Top 10 Book Series You'll Want to Read Even if They're Too Long

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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Even though a book can get you bored easily, some stories are captivating no matter the length and number of pages. In fact, some characters are way too big to fit into one novel only, so they become the writer's main interest. Hence, they keep creating new stories with this person in the center. If you like strong, iconic characters that have their own serials, check out these top ten book series that will keep you intrigued until the end!

10. "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han

The series that you'll like if you love romance novels

Do you have a crush on someone who barely knows you exist? Or hardly knows you have any feelings towards them? We've all been there, or at least we know someone who got through this. The relatable Netflix rom-com "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" will awaken that nostalgia in all of us! In case you didn't know, the movie is based on a book by Jenny Han!

Luckily, the beloved book got its two sequels, "PS I Still Love You" and "Always and Forever, Lara Jean." Both of them have the same recurring theme of "love letters," and they're one of the few romantic series that are actually worth reading.

9. "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

In conclusion: she got obsessed

It's a young adult novel series… And it's basically the only reason why these books and movies receive hate. However, don't let that fool you, because "The Hunger Games" are obviously worth the hype and fame! All the topics, such as friendship, family, wars, poverty, and freedom, are crucial for life in general. Collins pointed them out like a pro!

Moreover, the only reason why we guess you wouldn't like this series is its simplicity. However, you should understand that it's written straightforwardly because it's supposed to be easily understood to get the message. Collins definitely covered all the topics for a good reason!

8. "Alex Cross" series by James Patterson

The books are so popular that it's a mystery why some of them don't have a movie

After romance and fantasy, we shouldn't forget crime novels are also a perfect field for iconic characters and especially detective stories. Alex Cross is a name that is so famous that you'd think he's a real person, but he's actually James Patterson's creation. Patterson is one of the best crime novelists of all time!

Luckily, Alex Cross' book series is quite a lengthy read, so you'll be invested in his storyline for months when you start reading it. We said "luckily" because characters like these always leave you begging for more – you'll never have enough of his adventures. Once you start this journey, you'll never get rid of crime novels!

7. "The Shadow and Bone Trilogy" by Leigh Bardugo

2021 gave us a marvelous TV show based on Bardugo's masterpiece

Once you've reached Grishaverse, you'll never want to return to the real world. Leigh Bardugo's fictional universe is unmatched, and you'll get to know it through nine books! Bardugo still has a lot of space to grow as a writer. Yet, her trilogy "Shadow and Bone" definitely deserves all the awards it got (and the fantastic TV show)!

Moreover, we highly recommend Bardugo's further novels that she published after the "Shadow and Bone" trilogy, especially "Six of Crows." Its sequel "Crooked Kingdom" is even more emotional, and its characters are those whose separate storylines are so interesting that you'll want more and more!

6. "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin

He'll probably convince you into reading (almost) all the parts

Fantasy is one of the genres that go hand in hand with book series – the genre was made to have sequels and never-ending battles. That's probably the reason why we have so many fantasy novels on this list, but "A Song of Ice and Fire" is without any doubt one of the very best! If the title doesn't ring any bells, we'll just say… "Game of Thrones!"

When you have an epic fantasy that is your magnum opus, and the whole world goes crazy about it, you pretty much have a lot on your plate, and all eyes are on you. That's why Martin actually never ended this saga, and he promised another two sequels that he's been working on for ages. Who knows what's next!

5. "The Lord of the Rings" by J. R. R. Tolkien

Which side do you prefer?

Before we get into this one, just to mention that it's actually not really a book series – it's more of a sequel to Tolkien's masterpiece "The Hobbit." Still, it's been separated into three parts, and its movie adaptations are also organized as a trilogy, so we can say that it's a series… A fantastic one!

If you're a fantasy enthusiast, we guess you already have all Tolkien books on your shelf, and you've probably seen all the movies. Moreover, the advantage of reading Tolkien is that his movie adaptations are actually an excellent cinematic achievement. For some novels, they say their movies didn't reach half of the books' creativity, but "The Lord of the Rings" is perfect in both ways!

4. Miss Marple Series by Agatha Christie

For the starters, this guide will be handy!

From a short story "The Tuesday Night Club" to the novel "Sleeping Murder," Agatha Christie kept her stories revolving around Miss Marple. This character is now one of the most iconic appearances in crime literature, and Christie broke gender stereotypes by putting a lady as the main character.

Moreover, the stories have their movie adaptations now, and they're so famous that they even got some anime versions! Many actresses competed for the glorious title of the best Miss Marple, but that obviously depends on your taste. All the movies are incredible, and so are the books!

3. Hercule Poirot Series by Agatha Christie

bookslikewhoa has some tips if you'd like to read these in a proper order

Many facts say a lot about Christie's superiority in the world of literature – one of them is that she's made two iconic characters that inspired book series. Not one, but two, and both of them are almost equally beloved worldwide! Hercule Poirot is undoubtedly the synonym for detective fiction, and no one ever achieved this fame.

Rumor has it that Christie never really liked her own creation of this iconic detective. Still, maybe this imperfection has led to his massive popularity. After all, he even appears in Christie's most iconic book ever, "Murder on the Orient Express." Of course, the movie adaptations with Poirot are worth watching as well.

2. "Neapolitan Novels" by Elena Ferrante

The books got their TV show, which is also a good recommendation!

Did you expect an anonymous lady from Italy to appear in the top three? Us neither, but Elena Ferrante fever is inevitable if you're discovering book series! Her incredibly captivating story that starts with the part named "My Brilliant Friend" is a coming-of-age novel. It's separated into four parts, and you'll get obsessed with characters from the very first page.

Elena and Lila really are those two characters that show us our two sides, and the way you're invested in their friendship and life story makes them look so alive. This is a novel to reread, feel, watch (since there is a TV show inspired by it, too), and know by heart. You'll find the pieces of yourself in these 2000 pages!

1. "Harry Potter" by J. K. Rowling

Is it even possible to rank them?

J. K. Rowling might be surrounded by all the worst controversies in this world, but her book series will remain untouchable forever. Even if her career started to fall apart, or the whole fantasy genre fades to unpopular book types, "Harry Potter" would stay the one. This is the name that guarantees the adventure of your lifetime!

With seven iconic parts, the books translated into every language, and even the movie adaptations, this series traveled the world. It's a synonym for magic, and now it's the primary role model for anyone who wants to create a mystical world in their fantasy novel. It's a must and one of the books to read before you die!

After all, if anyone ever told you that book series is dull, they just never found that obsession for characters that keep haunting you. Who would ever read only one Harry Potter sequence when that character was made to have a series that will keep him alive for ages? Reading a series means getting attached to these people forever!

What's your favorite book series in our top ten list? Are series too long for you? Send your answers in the comments section!

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