Top 10 Strangest Drinks, Common In Some Places

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Alex O'Brien

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As you know, what is acceptable to one culture can be the most disgusting to another. The same goes for drinks! Some might enjoy drinking blood and venom, believing it will cure them or something similar, even though others would puke just thinking of it. So without further ado, let's take a look at some strangest things that you can imagine someone would call a drink. However, be aware that some of these are quite disgusting to most, so you've been warned! If your stomach is strong, do check our top ten list of strangest beers. If not, examine our top Starbucks drinks that are not coffee.

10. Kumis

Check out the Mongolian way of making kumis, or shall we say mare's milk alcoholic beverage

Originating from Central Asia, kumis, also known as koumiss or kumiss, is an alcoholic beverage made from mare's milk. Back in the day, notorious warriors Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and their armies used mare to make kumis, supplying them with transportation and meat, all in one.

Mare's milk is full of sugar, as by fermenting it raw and unpasteurized, the yeast and Lacto-bacterias combined with sugar give the kumis alcoholic taste. Today, kumis is produced and sold as a mildly alcoholic milk-based beverage with 2% alcohol. It has a bit of sour taste, as it's similar to kefir.

9. Placenta 10000

Little pigs sleeping together
How did someone get the idea to make a drink from a pig's placenta, or, better yet, why? (photo: MabelAmber/

Straight from Japan comes a Placenta 10000 drink. As the name says, it's made from the placenta, or to be exact, from pig's placenta and jelly. We all have heard about the remarkable healing powers of the placenta, and now you can drink it and be healthy.

This one is supposed to have a peachy taste, and the health benefits are fantastic. Just don't drink too much, as you could end up in diapers! Only kidding, as it's deemed to have regenerative effects. Even though it's a trendy drink in Japan - pig's placenta, no thanks!

8. Bird's Nest Drink

Check out how to easily make your own bird's nest drink at home

In Chinese culture, the bird's nest is traditionally used as a soup with health benefits, allegedly curing asthma and respiratory illness. Moreover, it's known to be full of various minerals, collagen, glycoprotein, amino acid, antioxidants, and hormones, all coming from a bird's saliva.

Lately, several drinks made from the birds' nest are available on the market. However, they are all made of sugar, bird's nest, and water, and the final product is similar to a sweet syrup. Hence, it can be consumed daily.

7. Mezcal de Pechuga

Mexican national alcoholic beverage is made using traditional family recipes. Still, all of them contain agave and animal breast meat

Mezcal is a Mexican distilled alcoholic beverage made by cooking any sort of agave with fruits. It differs from tequila in the process, which includes steaming the agave. The mezcal process involves cooking agave inside pits lined with lava rocks and filled with wood and distilling it in the clay pot.

Being one of the favorite drinks in Mexico, there's nothing strange or odd in consuming mescal. However, there is one particular type that we find bizarre – the meat breast mescal or Mezcal de Pechuga. In producing this specific mescal type, the method is the same but includes raw animal breast over the cooking pots. Usually, they use chicken, rabbit, hen, or turkey breasts.

6. Animal Blood

The Maasai tribe is known for its strange rituals. One of them is drinking cow's blood

Drinking animal blood is common in some parts of the world. The Maasai tribe from northern Tanzania and southern Kenya drink cow's blood on special occasions. Hence, they consume cow's blood when the baby is born, a child is circumcised, or a girl weds. Luckily, they don't kill the cow, as they stab her in the neck and let the blood out. Also, they give blood to elders to cure a hangover.

In the Arctic Circle, the Inuits drink seagull's blood as a traditional way to ensure health benefits. We must say that drinking blood is a hazardous business, as it may contain viruses and bacteria.

5. Seagull Wine

A flock of seagulls flying
Who would've thought that you can make wine from a seagull? (photo: Screamenteagle/

Okay, by now, we know that we can make a wine pretty much from everything. However, we are still amazed at how far people's imagination goes! Seagull wine is made from a seagull, as the title says. All you need to make it is a dead seagull (at least it's dead, unlike number four and two of our list), water, and sun. So just find a dead seagull, put it in the bottle filled with water, and leave it in the sun to ferment.

This drink is consumed in the Arctic Circle by Inuits. The unlucky ones who have tried it say that it tastes like gasoline. Moreover, the next day is a seagull's payback time cause this wine will give you the worst possible hangover. If you don't have much drinking experience, avoid it at any cost!

4. Snake Wine

Snake wine tastes awful and looks terrifying, and if not prepared well, it can even kill you, so why drink it?

This one is what it says, wine made from a snake. The poisonous snakes are put in the bottle and drowned down with rice wine before the drink is put away for months. During the fermentation, the alcohol from the wine dissolves the poison from the snake, making this an unusual beverage.

The drink originates from China, and it has a long tradition there, as it's considered to have a medical purpose. Therefore, snake wine was used only as a medicine or for some important guests. In theory, the wine is safe to consume. However, few people have been bitten by snakes after a few months of fermenting due to these animals' ability to hibernate for a long time. Hence, be careful when buying snake wine cause it can bite you! Maybe you can combine it with the Cobra Heart dish? Btw both are illegal in the USA if you ever doubt it.

3. Gau Jal 

Drinking cow's urine sounds awful, but guess what? Drinking cow urine soda sounds awful too!

In India, a cow is a sacred animal, worshiped and respected. However, Hindu people believe that cow urine drinking has medicinal benefits. It's often enjoyed during festivals, so it is not unusual for them to have Gau Jal drink.

What is Gau Jal? This is a cow urine soda. Yes, you've read it correctly! The cow's urine is collected and turned into a carbonated soft drink. The plan beyond creating Gau Jal is to produce a rival beverage to western Coca Cola and Pepsi. They even added some spices and plants to make it even healthier than straight cow urine, like aloe vera. Still, can it be used as a facial, like human pee?

2. Baby Mouse Wine

This one doesn't sound appealing even to the most fanatic wine lovers. Baby mouse wine, simply disgusting!

The origin of this quite disgusting drink is China or Korea, as people are still debating about it. Nevertheless, let's start with the preparation of the wine. All you need is a bottle of rice wine in which you'll add a dozen baby mouses, leave it for a year, and voila, you have a baby mouse wine.

However, the poor little things can't be older than 72 hours, and their eyes must still be closed. Moreover, they are still alive when drowned in wine. The wine tastes like gasoline, so it's tempting, isn't it? Apparently, this is a traditional drink used to cure asthma, but this wasn't confirmed by modern medicine.

1. The Sourtoe Cocktail

In Dawson City, you can order a cocktail with a real human toe in it if you wish

It looks like the Canadians have a strange sense of humor, as there is no other way to describe this drink. The Sourtoe Cocktail is served with an actual human toe in Dawson City's Sourdough Saloon. Back in the 1920s, the miner lost his toe in an accident, and he preserved it in a bottle. In the 1980s, Captain Dick Stevenson found it and brought it in the saloon, putting the toe in people's drink and daring them to drink. 

The cocktail is pretty famous, and the bar even had a donation of the toes used for it. The toes are firstly dehydrated and then preserved in the salt. Afterward, they are served with a drink of your choice. However, there is one rule: "You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe!".

As you can see, the drinks we find disgusting to some are healthy drinks, even tasteful and popular. To conclude, a wine can be made from almost everything, as someone will indeed drink it!

Have you heard about any of these top ten drinks before? Or better yet, have you tried some of them? Please write to us in the comment section as we would like to hear about your experience with these strange drinks. 

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