Top 10 Best Beauty Advice We Learned from Our Mothers

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-01-19 18:00:09

We all know mothers can be pushy and annoying sometimes, but as time passes, we often look back and realize that they were right about many things while we believed in some misconceptions. That includes beauty hacks that we wish we incorporated sooner. We have to admit, with age, you get that experience and wisdom impossible to comprehend when you're young. Continue reading as we explore this topic and learn the top 10 things our mothers taught us about beauty.

10. Expensive Products? Not Necessary

A woman doing her makeup
Money doesn't have to equate to quality (Photo by Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels)

Remember how your mother often told you that not everything is about money? Well, that counts for cosmetics also, as no amount of money spent on a product will guarantee you results! Of course, each of us has different genetics, skin type, lifestyle, or additional needs. So you must take that into account when buying that expensive moisturizer or hair shampoo.

Take the time and get to know your face and body and what works for you. Also, it's not a bad idea to get advice from a professional, like an esthetician or a dermatologist. Keep in mind, as long as your skincare products work for you, it's really not important if they're not high-end.

9. Keep Your Nails Neat

A woman with painted nails writing
Your nails are among the first things people notice (Photo by

Did your mother regularly told you that you can judge people by their nails? Of course, we all have our bad days when we don't have enough time, or we just don't feel like taking that extra care of ourselves. But don't let that become your routine, as looking clean and nourished has a significant role when making first impressions.

Of course, that doesn't have to mean that you should visit a manicurist every other week or even have a gel nail polish. It can all be up to your own preferences, whether you like long, fake nails painted in flashy colors or just a light, subtle base combined with gel manicure that will make them look neat.

8. Vaseline

Vaseline boxes
Vaseline is a multipurpose product (Photo by Amazon)

Now, vaseline or petroleum jelly is an occlusive ingredient, which means that it seals all existing moisture on the skin. In case you didn't know, it's actually been used for more than 140 years as an ointment and a healing balm for wounds and burns.

People who have eczema and dry skin can use it as a moisturizer, as it forms a protective barrier and reduces the loss of water from the skin. Also, you can use it as a makeup remover because it dissolves anything. On the other hand, if you're afraid to apply it because you have oily skin, utilize it every day on your lips. It will protect them from cold weather, wind, or sun.

7. Oils Are Great for Skin

A woman with oil in eyedropper
Oils can be great, even for oily skin (Photo by Mikhail Nilov/Pexels)

You might be afraid of oils, especially if you have an acne-prone skin type. Yes, some of them will cause you more harm than good, but there are also natural ingredients that can help you with your issues. First of all, if you have dry to normal skin, you can pick any oil and use it as you like. It will nourish and protect your epidermis and make it soft and gentle. 

However, if you're struggling with oiliness, rosehip seed or jojoba oil can do wonders! Don't be afraid and implement them into your nighttime routine, as they'll help with acne, wrinkles, and pigmentations. Finally, you can try applying argan oil on your hair every other day, as it helps with moisture and prevents split ends.

6. Don't Over Pluck Your Eyebrows

A woman brushing her eyebrows
Our particular brow shape makes us unique (Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels)

This just might be the worst trend that we are all guilty of in the late 90s up until the early 2000s. Of course, today's generations will never understand the need to pluck out our eyebrows until there's almost nothing left. Sadly, we have some high school pictures as proof of the crime that will haunt us forever.

Not to mention that it's quite ironic that most of the girls who did this back in the day are now using microblading techniques to make their brows thicker. Well, your mother would gladly tell you today: "I told you so." So you see, trends always change, but natural beauty will stay valuable.

5. Less Is More

A woman putting on her red lipstick
Don't overdo it with your makeup (Photo by Sam Lion/Pexels)

Haven't we all gone through that phase in our teen years when we went overboard with makeup or dressing up? Those were gentle years when we still weren't considered adults but felt it's necessary to prove it to the world. And with them comes the dark lipstick era with over-accentuated eye makeup, too much bronzer, and trendy eyeliner on top.

Or maybe, you overdid it with your clothes, preparing every time for a night out, like you're going to a wedding? And yes, all those things made you look older, but not in the right way. Even today, we'll use all sorts of cosmetics, from essences, toners, to eye creams, moisturizers, and oils. Sometimes, all those products can enhance or create new problems for your skin. All in all, it's not wrong to listen to our mothers, as the advice "less is more" is a universal one that can be applied to everything.

4. Take Care of Your Neck

Woman's neck
Your neck tells your age (Photo by Kristina Paukshtite/Pexels)

In today's day and age, you're probably aware of the benefits of a good skincare routine. What you need to do is evaluate your skin needs and what you should focus on. Whether it's a good moisturizer that will hold your sebum under control or a serum that will keep your complexion youthful, regular use will help with your issues. But don't forget to target your neck area in that whole process, as it can show your age. 

The skin there is fragile and sensitive, so you don't want to use products that you use on your body. To keep that area gentle and nourished, apply some oils or moisturizers daily, or you can even use your anti-age serum.

3. Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Smiling woman looking at the mirror
Touching your face is never a smart idea (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels)

We can't emphasize the importance of not touching your face enough, as it will cause you harm. No matter what expensive or quality cosmetics you use, if you can't keep your hands off, you'll have a problem. First of all, we touch a million things during the day, including our phone, door handles, desks…

These are all objects full of germs and bacteria, and the skin on our face is susceptible to them. And if you use public transportation, things get even worse. Of course, since the pandemic started and we're all wearing masks, the benefits of hygiene and washing hands regularly is something we're all aware of. Still, we felt the need to put it on our list, as picking your face can cause rashes, redness, acne, and lead to scarring.

2. Never Sleep With Your Makeup

A woman with makeup
Makeup is beautiful, but please take it off before going to bed (Pixabay)

Is there something worse than waking up in the morning with a residue from mascara or eyeliner? Actually, there is! And you'd be shocked to learn what makeup that you've slept with can do to you. Most importantly, you can end up with an eye infection if you don't remove it from your face. You should then be aware that it leads to skin aging, as it breaks down the collagen that keeps your epidermis young. 

And well, one of the most obvious things that will happen from sleeping with your makeup are breakouts, as a foundation can cause clogged pores and pimples. Now, considering all this, do you find it worthy of saving those 10 minutes on gently removing makeup in the evening?

1. Avoid the Sun and Use a Sunscreen

A woman putting sunscreen on her hands
You should use sunscreen on all places exposed to the sun, including your hands (Photo by Moose Photos/Pexels)

Do you remember your mother chasing you with sunscreen on the beach and your defiance about it? Scientists actually proved that most of the photodamage happens in our childhood. As well as making us look older, it can also cause serious harm, like skin cancer. Well, knowing what we know now, we'd gladly turn back the clock. 

Since that's impossible, and we only have today and the future in front of us, please implement this advice right now. Specifically, it's important to remember that the sun damage is much worse today than 30-40 years ago. So don't think you're protecting yourself if you wear sunscreen once per year when you go on vacation. Make it a portion of your morning routine, and on hot summer days, wear hats, and avoid being outside from noon to four PM.

In the end, remember to implement this advice depending on your skin needs and in consultation with your dermatologist. Taking care of yourself is an integral part of staying healthy, youthful, and beautiful. 

Tell us in the comments, what did you think about our list of top 10 advice our mothers gave us, and do you already apply any of them?

Cover photo: Photo by Anna Shvets/Pexels



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