Top 10 Xbox Series X Issues and How To Fix Them

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Dan N. Scarborough

Dan N. Scarborough

Last updated:  2023-10-24 12:41:18

The Xbox Series systems have their share of problems, like any console in history. Microsoft's gaming systems received a bad rap due to rumors of smoking consoles, although it was proven fake. Still, the Series X launch has been remarkably seamless and significantly smoother than the Xbox One. However, things could be better. Therefore, we'll go over the most typical Xbox Series X issues and solutions.

Note there are many ways to contact Microsoft and Xbox support before beginning any fixes. There is a substantial support network in place, and in some cases, you'll need to get in touch for replacement or repair.

10. Xbox error code 0x80190190: Internet Connectivity Issues

Certain modems don't work well on Series X

Microsoft has discovered that certain users are experiencing problems with Fritz!Box 7430 routerm which sends error code 0x80190190. For the time being, if you have the Fritz!Box 7430 and can't connect to Wi-Fi, we advise utilizing an Ethernet cable. A mobile hotspot can be used as an alternative. Unfortunately, problems with connections while playing multiplayer games are far more common. This issue only affects Wi-Fi users who either get connection drops while playing or are unable to connect.

Microsoft doesn't currently have an official solution for Wi-Fi issues similar to the router issue. Yet, you can try a few things. Start by switching your router's 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands, respectively. Open the router's settings and turn off WPA2 for the 5GHz band if it doesn't fix the problem. Consult your router's handbook for the proper steps to enter the control panel, as each has a unique method. If you have wired connection, check your LAN cable, and clean your cache. If that doesn't work, clear your MAC address and update your system software offline.

9. Overheating

Cleaning Xbox Series X is easy

With such high-performance capabilities, it's no wonder that the console can get hot during intensive gameplay sessions. However, prolonged overheating can lead to system damage, resulting in crashes, shutdowns, or even permanent hardware failure. There are several steps that users can take to reduce the risk of overheating. Firstly, ensuring the console is in a well-ventilated area is crucial. Therefore, avoid placing the console in enclosed spaces or areas with restricted airflow, such as inside a cabinet or on top of other electronic devices. 

Additionally, users can invest in different cooling solutions, such as a cooling fan or stand, to help dissipate heat more efficiently. It's also important to regularly clean the console's fans and vents to prevent dust and debris buildup, which can impede airflow and contribute to overheating. Therefore, it's all about prevention and using your common sense.

8. Failed System Update

Perform offline update if all else fails - it's easy

A failed system update is one of the most frustrating issues that Xbox Series X users can experience. This can result in features not working correctly or the console malfunctioning. The problem can be caused by various reasons, including network connectivity topics, storage space limitations, or corrupted system files. To solve this problem, there are several steps to take. Firstly, check your network connectivity to ensure that your console is connected to the internet and that there are no problems with your Wi-Fi network.

Additionally, ensure your console has enough storage space to download and install the update. If space is limited, consider removing unnecessary games or applications. If the update still fails, try performing a hard reset of the console by holding the power button for ten seconds. If these steps don't solve the issue, users can download the update onto a USB drive and install it from there. If all else fails, contact Xbox support for assistance. They can provide additional troubleshooting steps or arrange a repair or replacement if necessary.

7. Games for Xbox 360 do Not Launch

Some last-gen games won't work

Some Xbox 360 games fail to launch or take users straight back to the home screen after they do. Remember that this issue and its fix are exclusive to Xbox 360 games. Use the above methods if you're having issues with games for newer Xbox systems.

This problem can occur for various reasons, but it frequently affects Xbox 360 games previously stored on an Xbox One external hard drive. Thus, you must empty your local Xbox 360 storage to fix the issue. Before executing the reset, back up your saves.

