Top 10 Glitter Makeup Ideas to Glow at Festivals or Any Similar Occasion

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2022-09-24 18:00:06

Makeup gives you opportunities to be whoever you want to be. You can transform into anything, and the glow you have in yourself can be highlighted with some genuine sparkle on your body! Glitter is a massive trend at festivals and all the occasions where you can be yourself. Hence, master some of these top ten skills, combine them with alternative makeup, and you’ll impress people with your glow!

10. Add a Subtle Glow on Your Face

These little sparkles are enough to look extravagant!

If you’re not attending a music festival, but you still want to try some glitter, don’t worry, because you don’t have to be covered with sparkles to glow! For some girls, a subtle nail polish with a lot of sparkles is enough, but if you want some glow on your face as well, try some pastel colors and stay subtle!

It’s totally false that glitter has to be so striking to the point where it seems annoying and tiring. If you add some white or baby pink drops below your eyes, they’ll look fancy and sophisticated while achieving the effect you want. Of course, you should avoid red, purple, and black if you want to be subtle!

9. Hair Glitter

Roots are everyone’s favorite hair area to apply glitter

Are those girls with sparkly roots so attractive that you always want to try that effect, too? What are you waiting for, then? There’s no need to be afraid to add glitter to your glowing hair since if you use a proper glue suitable for skin, it will definitely work for hair as well! Along with hair, add some glitter to your cheeks, and that will be your best festival look!

With some tutorials, you should master this skill as quickly as any other body part where you want to add glitter. Of course, your roots aren’t the only part you can cover with glitter – some girls prefer glitter strands, which can be even easier to make. Play with glitter as much as you wish, and we guess you still won’t have issues with washing your hair afterward!

8. Chest Glitter

This mermaid look requires a lot of glitter on your chest!

Since you’re already considering applying glitter to your hair roots and obviously to the particular parts of your face, why wouldn’t you go with another festival trend? Body glitter is getting more sparkly and free-spirit, and people aren’t afraid to wear glitter on their hands, shoulders, and chest!

In case you were curious about why ladies now choose lower necklines for festivals, you finally found the right reason. That’s because they want to make that part of their bodies glow! Chest glitter makes you instantly carefree, approachable, and you’ll seem to enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s for the brave ones!

7. Decorate Your Cheeks

We can’t decide what’s cuter – her cheeks or the hairstyle!

Some parts of your face wouldn’t look that good with glitter – your chin or forehead, for example. No one does that! However, even if we exclude these parts, you still have the most space and opportunities exactly on your face, the part that everyone is noticing first! The most significant area of your face are your cheeks, so they really have the potential!

If you’re going for cheeks only this time, you should try neutral colors, such as gold, silver, or even white. Save the intensifying colors for the areas closer to your eyes so you can draw attention to them. However, you can also try turquoise, or light purple, if you go without an eyeshadow

6. ...And the Area Around Your Eyes and Cheekbones

Glitter in this shape took over all the social media platforms – we’re all obsessed!

There’s one particular part of your cheeks that requires the best makeup to look really awesome – your cheekbones! They’re the most suitable area for highlighting, so they wouldn’t mind some glitter. Actually, they can take a lot of sparkles at once and still look very trendy! Your cheekbones will appear high even if they’re not when you finally let them glow!

Feel free to decorate your cheekbones even when you’re already wearing a glitter eyeshadow since it won’t be too much. Everybody expects you to put on some glitter there along with an eyeshadow, anyway. This might be the most famous way of wearing glitter at festivals, especially because you can cover the whole area around your eye!

5. ...Or Your Lips

It actually requires some skill!

What’s a list about makeup without a proper lipstick recommendation? You can highlight your eyes in various ways, but lips are still the most crucial point for most ladies. Of course, they probably look the best when you apply matte lipstick with a sophisticated shade, but glitter also works very well!

Even though glitter has a natural glow and looks pretty in many ways without trying too hard, be careful when you’re concentrating on putting it on your lips. Lipsticks containing glitter have to be carefully chosen. They should be long-lasting, and you’ll obviously have to find the best shade for yourself. Not any color can fit when there’s glitter!

4. Try Glitter in Star Shape

A girl with star glitter on her cheek
There’s something that makes a star so easy to combine but still gorgeous (Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash)

If you want to shimmer the night away in the right way, why wouldn’t you shine like a star? Almost everyone thinks of the simple, round shape of glitter, but this makeup piece can be way more than that! If you’re looking for the best shape, maybe it’s not round – it’s the star!

The star shape lets you create a whole Milky way on your cheekbone, so you can add a star and then a bit of dust below it. When you want to be subtle, you can apply one star only on the top of your cheekbone, and you’ll still look so fancy and cute. One star can solve all your problems about how to combine more glitter!

3. ...Or Heart, or Any Other Interesting Form

A girl with hearts glitter on her face
Would you try something as daring as this? (Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash)

So, you’ve tried stars, and you liked them so much that you ditched the round glitter forever – now you want to try more! Are hearts even an option? Absolutely, especially for Valentine’s day themed parties, but also for any other festival – love is always in the air! Hearts come in various shapes and colors, and they’ll make you extremely cute!

Of course, hearts and stars aren’t the only glitter shapes, so you can scroll a bit through the offers on the Internet, and you’ll definitely find the version that you like. Shapes let you experiment since they’re more visible and attractive to people, so don’t be afraid to give them a try. You can always combine them with the plain glitter drops!

2. Glitter Tears

It’s the hottest trend!

Sometimes makeup doesn’t require any special skills, but it transforms you so well that you’ll be obsessed. Glitter tears are the best way to be so amazed by your own face that you’ll want this for every festival ever! With makeup like this, you definitely won’t cry because this will instantly boost your serotonin!

This trend kept sweeping social media and even K-pop culture – Red Velvet’s most popular photocard ever is Seulgi’s glitter tears selfie. Something is captivating in the idea of crying tears of glitter because when you’re wearing it, you’re actually happy, and these symbolize the tears of joy!

1. A Simple Glitter Eyeshadow

Smokey eyes and glitter? That combination exists!

The perfect amount of drama and elegance lies in the glitter eyeshadow. If you want to stay subtle but traditional, go for it only, without adding any body glitter. This is the safest way to shine bright but to avoid playing and experimenting. Makeup is there to make us try things freely, but if you’re not up for that, that’s OK!

Of course, glitter is always somewhat challenging, even when you’re trying glowing outfits. Hence, it might be hard for you at first, but you’ll learn to apply enough glitter to achieve the effect you want. These eyeshadows come in various colors, and they can even be combined with smokey eyes and eyeliner!

Many of these top ten list recommendations are very bold and daring, and they’re probably out of your comfort zone. However, remember that it’s the point of wearing makeup – why would you hide when you can be yourself and shine in any crowd? You only live once, so don’t hesitate to glow!

Is glitter too much for you? Are you daring enough to cover yourself with glitter? Share your ideas with us!

Photo: Mar Bustos on Unsplash



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