Top 10 Reasons to Get Vaccinated and Stop The Pandemic

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Alex O'Brien

Alex O'Brien

Last updated:  2023-02-20 18:00:06

This one goes to all you anti-vaxxers and undecided people out there! For too long, we've been prisoners of coronavirus, as it influences our lives in so many ways that we can't count them anymore. Lately, we hear from all over the world that vaccination is the only thing that can defeat this evil opponent. So why is it so hard to roll up your sleeve and get an injection? To all of you who didn't get your shot and are still considering it, you want to read this, as it might change your mind! That's why we are bringing you the to ten reasons people are against vaccination and explain why we all should get our shots.

10. It's New, and I'm Not Sure What It Can Do To My Body

A stack of COVID-19 vaccines
What can vaccines do to my body? Well, it can keep it alive (photo: torstensimon/

This is true; COVID-19 vaccines are new, but they are new because this type of virus is a new one. They were also new back in 1976 when Edward Jenner invented a vaccine against smallpox and stopped the epidemic that killed thousands of people. Nobody can argue that this disease, like many others, would take many more lives without vaccination. 

What can it do with my body? Well, we need to say just one thing, think of the lives COVID-19 already took, as death is the alternative to vaccines. Moreover, we have so many recovered patients with long-term damage to the lungs and so much more.  

9. I Could Get Ill Even After the Shot

Planet Earth in shape of COVID-19 virus
Vaccines protect us from severe illness (photo: MiroslavaChrienova/

Yes, nobody said that you'll be fully protected if you take a shot; that is not what vaccines will do. However, it will shield you from a severe illness like pneumonia. So, is it better to catch the virus and possibly end up in a hospital struggling for your life, or get vaccinated and handle it like a minor cold at your home? 

The vaccines do exactly that, as they reduce the risks of getting infected by teaching our immune system how to defend against the virus. We prefer a mild cold instead of a hospital bed every time. 

8. Think of Others

A hand holding a bottle of mRNA vaccine
Taking the shot is considered a way to protect all those around us (photo: spencerbdavis1/

Scientists say that the vaccine won't defeat the virus, but vaccination will. If a large percentage of people get vaccinated, the virus will be stopped from spreading, becoming less harmful over time. So, in the end, those with other severe diseases who can't be vaccinated will be protected as well. 

Therefore, we can't see the reason to avoid vaccination just because you can. Think of the greater good and about those struggling for their lives even without COVID -19. After all, if we all get vaccinated, life can go on as usual. 

7. Collective Immunity 

Planet Earth with a mask
Collective immunity is the only way to beat the pandemic (photo: cromaconceptovisual/

The main goal of vaccination is to achieve collective immunity. This means that the virus has nowhere to spread and loses its power to mutate. Hence, it becomes a seasonal disease or vanishes for good. Collective immunity is something that we can't accomplish naturally with this virus. 

After recovering from COVID-19, the immunity lasts for a short time, as the virus spreads and mutates very quickly. Hence, we are not resistant to the new variety. In conclusion, we can't just let it be and stay the prisoners of it for a lifetime. If we vaccinate 80% of the population, we'll have our freedom back!

6. Costs

Stacks of coins
Vaccines are way cheaper than hospital treatments (photo: kschneider2991/

Vaccination is cheaper than treatment and doesn't leave the consequences as the disease does. Vaccines against COVID-19 cost the state $3.5 to $15. How much does it cost to treat complications from the same virus? How much does a day in the hospital cost? We don't all have full insurance, especially not now that so many people have lost their jobs. 

After the vaccine, we may have a sore arm or a fever, but that will pass in the comfort of our home. After overcoming the disease, we may have problems with our lungs, feel tired, or have memory loss. All of these need additional doctor appointments. So, the choice is a simple, sore arm or possible endless hospital bills.

5. Costs Part Two

An empty wallet
Sitting in quarantine and not get paid can cost a lot (photo: Chronomarchie/

It's not just the treatment that will be costing you. What about the global economy? If you couldn't care less about problems worldwide, let's take it to your backyard. Let's just calculate how much you spend on facemasks, vitamins, or cleaning and disinfection supplies? 

The correct answer would be roughly about 80% more, as, first of all, almost nobody was wearing masks before the pandemic. What about when you get infected or just need to be quarantined, and you don't have a steady job? You'll lose 100% of your income for those isolation days. So, does the math work for you now? 

4. Hospitals

Doctors operating
Without a pandemic, hospitals could work as usual (photo: sasint/

If we catch the virus while vaccinated, we will have milder symptoms, so we probably won't end up in a hospital. Therefore, the medical staff will get a break from treating COVID-19 patients and struggle for their lives. 

Furthermore, they will handle other patients and save them from diseases that can also be deadly without proper medical care. So the hospitals and the staff will take a break from pandemics and provide to those who neglected their illness. 

3. Travel

An airplane taking off
If we all get vaccinated, we could travel without restrictions (photo: bilaleldaou/

Let's take a look at the bright side of defeating this vicious enemy. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to travel somewhere for a weekend? Wasn't it nice to have a world at your hand? Imagine booking a flight, packing your bags, and get away from the lousy weather at some tropical destination. At the start of the pandemic, we were closed in our homes by an invisible enemy. 

After the restrictions loosened up, we needed negative tests to travel and check the current situation for the desired destination. However, if we all get vaccinated, that will be in the past. 

2. Getting Out

An indoor concert
It was so great to mingle in the crowd (photo: Pexels/

Let's remember life before the pandemic. We were free to meet our friends in the restaurants, sit down for coffee, visit the shows, mingle in the crowd. Remember the thrill of choosing the outfit before the night out with your friends? Remember sipping morning coffee and reading newspapers, relaxed without fear of getting infected? 

What about catching up with friends at some lovely restaurant enjoying a delicious meal, and sipping some wine? Or just walking among the cheerful, carefree crowd on the street… It all could be a reality again if we all get vaccinated!

1. Smiles

A woman smiling
After we are fully vaccinated, we can see other people's smiles (photo: StockSnap/

Most of us have friends or family whose lives are at the highest risk of getting infected. Hence, it wouldn't be nice to hug them without worrying you might get them sick. Furthermore, what about talking with them without distancing or wearing a face mask? Can you remember the smile on your grandparents' face? 

When was the last time when they saw your smile? So let's see happy faces again and laugh freely without the masks! Just roll your sleeves and get your shot so we can all live everyday life as we know it. 

Don't let your fear of the unknown prevent you from doing a good deed. The COVID-19 vaccines are new, as the virus is. Living with the pandemic influences our lives at every step. We believe that you must care for at least one thing on our top ten list. So if you wish to breathe freely, care about your friends and family, and don't want to possibly end up in the hospital, get vaccinated today! Let's beat this virus together!



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