Top 10 Hot Summer Night Drinks

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-09-04 07:46:00

Summer is for parties until the sun rises again, for exciting home gatherings, sea tours... And obviously, for some gorgeous Instagrammable drinks because of their unique look and color. And, of course, they definitely don't lack taste. So if you're a fan of drinking at the bars on hot summer nights, we have the top ten recommendations every time you order a beverage!

10. Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Who says cocktails must contain alcohol to be tasty?

Well, when TWICE said they enjoy love and summer alcohol-free in their track of the same name, it's a real thing! You don't have to order alcohol to enjoy and let your hair down on your summer trip or at a party. Every bar should have some non-alcoholic cocktails; they're usually quite refreshing and a good choice!

When it comes to these beverages, they're even more versatile than alcoholic ones because you can't really make a wrong mix. Discover various recipes and types to get inspired and make a perfect summer picture for your Instagram without getting drunk!

9. Cold Brew

Every Starbucks prepares this one passionately!

Another non-alcoholic beverage, as freezing as ice, is the Cold Brew, a type of coffee born for summer. With a lot of ice on the surface and a dark, smooth look and taste, this drink took over every Starbucks! Obviously, you can find them in some other bars as well.

Actually, there's one con since cold brew contains even more caffeine than regular hot coffee, so it's pretty intense. This one should keep you up the whole day, and it's definitely not for those who struggle to sleep or dislike the original coffee strength. However, if you're a fan, we've found your favorite!

8. Rosé Spritzer

Rosé is tasty inside out, and it's the best summer wine

If you think you can't make a cocktail out of wine, check out the options for white and red wine because they are outstanding! However, we highly recommend red and white wine's sibling, rosé, because it makes a cocktail bubbly, vibrant, and it provides a lovely, pinkish hue.

We can imagine a rosé spritzer beside a swimming pool, on a beach, or in a fancy bar with your friends as you enjoy the summer air. You just have to know how to make the atmosphere, and this chick ladies' drink will do the work for you!

7. Martini

Try your favorite version!

Martini is lucky since it literally got the best of the alcoholic beverages – vermouth and gin. When you mix these two, you get perfection spiced up with healthy lemon or olive! H. L. Mencken named the martini "The only American invention as perfect as the sonnet," and we couldn't agree more!

The good thing is that the martini never gets boring or predictable since it has various versions, even for Halloween. Dirty, classic, dry, the vodka one… We highly recommend you try all of them until you find your ultimate flavor or spice up every summer with a different taste. Martinis give you opportunities!

6. Grape Soda

Too many grapes, or just enough for your taste?

This used to be one of the most beloved summer drinks, but recently, it faded away in the growth of alcoholic cocktails. However, for anyone who wants to avoid these and try something healthier but still refreshing, grape soda is a whole package!

Actually, this one is pretty easy to prepare at home as well, and it's pinkish and decorated with mint! If you'd like to play a bit and add vodka, feel free to try it, and let us know how the whole thing went!

5. Tequila Sunrise

You have to be a pro to make this one perfect

Turn up your summer because when the best season of the year starts, we stay up until sunrise! That's what one of the most beloved summer cocktails says in the title as well – tequila sunrise is dancing and drinking tequila until it's bright again.

Furthermore, tequila sunrise looks like the early mornings when the sky starts to get yellow in the east, with all its shapes and shades. After all, orange juice and grenadine syrup are the most classic cocktail ingredients, so who would ever expect a lousy cocktail with this impressive mix? Try it out as soon as possible, but never combine it with beer or wine!

4. Iced Tea

You drink tea all winter long? Switch to the iced one in summer!

Hot tea is easier to prepare, and you probably do it daily. However, did it come to your mind that tea can be very icy and that it can make your summer refreshing? Sometimes it's better than a cocktail because it won't play with your head and is definitely simple to make!

Moreover, a tea like this will keep you fresh and relaxed the whole day, so it's among the healthiest options we suggested here, and it's one of the best options in Starbucks too. These are also quite versatile, and the fruit flavors can taste bitter if you're a fan. It may even be alcoholic if you don't want to take a break!

3. Mojito

We've never seen a cocktail as gorgeous as this one!

When summer is approaching, you can see bartenders preparing mojitos like crazy. So naturally, everybody wants this refreshing glass of white rum and mint! Actually, mojito's power is so enormous that it owns alcoholic but also alcohol-free cocktails since the latter is a must in every bar!

Moreover, the mojito is considered the best choice for your first date since it's not too pretentious and works for both of you. If the whisky is too much, and you want to avoid ordering tea or coffee, the mojito is a go-to, available everywhere. Ordering a summer drink is a bonus because summer makes everything awesome!

2. Margarita

Preppy Kitchen couldn't help trying this one even before getting it done!

Take a sip of summer if you don't feel enough of it in your country right now because you definitely can order a margarita any time of the year! Undoubtedly, tequila is the best drink to mix in cocktails, making margarita a classic.

Even Jamie Oliver published his own version of this one! So if you'd like to try a reliable recipe, add tequila, a bit of liqueur, and lime juice, and it will already be a good base! With lots of ice and a bit of sugar on your glass, this has to be one of the most refreshing options on a hot summer day!

1. Piña Colada

This cocktail screams "summer" by its ingredients

If we're looking for a drink that is literally the epitome of hot air, the sweet taste of summer, and the sea, that is definitely piña colada. This attractive cocktail has a Spanish title, so it's pretty exotic, even by its name. In conclusion, there is nothing about this cocktail that doesn't embody excellent summer fun on the sand in the beach bars!

This cocktail is as smooth as chocolate regarding its ingredients, and it's a tasty blend of healthy coconut milk, rum, and healthy pineapple juice. This makes the drink incredibly creamy and exotic. As it originates from Puerto Rico, it even has a tropical background!

When TWICE dropped "Alcohol-Free" for their summer comeback "Taste of Love" in 2021, their mentions in the chorus were obviously fair enough! Mojito with lime, sweet mimosa, piña colada… The ladies spilled facts about summer drinks, and we have all of them on our top ten list! So we hope you've got some inspiration to spice up your night-outs every June, July, and August!

What drinks are you about to try this summer? Do you have a favorite drink for the hottest days of the year? Let us know in the comments section!

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