Top 10 Beautiful and Unique Book Covers

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-14 18:00:10

Today, we judge books by their covers - and we won't feel guilty about that! Indeed, you shouldn't spend money on books if they only look fabulous, but there's nothing worth reading on the inside. However, you must admit you got a book that looked gorgeous at least once, which was actually enjoyable. Let us show you some of the most beautiful and authentic covers we've ever seen!

10. Collector's Special Editions

"Harry Potter" has some of the most beautiful special editions in the world!

We'll put this one last only because it's an obvious move. Of course, we'll include the special editions on our top ten list! Some books become so popular that the fans want a version that will be the most incredible thing in their room. A bookshelf full of special editions is every collector's dream, requiring a lot of time and dedication!

Besides that, collectors also invest a lot of money in their special editions. Hence, they might be a bit "too much" for many. That is mainly because the regular editions are usually gorgeous as well! However, you must admit that special editions are like heaven!

9. Collage Cover

This cover is ideal for journals!

If you're a fan of "overwhelming," detailed covers, you'll love when authors make collages to represent their stories. These books usually take on various topics and are youthful and nostalgic! The best part is that you don't have to overthink which details you'll add – everything can work well!

In case you can't find collage books in the stores, you can obviously make these at home and awaken your creativity! Scrapbook-style journals and notebooks are top-rated now, and you can find ideas all over the Internet. Something is captivating in this messy style that actually doesn't look like a mess!

8. Travel Motifs

Isolation is hard for wanderlusts, but at least you can read anytime!

Your adventuristic nature was made for travel books. Therefore, release your inner wanderlust by reading them – you'll liberate it even by looking at those gorgeous covers! Book covers inspired by traveling are usually made with cute, small details that remind you of packing your bags and going to the most excellent places. It's a great aesthetic!

So, what can you see on a travel book cover? Suitcases with cute stickers, little airplanes and the lines in the sky, the globe, the sea, the sunset, a compass… Many things make life amazing because travel takes your lifestyle to the next level! Books like these on your shelf will inspire you to be active and full of dreams and ideas!

7. Hardcovers (with a Little Sparkle!)

Which side do you prefer?

This might be too specific, but hardcovers that have something sparkling over it are among the most gorgeous covers ever! Paperback can be as beautiful as a hardcover, but something is inspiring in those thick covers and even thicker pages. Those pieces look so good on shelves – that's probably why book series authors usually choose hardcover!

The truth is that hardcover looks royal, and when you add some golden strings on the edges, your bookshelf turns into a palace! Sparkly books usually remind you of a fairytale, and you can see many of them in the fantasy genre. Obviously, the cover depends on the genre (video game books are an obvious choice), so don't look for shiny hardcovers in crime or thrillers!

6. Futuristic Covers

This genre owns futuristic covers!

Sci-Fi is one of the most beloved book genres, so it's not surprising that the authors invest a lot in the covers. Luckily, Sci-Fi was made for attractive covers since the theme is usually futuristic, and it's already exciting! Space motifs? Colorful planets in the universe? Shining stars all over the dark sky? Yes, please!

The good thing about these motifs is that they awaken your senses and inspire you – the futuristic moments are always intriguing and eye-catching. People always wanted to know what's beyond this world and the Earth, so they read a lot of fantasy and Sci-Fi. Collectors are incredibly thankful for these genres because their bookshelves look awesome!

5. A Special Fabric Can Make It All Amazing

These journals are breathtaking!

Do you know that holy moment when you touch a book, and the fabric is… Unexpected? Not the ordinary feel of a book? It's the best part of collecting books – the soft feel, glossy, matte… It's all captivating and makes you think that someone made the cover unique and… Different!

This is the best proof of how the aesthetic can awaken our senses – the touch of a soft fabric makes you love the book more than usual. Hence, if you have reader's block or feel like there are no books you like, go to the nearest library and look for those smooth covers. You'll take them home immediately and forget about the block!

4. …Or a Breathtaking Font

It's super important which font a book has

Yes, a lot of blank space (Taylor Swift would agree!) can make a book cover breathtaking. If the font is so appealing, it immediately catches your eye! The font should not be too big and shouldn't have a weird structure, no matter what the genre is – that's what experts say on this topic. However, we guess it also depends on your taste!

Moreover, the fonts that catch your eye are usually well-combined with the cover's color. This way, people quickly notice the book's title, making them read more about it. That's the trick that many authors try, and it seems to work. People love minimalistic covers for a good reason – especially for the font!

3. Sprayed Edges

Save money and time and do this at home!

OK, this isn't precisely the cover, but it's still a part of a book's aesthetic! The cover might or might not be your cup of tea, but if a book has sprayed edges, you'll love it immediately. The urge to buy it will appear on its own! There's something eye-catching in how these books stand out in the world of white edges that are sometimes too dull.

Moreover, sprayed edges are so beloved nowadays that people have found a way to do this technique at home. You can even order your own custom-sprayed edges with any color or design you like! When you put these gorgeous books on your shelf, you can't decide whether you want to showcase the spine or the sprayed edges of your pages!

2. Fantasy Books 

These aren't even special editions, yet they're stunning!

When it comes to genres, they strongly determine the book's design. If your favorite one is fantasy, your bookshelf is probably stunning! Fantasy covers are usually "dramatic," with orange, red, or dark shades of blue and black, together with an illustration that sets the mood. Book collectors love fantasy because this genre always gives them the best covers!

Moreover, the cover can get even more intriguing when the writer makes a unique universe for their fantasy book. Therefore, the best trait of fantasy is that the setting doesn't have to be the real world. Escape reality and discover some of the prettiest fantasy covers, but be careful – you might spend all your cash on them!

1. Minimalism, Because Less Is More

Which one is your favorite here?

You might hate minimalism and think it's useless, but take a look at some book covers based on it, and you'll definitely change your mind. The phrase "Less is more" isn't always accurate, but it works like magic when it comes to books. You don't need thousands of pictures and motifs on your cover – you need to keep it simple!

Even though fantasy books are gorgeous because they usually have mystical motifs on the cover, a cute little drawing of a flower can already make it great. Even a nice font without any picture, together with appealing color, can do the work better than anything. Minimalism is so inspiring that the options are endless!

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some of these probably aren't your type. However, the magic of beautiful covers is precisely that – you could send us thousands of ideas now, and we'd like most of them! What's an ugly book cover, anyway? Books are gorgeous inside and out, and we'll love them forever!

Do you like when a book has a beautiful cover? Does it matter to you at all? Let us know in the comments section!

Cover photo: Veroniki Thetis Chelioti/Unsplash



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