Top 10 Reasons to Wear a Dark Lipstick (and How to Wear It)

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-12-12 14:41:17

Maybe you were always wearing nude tones when it comes to lipsticks, to play it safe and match your lips with the skin tone. Perhaps you dared to pull off a red lipstick sometimes, or even a pink shade was already too daring. But why should makeup be so dull? Why so cautious? If you never took the risk to pull off the darkest lip shades, we'll give you the top ten reasons to freshen your collection with some daring dark shades. You can thank us later for making it a part of your unique style!

10. It Gives You the "Serious" Vibe

People with a "baby face" mostly prefer darker lipsticks

Whenever we wore the darker shade of lipstick, people used to take us more seriously. Darker makeup gives your face some more robust features in general, so you'll look bolder, and you'll seem convincing about anything you're up to.

You shouldn't be ashamed if you have a "babyface," but we know that many girls aren't happy about that, so they try some makeup tricks to be more like adults. When you discover how good dark lipsticks look on you, this will solve the problem overnight!

9. It Should Look Professional, Too

Here's how your dark lip look can be attractive yet subtle

When it comes to lipsticks that are so dark that they make a huge contrast to your skin tone, you have to take special care of your lips and the area around them to make sure everything looks fantastic. But that's precisely why the whole expression looks so professional! 

Moreover, suppose you're wearing dark lipstick properly. In that case, people will be amazed by how careful you put it, how perfectly you shaped your lips, and how much patience you put into it. Trust us, many people will see you as a professional when you pull off something as brave as that. It's even OK to combine it with a formal bun or for work because you'll be taken as an expert!

8. Why Would You Get a Goth Look Only For Halloween?

Are you daring enough to be goth on an ordinary day?

OK, we get it; some extreme witchy makeup with exceptional face paint around your eyes is not a choice for every day. Keep that for the Halloween magic! However, goth looks really are reserved for special occasions, but why only once a year? Who told you it's supposed to be only for Halloween? 

It's only a stereotype that goth is always too extreme. For example, the video you'll watch above will show you a very dark-themed look, but definitely not in your face. Furthermore, you can start with a subtle version and try something more daring later on!

7. Be Sure Your Date Will Find You More Attractive

A date night with bold makeup is a bonus!

Maybe guys won't admit they love to see lipstick on their date's lips but be convinced that they'll notice it first. Since they'll probably stare at your lips anyway, take special care of them, and make them the center of attention!

Anyone who really appreciates you will like you even if you go all-natural. However, some girls prefer to plan on quality makeup for their first date. In that case, you should go for sultry looks and definitely focus on the lips. The best way to draw attention to your lips is to wear a darker shade of red, since men adore red lipsticks, too!

6. It's Your Chance to Shine at All Late Night Parties 

This is one of the examples of how you could spice up your party look

Although we recommend dark lips for many occasions, there is no better chance for you to get comfortable with them than to wear dark lipstick at parties! You can never really fail since parties, and crowded nightclubs, are about dancing under the flashing lights and trying it all. 

For parties, you don't even have to follow the rule of highlighting only one part of your face – you can have dark lipstick and smokey eyes too. It'll all look attractive, and you'll be the one who shines, without any doubt!

5. Your Lips Will Be the Most Noticeable Thing In the Room

Take special care of your lips like this girl does because they will be very noticeable

Let's not lie; we all crave attention! After all, it's a natural thing, and it's nothing to be sorry for. To be honest, we get all dressed up precisely because we desire to be complimented and appreciated. That's our way of showing confidence and that we have so much to offer. Even if you wear the mask, you can still take care of your face.

With dark lipstick, be sure to have all eyes on you in the room! It seldom happened to us that we wore a smokey purple lipstick and that people didn't comment on our lips and how bold we look. It's supposed to bring attention to the most sensual part of your face, so you should be confident and satisfied with that. Be sure your lips are moisturized and ready!

4. It Will Look Good with Any Outfit

Find out more about matching the shades with your clothing

It's funny how girls believe that a subtle lipstick tone is suitable for every day exactly because it's – subtle! On the contrary, many outfits require a bolder eye or lip shape, especially lip because an intense lipstick gives your expression a totally different charisma level. 

Another myth says that dark lipsticks are supposed for late nights, special occasions, and extreme class. Just like we mentioned before, yes, they are, but a real fact is that the darker shades are so trendy today that they can match your outfit even if you wear something casual and comfortable. Of course, wearing it at work with your formal clothing is also a bonus, as it constructs a whole professional look!

3. You'll Look Much More Confident

To make makeup help you with your confidence, you should start feeling confident wearing it!

It's not a myth that makeup helps you feel more attractive, as your natural look should be your prettiest feature. However, it's completely understandable that a good "lipstick effect" boosts your self-esteem instantly. With darker shades, people will see how your confidence shines!

Of course, no makeup can help you if you can't match it with your way of approaching people. However, dark lipstick is a good start to "fake it 'til you make it" and get comfortable with yourself first. Once you get a good feeling about your looks, your confidence will take the lead on its own!

2. Your Personality Will Be Intriguing to Other People

Your preferable lip color says a lot about who you actually are

Let's assume you're the only lady in the room with very dark lipstick, as no others dare to take that move. If that's the case, people will get caught up in their presumptions about your personality! Of course, it's natural that they would expect you to be brave and bold, a lady that isn't afraid to speak her mind, and, above everything, someone with a refined taste.

Moreover, don't be surprised if you notice that people make up your "dark side" in their heads (you probably have it if you have a thing for black lipstick, for example). And not only dark shades give you a particular personality type – every color has its sort. So, if you prefer hot pink, maybe you're flirty and open to new experiences?

1. It's the Synonym for Sophistication

Audrey Coyne has some other tips when it comes to classy looks, too

Do you know that dark red lips were among the sexiest and classiest features in the last century? Right now, it seems like ladies turned to some lighter shades since we notice girls with nude colors on their lips all the time on the streets. However, don't let the new trend cancel out the classic one that can't be replaced! 

Fashion and beauty used to focus on sophistication more than it does today. Women looked "rich" not only for their clothes but also for how they wore makeup. Nowadays, we usually notice so many fashion blogs about presenting ourselves as classy and successful. Still, when it comes to makeup, have no doubt that dark lips give your face the richest look you'd achieve!

After all these exciting top ten list proofs that a dark lipstick changes your image forever, we see no reasons for you to skip it. Try it next time you're buying a new shade for your beauty catalog. Once you have a taste of that confidence and attitude, you won't be able to let it go!

Do you wear dark makeup often? Do you focus on the eyes, or is dark lipstick your go-to? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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