Top 10 Wine Facts to Make It Your Favorite Drink

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-08-18 15:12:03

Drinking alcohol isn't something people recommend every day, especially for health reasons. Still, some beverages have more advantages than others. Wine obviously won't hurt you if you drink it moderately – it's even considered healthy! You might not be a wine expert, but these top ten fun facts will make you understand this drink better. Moreover, it's pretty safe to consume it mixed with other drinks.

10. It Doesn't Have to Be Pricey

These don't even look or taste cheap!

Some drinks, such as whiskey, are a bit too expensive wherever you're buying them and whatever type you're searching for. However, wine has many types, flavors, and colors, so you'll find a whole shelf dedicated to it. That obviously brings diversity in prices, and not all of them are too high!

Of course, wine could be the most pricey treat since it can cost thousands of dollars. However, it can still be your go-to when you have only 20 dollars in your pocket and need a bottle for your home party tonight. Cheap wines aren't even that bad – you get something for that price, for real!

9. It's a Good Drink for Starters

Even red wine isn't too much for a beginning

Since we mentioned home parties above, that's where young people usually first discover alcoholic beverages. Before they approach clubs, they meet at each other's homes and try drinks. That's where you'll probably have your first glass of wine, which is a good choice!

Moreover, beginners should learn the ropes with drinks that you sip from giant glasses instead of taking shots first. For that part, your body and throat have to get some experience. However, sipping rosé should be a casual treat, as it will relax you and make you feel good without drinking too much!

8. Red, White… You Can Choose Your Fighter

You'll never know all the variants because there are plenty of them!

Drinking wine gives you opportunities and space to try various versions. In conclusion, discovering wine won't be a dull experience! You can have a bottle of red or white wine, rosé, or any other variant, and you'll still need plenty of time to become an expert. After all, that's the best part of getting to know wine!

Many people like more than one or two variants, but generally speaking, you can choose your favorite and go for it all the time. However, the famous "red and white" wine classification isn't even half the real story. There are at least eight versions of white wine, from Riesling to Chardonnay, and even more for the red varieties!

7. It's Suitable for Every Occasion

Get a perfect wine recommendation from German experts!

Are you going out with your friends tonight? Great, you can drink wine! Or you've planned a dinner date? Wine should do the job! Even if you're just at your house with your loved ones while watching a Netflix show, you can have some wine to enjoy the evening more. The timing is always right for it!

Moreover, the good thing is that wine comes in various versions, just like we already mentioned. That just adds up to the theory that you'll never be tired of experimenting with it. Wine is like a little black dress – it's never too formal but still sophisticated enough for any occasion you wish!

6. You Can Actually Consume It Every Day

It does some magic, indeed!

It's not even that you "can" – you should have a glass of wine every evening. As we mentioned, the timing is never wrong for wine, and one glass should be the perfect dose. It will bring you a healthy daily habit and keep you relaxed and happy, so there isn't any better option for consuming alcohol regularly.

Of course, when you're having a night out and drinking something else, you should skip this beverage to avoid mixing. However, wine should be your number one choice when you're at home and having a regular day. After all, we all have at least one bottle at home, don't we?

5. It Goes Perfectly with Food

It's not that complicated!

What's better than an alcoholic drink to sip while you're having a fancy dinner? That's how you can enjoy your wine! Luckily, combining alcohol with food makes it easier for your body to handle it, and you obviously won't get drunk. Of course, when we say that wine can easily be combined with food, we don't mean you can mix anything and everything.

There are some essential rules to learn first, but they're pretty simple. For example, if you're a red wine enthusiast, we recommend combining it with boldly flavored meats. However, if white wine is your choice, consuming it with fish is better. Find your perfect combination!

4. …And not with Other Drinks

Check it out to see if you're making these mistakes too!

Unfortunately, you definitely shouldn't drink wine the same night you have some shots of vodka and tequila. The thing is that wine, just like beer, has way different characteristics compared to other alcoholic beverages. Hence, mixing them would be wrong for your stomach, so enjoy your wine the whole night!

Now you'll ask yourself if this fact is good or bad. We believe it's actually the right way because mixing alcohol brings other health issues and makes you get drunk quickly. That's why you should quit this bad habit anyway, and if wine makes you avoid that, it's actually doing you a favor!

3. It's a Symbol of Celebration

Throughout the years, wine had a massive impact on society and its norms

Even though wine is absolutely suitable for any day of your life, we can't imagine any celebration without it. When something in life goes so well that you want to throw a party with your close people, sipping rosé together feels so natural! It's a beverage that instantly invites you to raise your glass and be happy!

Our number one recommendation is sparkling wine if you're looking for the best wine deal for a celebration. Of course, you can always go with champagne, but serving champagne and sparkling wine is the best combination. It's a light type, easy to drink, and it instantly boosts the mood!

2. It's Considered "Fancy"

Girls' night or a date? Behave like a lady wherever you go!

Nowadays, it seems complicated for young people to stay classy when drinking. However, why would you make a fool of yourself? If you're worried about your reputation when ordering a drink, you'll leave a positive impression if you go for a glass of wine.

Moreover, it won't only keep your reputation on point – the wine will be a beverage you consume casually and relaxed. It's a drink to sip slowly and sophisticatedly, so forget about all the shots of vodka when you can hold a glass like a lady! Don't let yourself be ashamed of what you say when you drink alcohol – drink slowly and moderately!

1. It's Actually Healthy

It's not a myth – red wine is exceptionally healthy

Above all the other fun facts on our top ten list, this one is more than crucial since it affects your health. When you can enjoy the things you consume and provide health advantages simultaneously, there's nothing better in this world. Red wine actually gives you both – enjoyment and protection from several diseases!

Since red wine is made from grapes, it's a natural antioxidant, which has a massive impact on your organs overall. This especially goes for your heart, so you'll lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Luckily, red wine also reduces sugar levels and lowers bad cholesterol. Do you need any better reason to drink a glass of wine daily?

Wine has many benefits, and it should be one of your number one choices if you're about to consume some alcohol. Remember how much you want and should drink, and everything should be alright. It's a treat you deserve – just know how to handle it, and we promise you'll enjoy every sip!

Is wine your favorite drink? Or do you prefer something "stronger" and transparent, like tequila? Let us know in the comments section!

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