Top 10 Reasons Why Water Is the Superior Drink

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-14 08:46:24

Water is the magical drink that makes everything feel right. We guess water isn't the only beverage you consume throughout the day... Still, if you could, that would be awesome in many ways. To celebrate water's superiority when it comes to health benefits and refreshment, we'll name the top ten reasons why you should drink it all the time!

10. You Get the Best for the Best Price

All of them are usually safe, though!

It's one of the less important reasons... Unless you're in a real hurry and you forgot your wallet and the day is boiling hot. When you look closer, you'll probably have something in your pockets that will be enough for a bottle of water. And honestly, that's all you need, and you shouldn't get anything else!

Water is pure, makes you live healthier and longer, and it's even the cheapest drink. What's even cheap and beneficial at the same time? Water wins in every category, so you have no reason to spend a day without drinking it. Save your money and kidneys by buying a gallon of water instead of vodka!

9. It Prevents Many Diseases 

Drinking enough of it prevents many health issues

Those that suffer from diabetes obviously have to quit sugary drinks – it's not enough to ditch the chocolate and other sweets since beverages are usually sweetened, too. That's where water stays your number one friend, the one that won't stimulate your already problematic health state. 

However, sugar isn't even the only enemy you find in various beverages. On the other hand, water brings no enemies with it, and it will even help you cope with many diseases and prevent them. It keeps your heart strong, so you can live longer if you ditch all the drinks whose ingredients don't help you in any way.

8. You'll Improve Your Digestive System

It's one of the most complicated systems in your body

Since water has an impact on all your organs, it obviously helps your digestive system as well. Bad digestion has a lot to do with beverages you consume throughout the day, so if you have issues often, maybe you should reconsider your choices. Soda drinks are the worst, and they'll never feel good in your stomach!

In fact, there are many beverages you can prepare with water, so you don't have just one drink the whole day. Hydrate with a chamomile tea or sparkling water, for example. Just make sure your digestive system gets proper treatment every day because it plays a massive role in your overall health.

7. You'll Concentrate Easier

Staying focused is hard sometimes

Just like all our organs crave water, the brain feels the same about it. If you drink enough water, you'll notice that your focus is way better. You wouldn't concentrate anyway if you were thirsty... Who would pay attention when something like that is going on in your body? 

Since water has to do a lot with your mental health and a peaceful state, that helps your concentration on a significant level. Besides oxygen and glucose, which are needed for good brain work, water plays the leading role. If you have all these parameters, you'll focus without any problems!

6. Dehydration Brings Serious Problems

Your body will send signs when you need water

Are your lips usually quite dry? Or your eyes? Do you feel dizzy, or is your breath short? These are all the signs that your body needs more hydration – more water, in conclusion. It's not even about your choices anymore, since water is a basic need, and you can't decide to avoid it.

Muscle cramps, headaches, and dry skin are other dehydration symptoms that you shouldn't ignore. Living like this could seriously affect your health in the future, so it's not really temporary and something to ignore. Water is your best friend, so dehydration will never come to you if you spend enough time with it!

5. You'll Get Rid of Some Toxins

Detox drinks are based on water or fruits in general

Sometimes you go to a cosmetic skin treatment to look better, but some toxins have to be cleaned from inside. Cleaning your face won't be enough at all, especially if you eat junk food and drink coke and alcohol right after it! In conclusion, start with ditching the drinks your body hates, and your skin will soon become amazing!

Moreover, water cleanses all your organs, including the liver and kidneys. There's no better drink for kidneys than water, and if you drink too much of something else, they will suffer from your decisions the most. Water is the purest beverage and the only one that leaves you without toxins!

4. You Can Lose Weight

A water diet is real support for weight loss!

If you'd like to maintain a healthier diet or lose weight in general, water is a significant factor there. Eating never goes without drinking, so it matters a lot what you drink. Of course, you'll never have a flat stomach if you drink beer every night, so just switch to water all the time, and you'll see the difference!

Of course, even if you don't lose weight this way, you won't gain it anymore if you drink water and eat moderately. Water can only support you here – it's not a magic stick! It's only your backbone when you wish to live healthier, so go and exercise and drink a lot of water in between!

3. It Makes You Prettier

If there are 55 ways, do you need more proof anyway?

It's actually a confirmed fact – if you drink enough water, your skin is shining. Beauty resembles the way you eat and drink, so it goes hand in hand with being "prettier." So, suppose you primarily consume water throughout the day. In that case, you'll notice that you have fewer skin issues, and your body has a natural glow!

Besides the skin benefits, your hair enjoys the water as well. We shouldn't even mention how it makes your pores smoother, and you'll actually wear makeup much more effortlessly. Makeup won't affect your skin the way it would if your skin were dull and dry. In conclusion, hydration is the key to beauty!

2. It Immediately Boosts Your Mood 

Dehydration makes your day way worse, so avoid it

...And you won't even notice that at first. Still, your world becomes a way better place when your body is well hydrated! When you crave water, you're upset, can't breathe properly, and it's like you're walking through a desert. You'll blame some other things for your bad mood, but you actually need some water!

That day when you come home and drink three glasses of water after a walk outside is the moment you'll see happiness. You'll immediately be ready to do your chores or have fun the way you wish because you finally got what you needed!

1. It Replaces Every Other Drink

Benefits will come on their own; just wait and see!

Don't forget that maybe you don't even need that vodka you ordered in a bar – it's just your wish at the moment. And you probably didn't have to consume that fruit juice because that made you even more thirsty. Still, when it comes to water, its effect is irreplaceable, and there's no other drink you need in life!

The day when you ditch every beverage except water is the special one in your life because that's a massive step for your overall health. It's a move you make for your future, and if you stick to the plan, you'll see that this drink replaces everything.

After everything said on our top ten list, we see no reason for you to not drink a whole bottle of water every day from now. Spreading awareness about healthy drinks is especially crucial since many people nowadays tend to forget that you are what you drink (and eat, of course)!

Is drinking water your priority? Are you underestimating its power and having days without a single glass of water? We're waiting for your answers!

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Priscilla Says:

It happens to me that I don't drink anything for 20 hours or so :/

September 15 at 09:03:52 AM

NotSoOrdinary Says:

I needed to read this. I'm drinking way too much soda drinks. Luckily, I don't feel any consequences, but I need to drink more water.

July 13 at 12:59:32 PM

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