Top 10 Liqueur Types That Are Sweet and Easy to Drink

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

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If you're a beginner at drinking alcohol, liqueurs are your first choice. They're usually sweetened, their taste isn't too "sharp," and they won't get you drunk too quickly. Moreover, the flavor is delightful, so they're usually great cocktail ingredients! Check out the top ten liqueur types to get inspired and learn more about this drink that you definitely should consume more often!

10. Coconut Liqueur

Rum and liqueurs with coconut are the best summer combination ever!

To kick off this list, we'll highlight the importance of fruits in liqueurs – these drinks go so well with various types of it, and you'll see that as the list goes on! The fruit you never expected to see in alcohol is definitely coconut, the exotic and tropical piece of nature that is primarily seen in cocktails, such as piña colada!

Thanks to coconuts, these alcoholic beverages are always light, with a creamy smell. That's why there are so many perfumes with coconut notes! These liqueurs surely won't get you drunk – they'll only make you nostalgic when the summer ends. There are various types, so check them out and try your favorite!

9. Midori

Midori might not seem as exotic as coconut, but its authentic taste definitely is!

All the liqueurs have their authentic flavor, but this one would probably win when it comes to the color. It's so originally green that you won't ever mix it with something else, and it even stays green when it's combined with other ingredients in cocktails! The color is there thanks to musk melon, the sweet fruit that you probably adore.

If this beverage seems "too strong" for you, it actually works the same as the other liqueurs on this list – it has up to 20% of alcohol, which isn't a big deal! The odd name "Midori" originates from Japan, but the drink is now manufactured worldwide. This honeydew type of taste will steal your heart!

8. Triple Sec

Here's your ultimate guide to one of the most famous liqueurs worldwide!

After the iconic green Japanese liqueur that tastes like honeydew, we're coming across orange liqueurs, usually originating from France. Triple sec is obviously the best example you'll love, and people mostly mistake it for the only type of orange liqueurs. There are various examples, though, since orange surprisingly fits into many cocktails!

Moreover, maybe you didn't know that this potent liqueur plays a massive role in famous cocktails, such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, or Mai Tai! Thanks to widely spread types in liquor stores worldwide, it's also pretty affordable. If orange is your choice fruit, you've found your favorite!

7. Chambord

Chambord makes cocktails royal and magnificent!

Even though coconut and orange sound like the perfect fruits for alcoholic drinks, we'd recommend dark berries even more – especially raspberries! These fruits are the primary ingredients of Chambord, the brand that proudly sells liqueur professionally made in France. Besides blackberries, this liqueur is spiced up by raspberries and blackcurrants!

Moreover, the brand's motto is "magnifique," so you can bet that the taste is sophisticated. Hence, Chambord is usually in the finest cocktails that awaken all your senses! French Martini, Chambord Margarita, and Gin Berry Spritz are just some of the most iconic examples!

6. Cherry Liqueur

You can even prepare this one on your own!

While Chambord works as a unique brand that you can't find just anywhere, this one is basically a must-have in every liquor store. There's no house without cherry liqueur to offer when you're inviting friends to a home party. Since almost everyone owns it at some point, this one isn't only tasty – it's also pretty affordable!

Furthermore, many of the liqueurs on this list require much effort to be prepared, so they can be bought only. However, things are different with cherry liqueurs since the ingredients are very optional, and you can make your own version! Of course, there are many recipes on the Internet, so feel free to experiment!

5. Bailey's Irish Cream

No one dislikes a drink as smooth as this one!

Even though this one has more alcohol than a regular wine or beer, it won't get you drunk so quickly – Bailey's Irish Cream was made for beginners! It was also created for those who liked how smooth coconut liqueur is but didn't like the actual coconut. Bailey's contains only a bit of whiskey and a lot of cocoa and cream!

Luckily, the dominant ingredient in Bailey's is cream, so it determined much of this beverage – its color, texture, and prevalent flavor. The taste is so creamy that it won't feel like the "strong" alcohol, and the cocoa note makes it all even more enjoyable. If you prefer liqueurs without fruit, it's your jackpot!

4. Limoncello

This grandpa is a pro at making limoncello!

Just like you need an Italian grandma for the perfect pizzelle waffles, an Italian grandpa would make limoncello, the lemon liqueur, like a professional bartender. Even better than that! Limoncello is an old traditional recipe originating from Italy. If you like lemonade, you've found the alcohol version you needed!

You'll recognize limoncello by its authentic, bright yellow color and sharp taste. Still, it's also fresh, relatively smooth, and sweet since you also add sugar to it. Moreover, it's usually in many cocktails and desserts requiring lemon. It's one of the liqueurs that always keeps you refreshed!

3. Amaretto

The cocktail version is more bitter than the original liqueur!

You're not into the sweet recommendations we gave you before? It's OK since liqueurs can get sour as well – amaretto is an excellent example of the types that are usually sour in cocktails! Of course, it's originally as sweet as any other liqueur, just like limoncello from Italy!

However, the name "amaretto" actually means "a little bitter," perfectly describing the taste. Moreover, it's even added to ice creamchocolate, and the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu, so the sourness is perfectly balanced here. It definitely won't be too much for you, so don't be afraid to give it a try!

2. Jägermeister

Is it a cough syrup or the best liqueur in the world? It depends on your taste!

Some liqueurs are loved by everyone and everything, such as Bailey's Irish Cream. However, you either drink Jägermeister for any occasion, or you religiously hate it! If you belong to the fans of this German liqueur, you're lucky since it has an authentic recipe that you can taste worldwide in various bars!

Moreover, this liqueur could even benefit your health, especially for preventing cardiovascular diseases. It's infused with many herbs, which is one reason why its taste is a bit bitter. Drinks like these can always boost your immune system when you consume them moderately! 

1. Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate makes everything so sweet - even alcohol becomes smooth!

Is there someone who doesn't like chocolate? We don't know that person, to be honest! Even though many people dislike alcoholic beverages, it feels like everyone gives a chance to this sweet delight, which doesn't even look like alcohol. It definitely isn't too bitter for you, no matter how much you usually drink!

Of course, some chocolate liqueurs are better than others, so don't hesitate to discover brands until you find your ultimate taste. Some focus on solid cocoa taste, and some even have a mixture of cocoa and cherry. The ingredients may vary, but this liqueur remains superior - the one you'll never skip!

Of course, liqueurs have authentic flavors, so you probably won't like all of them. However, you'll never stop drinking it when you find your favorite! If you like chocolate, you'll obviously prefer that liqueur as well, but give all of them a chance since their alcohol percentage won't be a challenge for you!

Did you drink any liqueur from our top ten list? Is it way too "soft" for you? Tell us about your favorite alcoholic drinks!

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