Top 10 Beaches in Europe That Look Absolutely Incredible

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

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Europe has many beautiful beaches - sandy, rocky, hidden, with the best beach parties suitable for families, only for adults, etc. There is something for everyone, as all of them provide a unique feeling. Just to be clear, it's impossible to present them all this time. Still, perhaps in one of our next articles, like we did with French Riviera. It was tough to decide on our top 10 best beaches in Europe, but here they are! So, pick the right outfit and visit them!

10. Praia dos Galapinhos, the Amazing Beach in Portugal

You'll love Praia dos Galapinhos if you enjoy diving

Praia dos Galapinhos is located in Arrábida Natural Park, south of Lisbon in Portugal, on the Atlantic Ocean shore. Golden-white sand and crystal-clear azure waters are sheltered from strong winds by its beautiful cliffs. They are surrounded by forested hills of the Serra da Arrabida with lush vegetation, making this beach one of Europe's best.

Due to the rich underwater life, the beach is loved and frequently visited by divers. On your way to the beach, you need to walk a short path through the wilderness, which is a bit challenging but totally worth it. 

Tips: The best time to visit is from July until September.

9. Seychelles Beach, a Beautiful Hidden Beach in Greece

Seychelles Beach is an intimate place

Seychelles Beach is located on the south coast of Ikaria Island, Greece, surrounded by the Aegean Sea waters. This beautiful beach with white pebbles and rocks, emerald waters, and impressive white granite rocks is partially hidden and, therefore, not overcrowded. Getting to the beach from the main road, you need to walk along the river bed. The path is steep towards the end, which might be a challenge.

A few decades ago, the beach was created by a landslide caused by building a tunnel to the Manganitis port. There are no bars and restaurants there, but few of them are nearby in Manganitis village.

Tips: The best time to visit is mid-May until September.

8. Playa de La Concha, the Most Charming Bay on the Atlantic Coast, Spain

Playa de La Concha was adored by Spanish Royal family

La Concha beach is situated in San Sebastian, a city in northern Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean's shores. Shell shaped Concha bay with the beautiful golden sand beach is nestled between Urgull and Igueldo Mountain. The 1350m long beach is one of the best city beaches around the world. Perfectly sheltered from the strong winds, La Concha is excellent for sunbathing, swimming, and paddling. Be aware that this isn't a private beach, as there's no such thing in Spain!

La Concha is also known as a Royal beach because Queen Isabel II was sent here for her bath therapy in the 19th century. After that, San Sebastian was then turned into the summer residence of the Spanish royal family. Besides the beach, San Sebastian has so much more to offer.

Tips: best time to visit is from July until August.

7. Cala Agulla Beach, the Most Beautiful Beach in Spain

White sand and clear blue water at Cala Agulla Beach

Cala Agulla Beach is located near Cala Ratjada in the northeast of Balearic Island Mallorca, Spain. Beautiful white sand and clear blue turquoise water is what it offers. Cala Agulla has a Blue Flag award for high environmental and quality standards. Along the beach, there is one restaurant and a few bars, but don't forget to put your shirt on!

Beach is over 500m long with shallow water, ideal for families with small children. It is surrounded by glorious pine forests and mountains that make a perfect climate. Cala Agulla is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and beach sports.

Tips: the best time to visit is from June until September.

6. Palombaggia Beach, the Most Stunning Beach in France

Palombaggia Beach is perfect for snorkeling

Beautiful Palombaggia Beach is located on Corsica, 30 km southeast of Bonifacio, and 10 km south of Porto - Vecchio on the Mediterranean Sea. This terrific beach is well known by its crystal clear water, white sand, red granite rocks, and calm turquoise sea, reminding us of the Maldives.

There are several restaurants, bars, and lots of pine trees on the beach instead of many crowded bars and shops, so this is a perfect place to enjoy nature. Besides sunbathing and swimming, this is an ideal location for snorkeling and exploring preserved marine life.

Tips: the best time to visit is May until September.

5. Zlatni Rat, the Most Beautiful Beach in Croatia

You can easily recognize Zlatni Rat

This stunning beach with beautiful and tiny pebbles and turquoise waters is located in Croatia on the island of Brač at the Adriatic Sea. Zlatni Rat is well-known for its unusual shape of a horn or a V shape changed by the current. Its name translates from the Croatian as Golden Horn.