6. Discs Won't Play

The issue caused by the power mode

Some Xbox Series X models won't ever acknowledge discs. Note that this problem affects any disc you insert, including Blu-rays, DVDs, and Xbox One games. The disc should be cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth, allowed to dry, and then tried on a separate Xbox console. Furthermore, you can exchange the disc if it is a Microsoft-published game through the Xbox Game Disc Exchange program.

There are two potential issues if your console refuses to recognize a disc when you insert it or instructs you to do so when one is already in. Either your disc drive is broken, or there's a problem with your power mode, which Microsoft claims only affects a limited number of consoles. Thankfully, you can handle the power problem on your own. Therefore, you must perform a hard reset and switch your power mode.

5. Error 0x800708ca or Similar

Updating games can cause this pesky error

On an Xbox Series X, you could receive the following error message upon game launch: "Something went wrong. 0x800708ca.” This appears when trying to start specific Xbox One titles updated to the Series X version. For instance, the Xbox One games Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4 have Series X patches.

When launching these games after installing the Series X patch, you can experience this problem. Thus, Microsoft advises resetting your console after upgrading your games to Series X editions. You can also attempt uninstalling and reinstalling the faulty game.

4. Distorted or Absent Signal on the Television

Some firmware updates mess with TV image

The HDMI 2.1 specification enables the Xbox Series X to handle 4K HDR at 120Hz with a configurable frame rate. Although the provided cable supports HDMI 2.1's resolution and refresh rate, it can interfere with your gaming TV. You might not see a signal or be distorted if you have a TV from LG, Samsung, or Vizio that supports a variable refresh rate.

First of all, ascertain that your TV has the most recent firmware before using your Xbox. These updates add formal compatibility for external devices, but given that the Xbox Series X uses cutting-edge technology, there'll inevitably be some bugs.

3. Smart Delivery Games Issues

Smart Delivery is an excellent service, albeit buggy

Thanks to Microsoft's Smart Delivery technology, players can download the most recent iteration of cross-generational games. For instance, the Series X version of Gears 5 is free if you already possess it for Xbox One. But there are issues with this feature as well. Some Smart Delivery games either launch with graphical bugs or fail to recognize them once the installation is complete.

Sadly, Microsoft doesn't currently have an official fix for this problem. For the time being, we advise reinstalling games currently on your external hard drive onto the internal storage of the Xbox Series X. Be aware that this issue appears to be with the installation rather than the storage medium. Therefore, you might need more than transferring games from external storage to the internal storage of the Series X.

2. Can't Connect the Controller

You can't play without a controller, can you?

It's possible that your brand-new Xbox Series X's wireless controller won't work with the system. Ensure your controller is active and the batteries have been replaced before moving on to the solution. We also advise testing other controllers to check if they function with your game system.

Any controller connectivity issues should be resolved by doing a hard reset on your Xbox Series X. If not, use a USB cable to connect your controller directly to your Xbox with the USB connection on the front. If your controller doesn't turn on and function properly, it has a problem. After a hard reset and checking your batteries, if your controller only functions when wired, get in touch with Microsoft for a repair or replacement.

1. The Console Won't Turn On

You can revive your console with some extra steps

When Xbox Series won't turn on, the internal power supply most likely has a problem. According to Microsoft, these problems typically occur after a power surge when the power supply resets itself. Thankfully, you may address this issue on your own before contacting Microsoft by following specific troubleshooting steps.

However, you should perform standard troubleshooting before restarting your power supply. First, by plugging in another device, verify that the outlet you plugged the console into is functional. If the outlet is not the issue, you can reset the Xbox Series X's internal power source by unplugging it for 10 seconds. Try a different power cord if that doesn't work.

Xbox Series X went overlooked in the current-gen game console war. Regardless, Series X is a formidable gaming machine with convenient cross-play and backward compatibility options. However, the system wasn't immune to issues that undermined the playing experience, just like PS5. Fortunately, many methods exist to solve those issues without contacting the official Microsoft help center. 

Which Xbox Series X issue looks the most concerning to you? Have you experienced any so far?

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