Top 10 Moments of Selena Gomez Discography When She Was a Real Disco Queen

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-12 18:00:06

Like it or not, Selena Gomez had some of the most iconic pop hits of the century and one of the best albums in 2021. This goes for lovely ballads "Lose You to Love Me" or "The Heart Wants What It Wants" as some of her shining moments. She made us cry multiple times, but she also made us own the dance floor and live like there's no tomorrow! Check out our top ten list of timeless Selena Gomez disco hits, use it as your feel-good playlist, and get up and dance!

10. "My Dilemma" 2.0

"My Dilemma" might've sounded average, but the newer version is on fire!

When an artist has a discography as rich as Selena's, it's a smart move to release a compilation album at one point in their career. Gomez did it in 2014 with "For You," at the very peak of her ruling the charts around the world. This album made us take a walk down memory lane and remember some of the songs we'll mention on this list, too!

However, the most significant moment of the album, and the most unexpected one, is obviously the renewed old hit, "My Dilemma," now with "2.0" in its title. This refreshed version is an improvement compared to the old one since Gomez turned her average song into a disco paradise. What a move!

9. "Wolves'' with Marshmello

Did you love the song, or you found it a bit overrated instead?

Even though we said Gomez ruled the world around 2013 and 2014, we can't forget she had a banger back in 2017 that you could hear on every corner. After releasing bops such as "Bad Liar" and "Fetish," Gomez kept using these years to find her new tune, and "Wolves" was an EDM attempt that obviously worked.

Luckily, almost all Gomez collaborations with famous DJs and producers skyrocketed her fame even more, and that says a lot about people liking her disco vibe. Selena, keep doing this because that's where you slay the hardest! A collaboration with Marshmello was one of the smartest moves of her career, indeed.

8. "It Ain't Me" with Kygo

Pay attention to the lyrics – it's a bonus to this fire sound

Since we're at Selena's attempts to be the queen of EDM collaborations, no one would ever skip her work with Kygo. His 2017 hits owned the world, especially "It Ain't Me" with Gomez, since people were captivated by its vibe and duality.

What duality did we just mention? Actually, we meant the lyrics and the rhythm, since this has to be one of the saddest-happiest songs ever! When you ignore the lyrics, it's your disco banger number one. Still, when you stop for a second and notice it's actually a tragic story about coping with your demons, you'll never see this song the same way.

7. “Baila Conmigo” with Rauw Alejandro

This song couldn't sound more addictive!

Now, let's discuss a song from Gomez's discography that warranted way more attention – her whole Spanish EP, "Revelación," deserved the world! All the positive reviews definitely agree with us on this statement, and the track that stands out as the absolute star of this EP is "Baila Conmigo," a chill disco paradise that you can't skip.

"Baila Conmigo" will make you get up and dance, and it will even move your hips because Selena is a Latina, after all! From "Buscando Amor" to "Vicio," this album is a hidden gem that will be every dance enthusiast's favorite. Log into your Spotify and give it a listen immediately!

6. "Taki Taki" with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Cardi B

When Gomez says "Rumba," you get up and dance!

If "Baila Conmigo" is underrated, this one is so overplayed that people got tired of it at some point. However, "Taki Taki" having billions of views is entirely legitimate because it's so addictive that we played it over a million times! Gomez's collaboration with DJ Snake is her best decision ever made, and we believe Ozuna and Cardi B didn't regret it as well.

Moreover, we can't call "Taki Taki" overplayed when it's obviously well-produced and has a vibe that stays in your head. Of course, all the artists contributed since there isn't a second on this track that is just a boring filler. We can't get enough of Cardi's rap, and when Gomez enters, the song is on fire. "Taki Taki" fans, you've got the taste!

5. "Me & My Girls"

This song got its shining moment on a massive stage, but it never was a single

Let's face it – even people that don't like Selena's music have to admit that "Revival" had its iconic moments still worth listening to. This album indeed aged like fine wine, and our special mentions here go to the disco moments that will make you jump. "Me & My Girls" has to be the best one – it will keep you wondering how the producers even came up with that insane beat drop!

Actually, Selena's "Me &" moments on this album are the most shining parts of her dance discography since she put another banger on "Revival" with a similar title. "Me & My Rhythm" is our following recommendation from the record, so once you experience both songs, you'll put them on all your dance playlists!

4. "Love You Like a Love Song"

Her beauty in this music video is mesmerizing

Can we talk about how the early 10s were the golden age for pop music? Yes, we still have some pop bangers, but they can't reach the ones we got the prior decade, sorry! The end of the previous decade marked the growth of trap and R&B sounds, but Gomez owned the charts way better with her quality track "Love You Like a Love Song" in 2011.

There's something so addictive in Selena "hitting re-pe-pe-pe-pe-peat" when she loves someone. To be honest, this song is so lovable that we all spent days spinning this tune over and over again! It's an ode to catching feelings like getting obsessed with a song, and it's way too relatable to ever stop being a hit.

3. "Undercover"

It's insane how this song never got the spotlight it deserved

Despite "Revival" being Selena's most quality moment in music, "Stars Dance" is her discography's homecoming queen if we discuss the addictive, disco vibe. The fact that our top three on this list is all about "Stars Dance" tells a lot, and "Undercover" is already so good that it would top the list quickly!

Of course, "Undercover" would also top all the charts if released as a single. We'll ignore that she created this one as an ode to Justin Bieber, a "sexy machine and the Hollywood dream," and just say that it has the most remarkable production on the album. Imagine having a bop like that on your album and not making a music video for it – what a waste!

2. "Come & Get It"

No one ignored Selena's talent after this bop

This could arguably be Selena's most significant hit, and we bet there's a good reason behind that. Whether it's her mesmerizing, stunning beauty, or the nature's beauty in that music video, or the oriental vibe, or the seductive lyrics… "Come & Get It" really had it all and wrote history.

Unfortunately, Gomez often points out that this song was made to own the charts (originally written for Rihanna), which is not her preferred vibe. We can't agree with her that this energy doesn't fit her right, since this concept complimented her voice, image, and after all, it made her a massive pop star!

1. "Slow Down"

We bet you're still playing this one religiously!

Here comes the best song of Selena Gomez's entire career and one of the most clever moments in EDM history. From the catchiest rhythm that is so flawless that you'll applaud all the producers to the clever lyrics, "Slow Down" is a ride that drives you crazy. It's a song to play again when it's coming close to the end, just like the lyrics say!

The wordplay and how Gomez shaped it is so unforgettable that "Slow Down" is a TikTok trend even after all these years. When Selena belts out, "Don't stop until the morning," we feel that – we'll keep this record on rotation forever. We'll tell our kids this was the dance track of our childhood, teen days, and the century!

When we count it all, clubs could indeed organize a Selena Gomez-themed night, and people would dance until the sunrise. Many of her hits cause nostalgia now, and even the newer ones we put on the top ten list are so great that our feet wouldn't stop moving to them!  

What's your favorite Selena Gomez album? Do you prefer her emotional ballads or the good old disco hits? Let us know in the comments section!

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Jenna B Says:

It's hard not to love this girl <3 I do prefer her speedier songs like "Undercover", "Falling Down" or "It Ain't Me".

September 19 at 12:05:08 PM

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