Top 10 Most Frequent Problems With PS5 and How to Solve Them

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2022-06-20 09:56:55

The PS5 has been available since November 2020, but people are reporting new problems with their console every day. These issues are no minor inconveniences either because they're becoming genuine concerns for new PS5 owners. While Xbox Series issues have been relatively harmless, the ones PS5 is experiencing were actually terrible, to the point people had to return them. Here are ten of the worst problems on PS5. 

10. The PS5 Randomly Uninstalled Disc Games 

Pesky little bug requires reinstalling games all over

This console has problems with disc games in particular. The PS5 owners discovered that the game automatically uninstalls once they remove the media from the console. This is highly inconvenient because it is pretty time-wasting to repeatedly install games you want to play

Sony tried to solve this issue by applying numerous system updates. While the problem wasn't solved completely, it has stopped bothering some users. Hopefully, Sony will soon bring a system update that will solve this issue once and for all.

9. PS4 Games Are Unplayable on PS5

Backward compatible, my foot

Sony has claimed that all the PlayStation 5 owners will be able to play the game from the previous generation via backward compatibility. However, users have found that some PS4 games have been labeled unplayable. 

After that, the system asks you to buy those games from the store if you wish to play them. We weren't certain if this was an error or a way for Sony to grab some extra cash for some time. Fortunately, it was the latter; this issue can be remedied by restoring the licenses of your PS5. 

8. Dual Sense Stick Drifting 

It moves without a contact

Since long ago, the stick drift issue has been a significant problem for consoles. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 5 has problems with its new Dual Sense controller. Therefore, the controller's thumbstick registers input without the user actually touching it. 

That causes the cursor to drift across the screen. It sounds like a minor issue, but it can be seriously annoying. You might try to update the console, and if that doesn't help, reset the controller. There is a small hole in the back of it right below the PlayStation logo you can use for resetting the Dual Sense.

7. Overheating 

Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?

Overheating is one of the crippling issues following Sony consoles for a while. The PS5 is not an exception, as numerous users reported the issue with the system temperature being way above average. The Xbox users have reported a similar problem, but not on this level. 

The heating issue with PlayStation 5 was so severe that users got error messages saying their console was too hot to be functioning correctly. Sony has put the problem down to users blocking the specially designed vents. They also suggested many solutions, including not keeping PS5 in a closed space.

6. DualSense Controller Not Working 

The moment we lost control

The DualSense controller has been Sony's most significant bragging right ever since the PlayStation 5. However, recent users have been experiencing a big issue with the controller. More specifically, the controller isn't holding a charge. Therefore, you just can't use it. 

There are several solutions to this problem. The most obvious one is to connect the DualSense controller to the console and play it docked. Another option is to change the charging cable. Just keep in mind to use the cables indicated with "charge and sync" or "charging and data." The charging-only cables will not work.

5. PS5 System Crashing 

The system of a down

Some users reported the PS5 system giving them a system crash error. This essentially crashes the game and gives you a long error report. In extreme cases, this error can make your system interface work slowly or even cause a failing system to start up again. 

If this error happens to you, the best thing is to contact Sony and report that you have a faulty system. However, you can solve this in several different ways. Sometimes restarting the system helps. You can also disable the Rest Mode of your PS5 or rebuild the PS5 database. You can also update your system software or factory reset your console.

4. PS5 Power Issues 

The power is also down

The PlayStation 5 has been having some severe issues regarding the console's power supply. Users have reported that their PS5 has actually not been turning on after turning it off. The reason for that is the internal power issue, which is certainly not good. 

However, this issue can be fixed if you contact Sony. Sony has identified it as a problem caused by an external storage unit. That means, until Sony doesn't update the PlayStation 5 firmware, it's not recommendable to play with any external storage. Inconvenient but better than having a console that won't startup.

3. Bricking in Rest Mode 

Turning the console into a brick

Rest mode is a staple of the PlayStation system software. The ability to turn your console off while remaining in the game you last played is a fantastic feature. The PS5 has taken its own twist on the rest mode feature by bricking the console. Bricking is a situation where a device becomes permanently inaccessible as a whole and, therefore, unusable. 

Users have discovered that using the rest mode on the PlayStation 5 has resulted in an error. This error requires users to rebuild the PS5 database or, in the worst case, to accept that console is permanently inaccessible. Disabling the Rest Mode would be good to prevent the bricking. Also, you can use a UPS to prevent power outages and ensure constant voltage. Be aware during the updates because a power outage might implode your system software while you're updating.  

2. SSD Storage Errors

SSD is helpful but also harmful

PlayStation 5 revolutionized the consoles by coming with SSD instead of HDD. Moreover, the PS5 SSD is the best by far in terms of speed. But, like every other revolutionary tech, it has its flaws. First of all, there's limited space, but that problem can be solved with the update that allows users to install another SSD on their system. 

Although the PlayStation 5 SSD is excellent, many consoles got bricked because of an error coming out of the storage system. Thankfully, the solution is relatively easy. If you get an error report, the repair process has already begun. Do not turn off the console while the internal storage repair takes place, or you'll brick it. After that, update your software and disconnect the SSD from the console.

1. Not Booting Into Safe Mode

Who safekeeps the safe mode?

PlayStation 5 requires you to go into safe mode if you want to exercise any troubleshooting steps. This feature is crucial because it can make you revive your console back from the dead. Safe mode can save you from taking your PS5 to the repair shop. Thanks to it, you can just fix your console by sitting at home and following the steps. Unfortunately, the safe mode can fail too. 

Wiring is the most probable reason your PS5 may not go in safe mode. If you use an HDMI splitter with PlayStation 5 connected to the game capture card, it can also happen. Thus, it's essential to check all the cables and video output devices. Then, if they are alright, you should power cycle your PlayStation 5.  

Every console generation has a bumpy start. The system's first year will always be full of bugs and errors. Furthermore, it would take a year and more to fix all the significant issues. PlayStation 4 had launched in 2013, and it is still getting new errors in the system. Unfortunately, we have to live with bugs and glitches when it comes to modern gaming consoles.

What does seem like the worst PS5 issue? Which issues would you add to the list?

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Vlad Says:

Unfortunately, I had a "Brick in Rest Mode" issue, and the only way to solve it was to reset the account. They told me it was a random issue with the firmware. Thankfully, it has been like half a year since, and everything is OK, even in the rest mode.

June 20 at 09:56:55 AM

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