Top 10 Shows Popular with the Girls, the Gays, and Theys

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Peony Hill

Peony Hill

Last updated:  2023-05-09 18:00:09

Let's be honest with ourselves and admit that there are just some shows that have a 95-100% queer audience. We thirst for genuine queer representation, and in cases where we don't see it explicitly, we will project it on our top ten list. After all, Newton's tenth law is "everything is fruity unless proven otherwise." And for everyone saying that everything doesn't need to be gay: what's it like? To be in the wrong?

10. The Witcher 

Morals this and morals that, let's talk about Geralt's badonkadonks and why they look so good

While many dudebros think Geralt of Rivia is some kind of centralist sigma male grind set type dude, they would be disappointed if they paid any sort of attention. Surprisingly enough (to them), the plot of The Witcher Saga is very progressive. In fact, if you pay enough, or rather any, attention to the themes, it's obvious how political "The Witcher" is.

Firstly, while Geralt tries to take the center road, the plot constantly punishes him for it. Every time Geralt tries to stay out of a fight, things go unbelievably awful. Because he does his best to help neither lesser nor greater evil, the greater evil always wins. Sapkowski is clearly saying that by standing still and doing nothing, we help evil thrive.

9. WandaVision

In MILFs, we trust

Sometimes the show doesn't need a single gay character for us to go flying to it like flies that smell honey. Sometimes, you just need Elizabeth Olsen being a MILF, and you can watch all the wlws gather around it. Honestly, we don't think we can name a single lesbian who hasn't watched. Although, that might be because most lesbians we know are into the MCU, but oh well.

Queer people being obsessed with it or not, we can't recommend WandaVision enough. It's an intriguing story with an engaging plot, not to mention the show's visuals and aesthetics. This incredible story is about love, grief, and pain, funny and mysterious in the best possible ways. While it may be slow-paced for some people, we recommend it.

8. Killing Eve

Murder is okay if you're gay; it's in the law

This one goes out to all the lesbians out there. We're either starved for representation or collectively decided that enemies-to-lovers are the way to go. To be fair, it might be both of those factors combined. Besides, who could resist a show starring Sandra Oh? That woman is incredible, so we feel it's justified to bring her up in every possible conversation.

The show has its faults, however. While many different people have focused on various aspects in which it could be improved, we will push our regular agenda. Why is the show so incredibly devoid of color? We've said it before, and we will keep repeating it. Just because you tone down the colors doesn't mean you're automatically more sophisticated.

7. Hannibal

In fact, cannibalism is okay if you're gay too!

There is a particular genre of shows that aren't widely acknowledged but should be nonetheless. On Tumblr, it's widely known as "very serious shows dealing with a murder that gays like to watch as romcoms." Now that we write it down, we see how that may be a mouthful. We should definitely shorten it to… accidental romcoms, maybe?

"Hannibal" is definitely… a lot. Our main character, Will Graham, has what can only be described as superpowers gained through autism. Either none of our autistic friends have his abilities, or they're hiding some extraordinary abilities. Will is hired to help find a serial killer who is, unbeknownst to him, his therapist, Hannibal Lector. It's an interesting show, to say the very least.

6. Star Trek

Being gay is great, but being gay in space is even better

While we could point out some specific shows ("Discovery," our beloved), we decided to put the entire franchise on this list. Sometimes, people like to ignore an inherently political message of a piece of media they grew up with. Then when the same piece of media continues to portray the political message it always had, people have the audacity to be outraged about it.

You can see this most clearly with "Star Trek." Most of the original plotlines for the very first episodes of the show were "don't be racist, or we won't let you join our space utopia." And still, some people decide to completely disregard all of the brain cells in the known universe to go on the internet and say things like, "Star Trek is too political nowadays; it should go back to the way it was before."

5. Doctor Who

Being gay in space is great, but being gay in space and time-traveling is even better

While many people like to ignore it, revived "Doctor Who" is an irrevocably queer show - a person could guess as much looking at its fanbase. An enormous amount of Doctor Who fans are queer, and it's really no surprise. This show has been doing casual representation of queer people long before most other movies and TV did. However, it may have flown over some people's heads.

We would also like to thank Jack Harkness because if it weren't for this character, the number of canonically queer people would be at least halved. Seriously, look at the sheer number of individuals Jack was in a relationship with. You'd probably find 90% of the characters on that list. His flirting skills are phenomenal, so everyone, start taking notes as soon as he shows up on the screen.

4. What We Do In the Shadows

Send help; we are in grave danger

If you love vampires, being gay, and stupid immortal men, this is the best show you could watch. This is a mockumentary, erm, pardon, documentary, seeing as these are clearly feasible and accurate real-life events with no actors in sight. It's incredibly charming, and we're sure you'll fall in love with the show if you like the WWDIS movie.

Watch as this group of vampires try to take over the New World, very competently, of course. Along the way, they may come across a hitch or two in their full-proof (and completely existent) plan, but that's nothing these vampires couldn't deal with! They are beings far superior to us mortals, after all. Also, we would like to add that none of the vampires mentioned are forcing us to write this, and we are in no danger at all!

3. Good Omens

The definition of slow-burn

We simply do not care what the naysayers say about this show. We know that that demon and angel are gay. Those two have more queer energy than some actual queer people we know. "Fellas, is it gay to ask your sworn enemy to run away to another universe with you?" Yes, yes, it is gay. The lengths those two would go for each other…

But somewhere between Aziraphale and Crowley making heart-eyes for each other, there is an actual plot happening, or so we heard. But, in all honesty, the story of the show is excellent. While there are a lot of shows dealing with the incoming apocalypse, this one brings a new, creative spin to it. And how could it not, when it was modeled after a book written by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Geiman.

2. Heartstopper

This is such a cute show; I'm eating my entire pillow as I type this

"Heartstopper" graphic novel garnered a big following, so Netflix decided to pick it up and make a show and make a show they did. The whole internet is buzzing about it, people are excited, and everyone is fangirling. And it's not without reason, it's a great show with an incredible (and insanely attractive) cast, and most importantly, it's gay.

Lately, we have seen a shift from queerbaiting the audiences to actually portraying queer relationships. Gone are the days when we sat by our TVs, desperately hoping that Sherlock and John Watson would finally kiss after all of the back and forth they had. Finally, we have shows that let us heal from those disappointments.

1. Our Flag Means Death


The good news: This is the show with genuine queer romance at the forefront, with probably every character being queer in some way or another. The bad news: After you finish it, you'll suffer from this rare disease called Gay Pirate Brain Rot. Unfortunately, the effects are pretty severe in most cases, and some of us have been bedridden for days.

But on a real note, this show is genuinely incredible. It has an engaging plot, suspenseful scenes, and plenty of moments where you'll burst out in genuine laughter. And on top of all that, it has casual queer representation at the forefront. We have an explicitly queer crew, some tremendous nonbinary representation, and a touching story on top of all that!

We hope you have found enough recommendations for shows to watch or rewatch. We tried our best to mix shows with queer representation along with those simply popular within the queer community. And in queer community, we trust, as they haven't led us astray. The only flops were the Supernatural and Sherlock era, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

What shows did you like best? What else do you wish to see on this top ten list? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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