Top 10 Ways to Minimize Your Pores Effectively

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Julia Adams

Julia Adams

Last updated:  2023-11-15 09:24:43

We're sure there are many of you wondering how to shrink your pores, as you've been struggling with it your whole life. Are you looking obsessively in the mirror thinking about how you look horrible? Stop doing that, as we all have pores, and it's completely normal. Let's get the facts straight: if you have an oily/combo skin type, there's nothing that will help you get rid of them totally. And that's just the truth we feel obligated to tell you. 

Instead, let's think about it differently: what can we do to make our complexion the best it can be? Continue reading, and learn about the top ten ways to minimize your pores to look like the best version of yourself. Be sure to also check out our top 10 at-home skin spring tips

10. Stay Away From Shimmery Makeup

Makeup collection
Shimmery makeup is OK only on the eyes (Photo by Emma Bauso/Pexels)

While many of us enjoy shimmery makeup, it's not a good idea to use it if you have large pores. Nowadays, highlighters which accentuate your cheekbones are pretty popular but stay away from it. Yes, it hurts us to be the ones to bring it to you, but we have to!

That type of makeup will only bring attention to what you want to hide, as it draws light to that area. In case you can't restrict yourself from applying shimmer, use an eyeshadow that will brighten your eyes. Another tip would be to include primers that "hide" your pores before putting any powder or foundation. 

9. Don't Touch Your Face

Blue-eyed woman gazing
It’s never a good idea to touch your face (Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels)

This practice is a mistake that we all make, at least sometimes. So who are we to tell you what to do? Based on our personal experience, trust us, this is not good at all! So, before you cleanse your face, make sure you've washed your hands properly. At least that's one thing that we (hope) this pandemic has taught us. 

In fact, the bacteria from your hands can transfer to your face and get into your pores. And not to mention how bad it is picking on your acne and pimples, as you could end up with a scar. It's also not a good thing trying to extract a blackhead yourself, no matter how tempting it usually is. Just leave it to the professionals, for your skin's sake. 

8. Try as Much as You Can to Eat Right

Various fruits on display
Food is important for good skin (Photo by Trang Doan/Pexels)

People say that beauty comes from within, and it really does. Whether you're doing some sports, feeling happy, or just eating correctly, it has a positive effect on your skin. Besides, when you're feeling great about yourself, will you even notice those pores? 

So the first thing you could do is avoid unhealthy foods, such as the ones high in fat. In fact, it will inflame your face, which will lead to clogged pores eventually. Instead, consume a diet that's rich in fruit, vegetables, and low-fat meat that will bring out the best in your skin. 

7. Don't Use Oil-based Creams and Moisturizers

Go for a water-based moisturizer (Photo by Tara Winstead/Pexels)

When the winter's over, there's really no need for oil-based or thick creams and moisturizers. As the temperature rises, you'll need to change your whole face care routine. You have to be very careful what you apply to it, especially if you're prone to pimples and acne. Some people generally use things like coconut or olive oil, but we don't recommend that. 

This practice is a disaster recipe, for sure, as it clogs your pores. And in that state, they look even more prominent, which we are trying to avoid. Instead, choose a light, water-based moisturizer that won't be heavy on your face. 

6. Sun Protection is Also Important

The Sun
We sure love the sun!

Sure, we all love being in the sun and enjoy all activities coming with warm weather. We can't blame ourselves, as this activates vitamin D, which leaves us in a good mood. But still, we can't forget about all the bad things happening to our skin when we're exposed to sunlight. 

Firstly, it dries out the skin, drawing out all that good moisture, and leads to enlarged pores. Then, it can cause itching and burns, a significant factor contributing to the appearance of wrinkles. Finally, being exposed to sun rays without protection can lead to skin cancer as the worst complication. Because of this, use an SPF 30 (at least), wear hats in the hottest part of the day, and don't believe common misconceptions!

5. Don't Ever Sleep With Your Makeup

Woman with a makeup
This is a big no-no

This bad habit is not unusual for most of us, but please avoid it, as our mums told us. We all know that feeling of coming home late at night and wanting only to go straight to bed. Well, don't do this, as it's one of the worst things for your skin! We already talked about it; this practice will make you look older and clog your pores, which will stretch them over time.

Every night before going to sleep, take a few minutes to nurture your face and gently remove makeup. And one last piece of advice, don't go for makeup wipes, as it only gives you the illusion of a clean face! 

4. Cleanse Daily to Get Rid of All the Dirt

Girl with glasses on the beach
Clean face is the best face! (Photo by Cassiano Psomas/Pexels)

Daily care is the most important when it comes to skincare, and with that comes cleansing. We do it at night and in the morning to get rid of the oil production that happens while we sleep. This hygiene practice will not shrink your pores, but it will definitely minimize it. 

As we clean our face from all that gunk, there's nothing that will stretch them and enlarge them. We recommend using the right cleanser, according to your skin type and needs, and doing it twice a day. For instance, you can do it in the morning, to get ready for the day, and at night, to clean all the dirt, including makeup.

3. Clay Mask Will Help Unclog Your Pores

A guy putting on a clay mask
Clay masks are great for sebum reduction (Photo by cottonbro/Pexels)

Clay masks can be of great help when trying to minimize large pores because they unclog them by drawing out all the oils. According to dermatologists, sebum buildup makes your situation worse, up to five times. So now's the moment to implement it into your routine and fix your problem! 

How many times per week should you use a clay mask? It really depends on your skin type. Either way, you can start with once every seven days and see how your skin reacts. It's also an excellent spring cleaning of your epidermis after a cold winter. 

2. Incorporate an Exfoliator Into Your Routine

A woman with a towel on her head
Lactic acid will be a great start (Photo by Sora Shimazaki/Pexels)

If nothing helps clean all that gunk from your pores that make them look more significant, it's time for an exfoliator. Do you know the benefits of it, and have you tried it? First of all, our skin naturally renews itself every 30 days, but sometimes dead cells don't shed. 

This results in dry, flaky patches or clogged pores, and in that case, you definitely need the help of an exfoliator. We would always recommend you a chemical one, as it's gentler to your skin. In case you have sensitive skin choose AHA, like lactic acid, that won't cause irritation. And remember, always start slowly, once per week, and see if you need to do it more often. 

1. Get a Professional Chemical Peel

Cosmetician doing a treatment
If nothing else works, this will! (Photo by Anete Lusina/Pexels)

If you really wanna get that instant glow-up, then go to a professional who will perform a chemical peel. This specific treatment will remove dead skin cells, leaving you with new, healthy skin. Of course, there are different types of peels, so consult with your dermatologist which one is the best fit for you. 

Among other things such as minimizing wrinkles, sun damage, and scars, they're also helpful with unclogging pores. Honestly, it's the best treatment that gives fast results, and it's completely safe if performed by a professional. 

Finally, remember to follow all of these steps if you really want to minimize your pores. It will work, but don't expect miracles, as nothing you do will magically take them off your face. Remember to accept yourself just the way you are because we all have flaws, which makes us unique. 

Tell us, did you like our list on the top ten list of ways to minimize your pores? Please, share with us how you have been dealing with it and was our advice helpful? Write to us in the comments. 

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