Top 10 Ariana Grande Live Performances Showing Her Powerful Vocals

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-16 06:00:06

Next to Demi Lovato, she's arguably one of the best vocalists of our time. She's Ariana Grande, the pop princess you hear and see in many hits, including duets and collaborations with Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, or Lana Del Rey. From her "Yours Truly" R&B days to the hip-hop/trap fan-favorite "thank u, next," and intimate "positions" as one of the best albums in 2020, Ari performed many times on award shows and concerts. Her gigs make the audience star-struck as she demonstrates her outstanding vocal technique. We've picked the top best live moments of Ari's career that often include choreography and excellent stage presence.

10. "Break Free" (2015, iHeartRadio Theater)

"Break Free" is still a fan favorite

As you can see on her YouTube channel, Grande performed many songs on the Honda Stage of the iHeartRadio Theater. Still, this one obviously stands out in every positive way. Ariana is well known as the "Halloween Princess" and a girl who loves spooky outfits, pumpkins, and dressing up for October's popular celebration.

Her love for dark-themed style makes her look so happy in this spooky dress with accompanying makeup! The singer seems confident in this video, floating around the stage effortlessly in sky-high heels. Her vocals are always on point, making this performance one of the best from her "My Everything" days.

9. "Breathin'" (2018, Live on Ellen)

Ariana Grande oozes emotion in "Breathin'" Live Performance

Can we just talk about how stunning she looks with this curly hairstyle and a sweatshirt? In 2018 Grande delivered not one but two outstanding performances on The Ellen Show. Her "Breathin" created an intimate and overly emotional atmosphere, with only Grande walking around the stage. And it was enough nonetheless because her emotions shone bright, making her almost cry.

When Ari ended this performance, it looked like she needed a hug because of how much she felt the words she sang. Some songs are hard to perform, not because the artist doesn't sing well, but because they can't hold back emotions.

8. "Tattooed Heart" (2013, American Music Awards)

"Tattooed Heart" showcases Ariana's powerful vocals

You can tell that this performance was many years ago because Grande follows the hip-hop and trap trends today. However, she used to do soul and R&B at the beginning of her music path. Now, it feels heartwarming to see her showcasing an impressive voice like she used to do in 2013, singing "Tattooed Heart."

This is a perfect song for someone with a voice like hers. With this performance, she blew everyone away just by standing and singing. She sounded so admirable that by the time she came to the song's bridge, artists from the audience had already given her a standing ovation.

7. "I Have Nothing" (2014, Whitney Houston Cover at the White House)

Ariana Grande perfectly delivers Whitney Houston's song

In March 2014, Grande had only one album and was still so young, growing up as an artist and a person. However, her invitation to the White House was already a sign that her career was about to be huge. She performed some of the glorious covers like, for example, "(You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman," "All I Want for Christmas Is You," or "Emotions." However, her cover of "I Have Nothing" remains the most iconic one.

This performance had an intimate atmosphere, with Grande singing effortlessly, leaving the audience in awe. Grande sang this song since she was 16, so it wasn't anything new for her, but imagine performing in front of the president and his team? The responsibility of it made Ariana sound even better.

6. "No Tears Left To Cry" (2018, Live on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

"No Tears Left To Cry" performance showed us Ari the dancer

The powerful and emotional anthem "No Tears Left to Cry" brought people together after the tragedy at Grande's concert in Manchester. With the vulnerability showing in her voice, you can tell this story hurts a lot while making the story special. Grande was a guest at many shows performing this hit, including her "umbrella party" for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Her performance at Jimmy Fallon brought an even more stunning show, though.

The best thing about this session is that this tiny human being carries full attention. She's doing the choreography alone, jumping, lying on the floor in a short sparkling dress, and singing simultaneously, with her grand voice, just like her name says.

