Top 10 Ladies Night Out Hairstyle Ideas - Inspiring Yet Easy

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-12 18:00:07

People will notice what you wear the moment you arrive at a party. However, they'll also catch if your hair is clean and how you styled it, so make sure to take care of it after choosing the right outfit! We've got you covered with the top ten hairstyles that look gorgeous if you run out of ideas! Furthermore, you can achieve these hairstyles with with hair extensions or wigs.

10. A Hairstyle with Accessories

These are the easiest to make!

Did you know that a basic hairstyle can be put to another level by adding something to your hair, even if it's tiny and subtle? Accessories change the person's whole image, making it remarkable. You don't even notice it until you try it yourself, especially when having them in your hair! 

Luckily, cute hair clips are affordable and readily available, and this is one of the easy hairstyles to do yourself. Hence, it won't cost you money and time, and you'll definitely like the results. Match your hair clip color with your makeup or outfit, and you'll see how much it impacts your good look. 

9. Add Glitter

Festivals want you to do this!

This one depends on the occasion, and it's not too versatile and suitable for any night. Still, if you're going out to a festival, or it's generally a gathering of thousands of people celebrating music, you've found your favorite! Glitter roots are the primary trend on these occasions, and we're sure this style will fit you like a glove!

Moreover, glitter roots let you experiment with the further decorations of your hair. You can try braids in any shape and form – from fishbone to casual braids, you'll find an ideal way to highlight your sparkles. Even casual waves on your hair can look fancy when there's some glitter on the top. Glitter makes a significant change, and the same goes for glittery outfits!

8. Beach Waves

Beach waves are so casual and cool that you'll want them for a daily look!

Some hairstyles look effortlessly beautiful because you actually make them without too much hassle, yet they're still pronounced and adorable! Beach waves are the ideal example of hairstyle ideas for long hair. They also work on short and medium hair, and you can make them at home without trying too hard. You'll look casual and cool with this one!

If you can't go to a beach and "wash" your hair in saltwater, there are various alternatives to do at home and create a similar result. Flat iron or straightener can help in a few minutes, or you can learn some hacks, such as using a belt. Read more about the hacks and tricks, and find your favorite!

7. Side Swept Hair

Curls look so well when put to one side!

Now it's time for a more glamorous recommendation on this list – side-swept hair is one of the Hollywood trends, and you'll see A-list celebrities rocking this look! However, it's definitely not one of the most complex hairstyle ideas to make! Depending on the occasion, you can choose if you want straight hair on the side or prefer big curls.

Moreover, this hairstyle idea lets you choose your best side profile and highlight it with a braid on the side. If you're not a fan of braids, you can also use a hair clip that'll look glamorous on the side where you put less hair. In conclusion, this hairstyle type lets you experiment, yet it makes you look prestigious!

6. Wet Look Hair

It's easy to achieve this look!

This might be the biggest illusion and enigma on this list. Still, the wet look hairstyle indeed took over the red carpets, and ladies want to try it at home now for their own occasions. There's something seductive and sophisticated about this hairstyle idea, and we'll confess that it doesn't take too much effort!

It's safe to say that all you need for this hairstyle is hair gel and shine cream, even though it might sound too simple. You'll require nothing but a few products to put on the front side of your hair and then comb it to shape it the way you wish. Slicked-back wet hair is the best option – just make sure you're rocking your makeup game!

5. French Fishbone Braids

You might struggle a bit, but it's worth it!

We highlighted French here, as these are the prettiest version of braids ever. If you like your hair slicked back the way we showed it in the previous recommendation, but you'd want a more youthful look, all you need is two braids. And not from the middle part of your hair – French fishbone braids start from the roots!

Unfortunately, this one might be too complicated to do on your own, and you'll probably need someone's help. However, if you'd instead make your own French fishbone braids, keep watching tutorials, and don't give up. After some time, you'll definitely master the skill, or just let a hairdresser style it for you!

4. Curly Bun

Effortlessly fancy is the effect this one makes you achieve!

Many girls want to create a fancy updo when matching their hairstyle with a stylish dress. Outfits with a sophisticated note usually require an updo. The best way to do it when you're going out is a curly bun without slicking back and tightening every hair strand. Ultimately, curls make you look younger and carefree!

Moreover, the good thing about these updos is that you can do curls, either big or small, any way you like them. Hair clips will support any kind of curls, and you will lift them up in a cute bun. Taylor Swift is a queen of these hairstyles, so watch some of her versions to find your ideal type. 

3. Messy Bun

Get this style in a minute or two!

If you don't want the exact curls and use iron, just make a messy bun, and it might look even better. While messy hair sounds too informal for a night out, something about buns gives this hairstyle idea a formal note. The ideal amount of mess makes it casual and perfect for many outfits.

Luckily, messy buns won't be a nightmare to make the way French fishbone braids are. You can do them at home, while you're in a hurry, without anyone helping you. Once you find a technique that works for you the best, you can rock this hairstyle for partying, casual walks, and even for work!

2. Straightened Hair

Shiny and straight hair is everyone's dream

No matter how much girls love curls, they're addicted to straight hair, especially if they can make it sleek and shiny, smooth to the touch. It's probably never too straight for you, so make sure you straighten it to the fullest when you're going out. While it's not the healthiest hairstyle type, it's understandable why everyone loves to see it on a girl! Yet, you can help your hair recover with the right foods.

Unfortunately, your hair won't stay straight too long – it will probably look like that only for the night out. Nevertheless, those few hours are worth it. They make you feel badass, and every lady has to experience it once. Wear some high heels and a mini dress, and the whole world will be in your hands!

1. Ponytail

This is one of the prettiest ponytails we've ever seen!

And here it is, the ultimate updo that everyone wants to try at least once in life. You don't have to be Ariana Grande to rock a perfect ponytail, as any hairdresser can do it for you. You may even do it at home since not too many fancy hairsprays are required – it depends on which ponytail you want! 

Moreover, if you're still asking yourself which hairstyle to rock at a party, you've finally found your answer number one. Ponytail is the ultimate look for a night out, dresses, jumpsuits, casual jeans, heels, flat shoes, etc. Some people say it doesn't fit them very well, so just make sure you try it, because it's worth trying!

Luckily, the opportunities are endless (there's something for the k-pop fans too!), and you can never really run out of ideas. The Internet and this top ten list remind you that you can get creative with your hair. It will be highly appreciated, especially for parties and occasions where you want to show off. Plus, you can often combine with alternative makeup. Bring it on and shine tonight since you have that spark in yourself!

How do you style your hair when going out? Is the hairstyle even more crucial than makeup? Let us know your opinion!

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