Top 10 Reasons Why Berlin Is Perfect for "Money Heist" Spinoff

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-14 06:00:07

Considering that "Money Heist" is one of the most-watched non-English Netflix shows of all time, it had to get a spinoff after the grand finale. Of course, the character chosen for this was Berlin – another choice that wasn't a coincidence at all! Even if you're not Berlin's fan, you'll have to agree he's the best choice ever made when you read all these top ten facts we mentioned!

10. His Popularity Keeps Growing

This Berlin scene might be the most-watched moment of the show ever!

Is it possible that a character killed off in season two is still relevant until the end? Berlin isn't only significant for the whole story, but he's also the fan-favorite part of the gang! Without any doubt, he's the most discussed character since "Money Heist" rose to fame, and this fact didn't change even when season five came out.

Obviously, it wouldn't make sense to create a spinoff about a character like Marseille, Stockholm, or Manila, although they have lots of fans as well. The less developed the character is, the less material for the spinoff is available, so Berlin's qualifications meet all the criteria. His popularity did most of the job, though, since nothing would work out unless people liked him, even if he was attractive to the directors.

9. His Flashbacks Influence the Whole Plot

This flashback tells us a lot about the future of the final heist – Berlin's last wife played a role more prominent than you thought!

So, we already mentioned that Berlin was killed off at the end of season two. Wait, how does he manage to stay relevant then? The truth is that he never left the show, thanks to the flashbacks! These moments give us an insight into his past. Since the directors figured out that we all want to keep watching Berlin on screen, they didn't give up on his story!

Moreover, these flashbacks aren't a backstory added for the fans only – they have a massive impact on the plot. Hence, all the flashback moments play a role in the gang's future decisions. They might even be interpreted as "spoilers" for those searching for the clues!

8. The Visual Masterpiece

Imagine visiting a bar like this one – this scene leaves a big impression, not only for its emotion but also for the visuals

If we organized a competition for the most eye-appealing scenes in the show, most of them would take place starting from the third season – especially those that are Berlin's flashbacks! Berlin was a rich man with a rich sense of humor, elegance, and the best taste. Basically, his scenes are full of enjoyment and the places that you wish you could visit!

Moreover, Berlin's screen time feels like a time travel flashback since he's enjoying the finer things in life like a real gentleman from the past. His suits are so classy that all the 21st-century men envy him, and all the women wish they had someone like him. The bars he attended, the drinks he sipped, it's all a visual masterpiece!

7. Palermo's Love for Him

Palermo's love is the purest feeling of the whole show, and it deserves a sequel

Did you get goosebumps when you watched that scene from the last episode of the fourth season? You'd lie if you said you never thought that Berlermo isn't the best ship of the show because their chemistry is out of this world! Sadly, Berlin never felt the way Palermo did, but just like Taylor Swift sings, "You know that greatest films of all time were never made."

However, we'll maybe get some new crucial scenes about their friendship – what if we get the moment where they see each other for the first time? Did Palermo get butterflies from the very first second? We need these questions answered, and we'll probably get them, thanks to the spinoff!

6. All the Other Characters We'll Get to Know Better 

Bogota has more to offer to this show, just like some other minor characters that knew Berlin and loved him

We'll obviously get more Berlin and Palermo moments. Still, Palermo isn't the only character that has to do something with Berlin. Thanks to this spinoff, some characters might get their spotlight way better than they did in the actual show. For example, Berlin knew Marseille and Bogota before the heist in the bank of Spain, and they got some space in the flashbacks.

All these almost "minor characters" will probably appear even more in the spinoff! Of course, we shouldn't forget that the Professor is actually Berlin's brother, so there could be better insight into the Professor's past, too. Considering that he's also a significant fan-favorite, this is a jackpot!

5. His Five Marriages

Rio couldn't believe his ears when he heard this story

Luckily, Berlin had a rich love life, too. It wasn't much of luck for him, though, since he divorced five times, and these "five times when he believed in love" were highlighted from the show's first season. By the end of the fifth, we learn more about his final betrayal, the fifth wife that ruined his relationship with his son Rafael.

Unfortunately, all the wives that were a part of Berlin's life made him hate women and children, even more, thanks to his son's backstabbing. However, we can't deny that these backstories are way too interesting to build in the show. The spinoff will finally tell us who the four wives were, before Tatiana, the traitor!

4. His 27 Heists… And a Massive One

Rafael had a lot of opportunities to learn his dad's skills

Besides the five marriages, this electric soul committed various crimes, including the impressive 27 heists. Basically, they all showed how Berlin liked to live – luxurious, surrounded by gold and jewelry. After all, the idea of melting gold in the bank of Spain was his dream! He didn't live long enough to achieve that, but the 27 heists are pretty impressive!

Not much is known about his successful robberies. However, we know that the theft of his life took place in Champs-Élysées, Paris, where he stole 434 diamonds! The fact that the fans don't know too much about Berlin's "career" before the Royal Mint of Spain just makes it all even more exciting – we just know he has a lot to offer!

3. Pedro Alonso's Charisma

His energy, his flow, the way he talks… It's all so naturally attractive!

The truth is that Alex Pina developed this character so well that the fans couldn't take their eyes off him. Still, he can thank the actor, Pedro Alonso, for his marvelous performance throughout the whole show! Alonso's charisma is undeniable, and it shines on screen just as well as it does when he's in real life with his "Money Heist" colleagues!

Moreover, Pedro is probably the actor who gets along the best with the whole cast! He's so captivating when he's playing a misogynistic psychopath, but also when interviewing the actors behind the scenes. This graceful man was born to bring a soul as complex as Berlin to life! Give this guy an Oscar already, please!

2. Berlin is a Man Everyone's Dreaming of

Even these 29 seconds are enough to fall in love with him!

This could also be Pedro Alonso's fault in a way, but the truth is that women adore him, and men that watch the show want to behave like him! He's everyone's dream by his personality, charisma, sense of humor, calm and peaceful mindset. Moreover, we shouldn't forget that he's a mastermind with such a clever way of thinking!

This story is even odder because Berlin made people love and hate him simultaneously when the show started – adoring him didn't come easy. However, as he stuck to the plan, supported the gang, and even sacrificed for them, it was impossible to dislike him. With all the flashbacks, it was clear that he'd keep stealing hearts!

1. The Way He's Actually the "Secret" Main Character

Could you even choose a favorite scene?

You know, Nairobi was also a crucial part of this show, so where are her flashbacks? Tokyo is the narrator, but why does the show go on without her? We see her in the flashbacks only a bit. And how is Berlin so present even after his death, with his wife almost ruining the plan? That's because Alex Pina's been trying to tell us that Berlin is the main character!

Maybe he wasn't meant to be the center first, but it's already apparent that the "Money Heist" world revolves around him. Dead or alive, he's the one that keeps the plot going. With the absolute power that the director gave to Pedro Alonso's character, it wasn't too difficult to guess that we'll keep watching this legend on screen as the real main character!

After all said on our top ten list, we believe that "Money Heist" fans would be happy for any of the sequels – they'll appreciate the fact that we're getting more, anyway! It doesn't even matter whether it's Tokyo's past, Denver and Stockholm's future, or Berlin's iconic life stories!

Who's your favorite "Money Heist" character? Is it Berlin? Let us know if you're also excited about the spinoff!

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