Top 10 Beverages to Strictly Avoid at Your First Date

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-11 18:00:08

Does it matter what drinks you'll order when you're on a first date with someone you really like? If you're feeling all the butterflies, you probably overthink your choices and decisions about that evening, counting days and minutes until that moment comes. Going with the flow might be the best option, but we know you'll want to have some things planned to feel comfortable. Therefore, we have tips regarding beverages you should avoid, so check out our list!

10. Any Beverage You're Not Comfortable With

Choosing a drink you like says a lot about your personality!

Before diving into more details and beverages to avoid, you should know that going on a date is already too stressful. Hence, you should never order something you don't usually consume. Some people believe trying hard won't be too obvious, but it always is, since your date will notice if you're not comfortable!

The worst scenario is to seem fake since people seek sincerity in their possible lovers. Hence, if you drink coffee on a date because your love interest orders it, and you actually don't like it, that won't work. Just be yourself, and your potential love interest will appreciate it if they deserve your attention!

9. Cocktails with Rum

Rum cocktails are fantastic when you're at home with friends!

We don't hate cocktails, but some of them can get you dizzy so quickly that you'll have no idea how it all happened. Do you think it's cool to get drunk and too relaxed when someone's trying to get to know you? That's not the best idea since it's OK to be yourself, but no one wants to see your intoxicated side when they don't know anything about you!

Unfortunately, rum cocktails aren't an ideal option no matter how much they're your best choice in everyday situations since they'll definitely get you drunk. The only way to consume rum cocktails without letting loose way too much is to drink them so often you get used to them. If you're a rum expert, it's a different story!

8. Spicy Cocktails 

Add some spice, but not when you meet someone for the first time!

Eating something spicy is usually a strong passion or something you intensely dislike. If you're a fan of spice, you presumably like spicy cocktails, such as Bloody Mary, which is exceptionally beloved among all generations. Even though vodka won't be an issue here, some ingredients may make this cocktail unpleasant for dates!

Unfortunately, things may become too hot when you mix spice and alcohol, so you might get overly excited or drunk. It's easier to lose control when you order a rum cocktail, yet spicy cocktails aren't an easy task. Keep yourself relaxed and chill, and that's how you'll leave the best first impression ever!

7. Tequila or Vodka Shots

Before the date – it's OK!

Taking a tequila or vodka shot is the best option when you want to relax and avoid overthinking. Furthermore, it's a thing many people do before they meet their date. Some people even think it works while chatting with their date, but it might not leave the nicest impression when still getting to know someone!

It would be odd if you just met someone and you're trying to find your interests and topics while drinking excessively, taking shots, not enjoying the drink. The point of drinking something on a date isn't taking a shot – you should take your time and sip something the way you're sipping wine!

6. Beer

They know which beer isn't that good!

Don't get us wrong – beer is incredible and leaves a positive impression since you'll look laid-back and casual without causing stressful situations in life. If you're like that in general, you're probably the same in relationships, too! However, we'd rather avoid beer, since it might cause too many problems for your body.

For example, you might have to go to the toilet way too often if you drink too much beer, and interrupting your date twice might be shameful! Unfortunately, beer contains a lot of gas, which could cause burping, too! Honestly, these issues are already enough to stick to something other than beer.

5. Carbonated Drinks

It's not a healthy option, anyway

If you order a basic juice, just go for it. Don't choose sparkling water over the classic one, since carbonated drinks can cause several... Troubles in your digestive system. If you're not feeling well and your stomach starts reacting, the date will be ruined since you can't be comfortable with a person you like if you're not comfortable with yourself!

Moreover, the worst thing that could happen to you is to start burping, and carbonated drinks make you do that more often than you think. Of course, we shouldn't even mention how bad these drinks are for your health overall. Hence, instead of just avoiding them on a date, we recommend steering clear of them in general!

4. Cups That Aren't Even Real Drinks

It's better to do these experiments when you're with someone else!

Some bars are so creative with their drinks that they even prepare stuff that isn't an actual beverage. And that's unique and says something remarkable about your personality. Especially if you take your date to a place like that - that's a bonus! However, if your date is a classic type of person and orders a basic coffee, it just won't fit if you go hard with an ice cream cup!

The rule is simple – if you both drink lemonade, that puts you two on a similar level, and you feel comfortable. Moreover, you might feel anxious if your beverage is too pretentious, and you don't want that in a moment where you should be confident. It's better to stay classic than to be "way too much!"

3. Drinks with Whipped Cream

We'll admit these are incredibly delicious!

Just like you shouldn't get a drink that isn't actually a beverage, you should avoid all the fancy stuff with whipped cream since you won't look fancy while drinking them. If you're wearing lipstick, whipped cream might ruin it, and you definitely don't want your lips to look like you've just finished your meal!

Moreover, eating whipped cream simply doesn't look cool even if you're a guy and don't wear makeup. Some people judge others by their manners, so you'd rather avoid that moment. Stick with something more classy and straightforward, and your date will be satisfied. It's not about judging, anyway – it's about staying in your zone!

2. A Cocktail with Absinthe

These drinks are excellent, but when you're with your good old friends!

It won't work out with strong cocktails if you try to come off as a "chill" type that drinks and enjoys life. And when we say "strong," we really mean absinthe since it's a beverage to order at your own risk. Don't let the fact that it's a cocktail fool you since mixing it with other drinks won't help reduce the strength this beverage holds!

Of course, drinking excessively and without thinking about the consequences would only represent you as a silly person that has no control over their decisions. Hence, avoid cocktails that contain absinthe, the "magical" substance that makes things complicated in a second. Absinthe won't ask you twice – it will just take over you!

1. Sex on the Beach

This is one of the best cocktails ever, but not for a date!

Ordering a cocktail isn't much of an issue since cocktails are the best option if you two are in a bar and it's evening already. Of course, you won't order juice or something as simple as that! However, the worst cocktail you could choose would be Sex on the Beach, since it would make the whole situation very uncomfortable!

Don't get us wrong – Sex on the Beach is a great cocktail, and its ingredients won't get you drunk, so you'll stay sane and stable. Moreover, the fruit content and a pleasant flavor are a bonus here! Nonetheless, your date could take it as a hint and find you too provocative, so we'd avoid this glorious cocktail title!

Of course, you don't need to overthink little details when the natural connection between two people is present. However, we all want that perfect first impression, and your drink choice says something about your personality. Hence, we hope our tips will help you find your ideal choice and that the two of you will have a great time!

Which beverage would you gladly order when you meet someone for the first time? Do you follow any specific rules? Let us know your preferences!

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