5. A Medley of "imagine," "My Favorite Things," "7 rings", and "thank u, next" (2020, GRAMMYs)

Ariana finally got a chance to shine at Grammy Awards

Ariana Grande has just started collecting Grammy Awards, even though she was snubbed a few times. Still, her fresh performance in this prestigious award show proved that she won't lack them in the future. Kicking it off with "imagine," Grande showcased her emotional side, and her cover of "My Favorite Things" is also impressive. As the show went on with dancers and money falling out of her hands, "7 rings" made the audience dance along.

Her last song from this medley, "thank u, next," seemed like the most challenging part of it because she almost broke down in tears. However, her vulnerability feels like perfect proof of her excellent stage presence, showing all of her emotions.

4. "Dangerous Woman" (2016, MTV Movie Awards)

It was hard to choose Ariana's best performance singing this divine, sultry track because she sounded perfect every time. Her 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards performance of "Dangerous Woman" had its impressive moment with outstanding vocals and Ari's red lipstick combined with black fur. However, her MTV Movie Awards session from the same year won this battle.

"Dangerous Woman," as an anthem about women empowerment, gives Ariana enough space to belt out her acclaimed high notes. Moreover, this track perfectly matches classy outfits and vintage settings, fitting into the MTV Movie Awards' theme. Ariana stuns in her pink gown with white fur and a sparkling necklace. We should see her bringing those old Hollywood vibes back more often! Still, the question remains - why did she never received Grammy for this performance?

3. "Focus" (2015, American Music Awards)

Unfortunately, Ariana quickly went against "Focus" after this performance

Old Hollywood Ariana Grande is the best Grande ever. Her first sultry and bold single that introduced us to the "Dangerous Woman" era was "Focus." Actually, this song didn't live up to Grande's idea of the album, so it never fit into that record. Though, this performance always lets us remember how it brought out the new Grande's style.

Even the audience's expressions tell what everyone feels about Ariana switching her lane to something sexier, funnier, and bolder than her previous comebacks. This was when Ari proved she was about to be the biggest pop sensation. Five years later, she got there for real.

2. "thank u, next" (2018, Live on Ellen)

Ariana Grande almost fell during the performance

Grande suffered much pain in the past, and after it all, the song "thank u, next" served as her proof that healing is a process. Still, she's not giving up and instead learns from her mistakes and experiences. She nailed this concept in her 2018 performance on The Ellen Show, where she danced and sang with her two best friends. Their connection could be seen immediately, as they get down and laugh simultaneously, having the time of their lives.

Ari didn't let her hair down in this performance, as she wore her signature ponytail. Still, she seemed very chill and spontaneous, letting small laughs and emotional tone shine. She even almost fell off the chair and continued to sing as if nothing had happened! In conclusion, it's a mix of happiness, fun, and a fantastic time on screen. Her genuineness from this performance touched many hearts worldwide.

1. "God Is a Woman" (2018, MTV Video Music Awards)

Still the best song Ariana Grande ever did, and it's even better live!

When the beat drops, all the women start moving, and the camera moves backward, the scenery here looks divine! For Ari's voice, it makes no difference if she's lying upside down. She still sounds peaceful and confident, slaying those high and lowest notes, even that whistle note before the second chorus. Sounds like perfection, and that's what this performance is.

"God Is a Woman" is one of Ariana's best singles to date. This performance brings her stage presence and creativity to another level while showcasing her massive generosity. Here they recreated "The Last Supper," but note that Ariana didn't put herself in Jesus' place. She even had her mother and grandmother on stage, showing them as an example of woman empowerment. Both her generosity and talent make her an absolute superstar.

Of course, many other Ariana Grande performances made us shiver and admire her talent. As she is still young, there's so much more coming from her. While she's also doing excellent in movies or the fragrance industry, music will remain her biggest passion!

What performance keeps a special place in your heart? Do you prefer Grande dancing and rapping, or your favorite Grande is delivering out-of-this-world vocals, almost holding back her tears? Let us know in the comments section.

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Lina Says:

I would add "Only 1" on the list. She sounds like an angel as she sings it.

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