Besides swimming and sunbathing, Zlatni Rat is an excellent spot for windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddling. Due to clear water, it is also well known for snorkeling and scuba diving. Along the beach, you can sit and chill in one of many bars and restaurants. A lot of beach bars provide great parties where you can have a lot of fun.

Tips: The best time to visit is from June until September.

4. Elafonisi Beach, the Unique Pink Sandy Beach in Greece

Elafonisi beach is all about bright and warm lagoon water

Beautiful white and pink sandy Elafonisi beach is located on the south-west part of island Crete, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece. Elafonisi is actually an island separated from the coast with a shallow lagoon. The sand's pink color comes from the corals and shells. The sand is soft like dust, and lagoon water is calm, bright, and warm.

On the coast, there are a few bars, sun umbrellas, and sunbeds. Still, the island is a protected zone, so when you cross over the shallow lagoon, there is nothing but preserved nature, which is home to 110 plant species. Besides sunbathing and swimming, Elafonisi is an excellent place for snorkeling and kitesurfing. Avoid visiting the beach during the windy days.

Tips: The best time to visit mid-May until the beginning of October.

Navagio Beach can't be easily reached

When you think of Greek beaches, this is probably the picture that comes to your mind - Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Beach! A white sandy beach is surrounded by white limestone cliffs and crystal clear turquoise waters. It's an exposed cove known as Smugglers Cove located on the Zakynthos Island coast on the Ionian Sea. It's only accessible by a boat.

The remains of a smuggler's shipwreck and the story dates from 1980 are the best-known attractions on the beach. When the authorities received a tip, the ship named Panayiotis was allegedly smuggling cigarettes and alcohol from Turkey, ordered by the Italian Mafia. Trying to escape the law on lousy weather, Panayiotis crashed right into the Navagio cove. The crew escaped leaving the boat on the beach. Allegedly, locals have heard about the wreckage and took all of its cargo. Legend said that no alcohol or cigarettes were sold on the island in the next four years. Nevertheless, the ship still sits on the beach and attracts a lot of visitors.

Tips: The best time to visit is from May until October.

2. Praia De Marinha, the Most Picturesque Beach in Portugal

You'll need some effort to come to Praia de Marinha

Praia de Marinha is located in the famous Algarve region, Portugal, on the Atlantic coast. This is one of the prettiest beaches globally, with smooth golden sand, orange limestone cliffs, and crystal clear water. Before you step on the beach, make sure to catch a breathtaking view of the beach and surrounding cliffs. This is the picture to remember for a lifetime.

Getting to the beach could be a bit tricky because you need to go down the steep steps, and getting back needs climbing skills, but it is totally worth it. Near the beach is a famous rock structure that looks like the letter M, also known as the Cathedral. There are several caves and natural grottos worth exploring nearby, and it is an exciting place for snorkeling.

Tips: The best time to visit is from mid-June until the beginning of September.

1. Ölüdeniz Beach, a Beautiful Beach in Turkey

Ölüdeniz offers excellent scuba diving opportunities

This fantastic beach with pebble shores and aquamarine waters is situated in the Fethiye district in southwestern Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. Ölüdeniz got the name due to its calm waters and literally translated means Dead Sea, but is better known as a Blue Lagoon. This is a perfect place for paragliding and to explore gorgeous panoramic views of the bay due to surrounding green hills.

Also, it's an excellent place for scuba diving and snorkeling. Bay and the surrounding forests are nature reserves and most picturesque spots in all of Turkey. Similar to Kuşadası, among the breathtaking nature, there are all sorts of beach bars, restaurants with delicious food, and cafés, and other coastal amenities at your disposal to fully enjoy your stay at Ölüdeniz Beach. While in Turkey, make sure to try local dishes – icli pilav, pide, or kebab. You may enjoy them in one of many restaurants with the bay's view.

Tips: The best time to visit is from June until September.

Some of the beaches from the list are a little difficult to reach, but in our opinion, it's worth the effort! Hope this article got you interested in visiting Europe's best beaches and exploring for yourself. Remember that Europe has a lot to offer!

Have you ever visited Europe's beaches? What is the most extraordinary beach you've ever visited? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments section. 

Photo: Pixabay,, YouTube

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