you! Victoria Justice is the proof for this statement since Madison Reed is like her twin, but they don't even share the same father. It seems like they resemble their mom way more!

Victoria is way less in the spotlight than before, and her sister Madison isn't also someone you'll see in the news 24/7. However, Madison is too an actress and an influencer on her own platforms. She gives advice on self-care, and her form of having a good time is spending hours with her half-sister Vic. They love each other a lot!

4. Miley Cyrus and Her Half-Sister, Too

Who's your favorite Cyrus family member?

The Cyrus family is massive, so we had to put at least one Miley sibling on the list. It's a half-sister again! Miley has brothers and sisters, but her half-sis Brandi is the finest "copy" of Miley's beautiful blue eyes and facial features. Who would say her half-sis would be the most "similar" to the famous pop singer?

Brandi is Miley's eldest sister of the family, born in 1987, and she has multiple talents since she worked on TV and podcast, as a DJ, and as a writer. Despite the age gap, Miley is close to Brandi since they seem to understand each other perfectly. The genetics definitely worked here, and it shows – it's good that these two are also good friends!

3. Marcus and Martinus

These two ruled the world in the late 10s and had toured all around Europe

And here we come, to the part of the list where you can't tell the difference between the two siblings. Maybe you haven't heard of them, but this Norwegian duo is so in sync that they even look exactly the same – because they're twins, of course! Though a bit underrated, they're the biggest Scandinavian sensation of the newer generations and have a bond that will last forever!

When they want to be authentic and make a difference between each other, they wear different hairstyles, just like Dylan and Cole do. They also share similar interests, but their vibes differ from time to time. However, when you first look at them, it's 100% sure you'd think you're seeing double!

2. Rami and Sami Malek

No one noticed, of course!

The hottest topic in the acting industry right now is Rami Malek, but he can escape the crowd whenever he wants because he has a twin who can replace him anytime! However, Sami was the one who decided to pursue a career in education rather than Hollywood!

We know you all would like to have a twin at least to cheat in tests when your twin wants to help. Sami Malek had this luck since Rami jumped in whenever he needed this favor! Did Rami even take his Oscar home, or was it Sami, because Rami needed a break from the crowd? Just kidding, but we wouldn't have noticed the difference anyway!

1. Lisa and Lena

They know best what it is like to have siblings!

Ladies and gentlemen, these German ladies are 100% the same, so don't even try to notice any difference between them. Lisa and Lena rose to fame thanks to, which became TikTok. Germans had a love-hate relationship with them, but the truth is, their looks turned heads wherever they went!

There were several ups and downs in these girls' careers since they deleted their TikTok account and then decided it was a mistake. They made a comeback, and in the meantime, Lisa got engaged, and assumptions that Lena isn't straight became a hot topic. However, they're super supportive of each other, and there was never drama between them, which matters the most!

After all, these celebs are living many people's dreams – to have someone who is always there, your mirror, physically and mentally! It's probably stressful from time to time, but the good thing is that your siblings will never let you down. Even if some of them aren't equally famous, we bet they support each other!

Do these celebrities look alike, in your opinion? Did we forget some iconic celebrities with twins in our top ten list? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Instagram/Lisa and Lena



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