Top 10 Astonishing Tracks from TWICE's "Formula of Love" album

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-05-10 06:00:07

If you knew how worth listening TWICE is as a group, you'd drop everything now and turn up their bangers immediately! If you missed these nine gorgeous ladies from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, they released a "Formula of Love", one of the best albums in 2021. Every second of this gorgeously packed record is worth listening to, but these top ten tracks are so good that you'll keep them on repeat!

10. "Push & Pull" (Jihyo, Sana, Dahyun)

"Push & Pull" really got Jihyo's vocals, Sana's charm, and Dahyun's funny side!

JYP Entertainment never really cared about solo content for TWICE girls since they formed, except for releasing some melody projects and photobooks. However, "Formula of Love" gave us what we wanted. All the girls finally got more space to shine, as they got three songs as sub-units containing three members!

The units were perfectly created, and the combination of Jihyo, Sana, and Dahyun as fake maknae is a jackpot! This sub-unit isn't the best one we got, but it fits the album's theme and vibes the most. The more you spin this record, the more you'll be captivated by the disco sound that leads you back to the 80s. All nine ladies worked on this genre for the album, though!

9. "Last Waltz"

It's easy to imagine a visual scenario for this unique track

If we'd rank the songs by their uniqueness, "Last Waltz" would be the winner that takes it all – what's even that sound and how to explain it? The song's authentic parts are flourishing in the chorus and pre-chorus, with Tzuyu and Jeongyeon vocalizing better than ever. Tracks like this always stand out, no matter how good the others are, too!

If this song was a bit more mainstream, it would do excellent as a title track, especially for the music video. "Last Waltz" has all the potential for rocking the elegant concept, with Mina, Tzuyu, and Sana taking the lead in the visuals. The ballrooms, gorgeous hairstyles, ball gowns, a deadly romance, and drama – we're dreaming of this video!

8. "Scientist"

"Don't try to be a genius, why so serious?" is that sentence that really gets you!

The title tracks are usually ranked very high since the main song should be the one that represents the album the best. However, "Formula of Love" had way more shining moments than "Scientist," even though it's still impressive. That just shows the talent and improvement that TWICE reached with this project!

"Scientist" definitely represents the album's name the best since it got the girls looking for the formula of love. However, since they conclude that "Love ain't no science," you should just follow your gut and let emotions do everything. This might not be your favorite title track ever, but it's still a unique attempt!

7. "1, 3, 2" (Jeongyeon, Mina, Tzuyu) 

After disco and rap sub-units, these ladies gave us a dance lesson!

Out of all three sub-units we got on this album, the song performed by Jeongyeon, Mina and Tzuyu was probably an underdog. Let's not lie – people often forget that Jeongyeon is a lead vocalist, and they significantly underestimate Tzuyu's vocals. However, the girls came and served. They undoubtedly gave us the best sub-unit track by TWICE so far!

"1, 3, 2" feels like Latin dance, thanks to its unique vibe. Hence, the numbers in the title actually describe the "tempo" that the girls followed with their fictional "partners." The "Should've followed your tempo" part gets you spinning around, and you'll really want to relax and move your feet!

6. "Moonlight"

Just when you think TWICE can't get better, they start releasing dreamy disco tunes!

Some songs don't need to try hard and be bombastic – "Moonlight" has it all naturally, and it's another gem written entirely in English. The girls work on their accents, so they shine bright on this warm track filled with love and affection under the blinding lights of disco balls! When you turn this tune up, it's already summer, and life feels so easy!

The more carefully you listen to this disco paradise, the more stars you'll see – taking a "trip under the moonlight" suddenly feels so real. When Jihyo sings, "In my feels so deep, like I'm in a dream and I don't want to wake up" in the bridge, you're already in a better place, somewhere in the dreamland. Give us more songs like these, please!

5. "Cruel" 

It's so easy to get addicted to the songs penned by Dahyun

Ever since Tzuyu's chorus and Mina's addictive "Hey, you should put yourself in my shoes" part, this song probably caught your attention. The chorus naturally leads you to the glorious 80s, and disco balls are everywhere when you turn "Cruel" up!

If the girls didn't find a "formula" for romance, they definitely found a way to highlight a disco tune with their whistle notes. The notes aren't even "high" only; they're literally whistling! Dahyun's talent for penning the best lines for intriguing, up-beat songs is shining once again, and ONCEs can't get enough!

4. "F.I.L.A"

Nayeon wasn't playing when she wrote this astonishing chorus

When Nayeon writes a song for TWICE's album, you know it's about to be funky, exciting, and sultry. On "Formula of Love," the singer wrote "F.I.L.A," which is an abbreviation for "Fall in Love Again." Nayeon just knows how to push your buttons, make you excited, choose the rare sentences and combine them perfectly. The lyrics go so well with the disco rhythm here!

Moreover, we mentioned the 80s disco-pop on this album various times already, but it definitely worked the best on "F.I.L.A!" You just have to close your eyes and spin around to go back in time – the girls' high notes in the chorus will do the real magic. This song has a natural flow that will stay in your head for ages!

3. "The Feels"

It was a crucial point for TWICE to release an English single that would be as marvelous as this one!

After all the b-sides that you know if you've listened to the whole album only, we've come to the essential tune that was a turning point for TWICE's glorious career. "The Feels" is their first full-English single, and it worked out professionally, with the well-known "cute" concept and the gorgeous vintage outfits!

This track doesn't lack the addictive disco vibe, and the choreography is so exciting that it will make your day whenever you try to dance to it! After all, you don't have to try – when you turn up "The Feels," the feet move naturally. Your heart is fluttering, too. It's so easy to be happy and hyped up – just add some TWICE vibes to your life!

2. "Cactus"

Artists just don't make ballads as intense as "Cactus" anymore

We won't judge you if you put this one on top – put it on all the playlists worldwide, make it huge, make it a movie soundtrack. "Cactus" has the potential that not many K-pop ballads have, and a genre like this feels so refreshing. It's an authentic power ballad and the album moment that'll keep replaying in your head!

Written by Jihyo, "Cactus" is heartbreaking mourning, packed with sorrow and complex emotions, and the "Save me" part in the chorus will give you goosebumps like never before. Mina's "I'll be fine" sounds like a prayer, and this moment will get you every time. Jihyo already wrote an emotional track for "Eyes Wide Open," but "Cactus" is their best ballad indeed!

1. "Icon"

"I got it, I'm iconic" is the best confidence boost you'll hear

Imagine being Jihyo and kicking off a diss track like "I'm over the top, so what?" We guess all the haters were found dead by the first verse already! TWICE ended all the rumors about the members individually and the infamous "lip syncing scandal" with the iconic line "I don't even need to turn the mic on." Icons that know that they're icons are the best ones!

To make this even better, "Icon" is an international track, entirely performed in English, and we could totally imagine this song playing everywhere. Radio stations, take notes! Chaeyoung's lengthy rap about the "high life" is an absolute highlight of this album, which is already a massive moment for the whole K-pop industry!

Ranking songs is always a huge challenge. In conclusion, you should check out all of the top ten list tracks released upon this project because you presumably have different favorites. And we won't blame it, since all the songs have something special!

Which TWICE song is your favorite? Do you have a favorite TWICE member? Let's talk about them in the comments!



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sandra Says:

slay queens youve stolen my heart

February 26 at 10:05:29 PM

Xdoll Says:

They are my favorites now - I love their stylings, music and the videos. I just wish their tours were bigger :(

August 15 at 08:05:47 AM

Amira Says:

Nayeon is my favorite, but I also love them all.

August 04 at 09:19:34 AM

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