Top 10 Foods To Help Your Hair Grow and Glow

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Scarlett Goldstein

Scarlett Goldstein

Last updated:  2023-11-14 08:45:36

Did you think that eating has nothing to do with beauty? Well, it's time to change your mind! If you've ever felt unsure about your skin or hair, maybe you just didn't eat foods that make your body feel good. Our bodies respond to everything unhealthy we consume, and so does our hair. So if hair loss, damaged, dry or greasy hair is your problem, maintain a diet that includes these top ten foods that are incredibly beneficial for overall health!

10. Grapes

Do you grow your own grapes at home?

Grapes belong to those fruits with the best mix of quality, health benefits, and taste! Red grapes are specially packed with vitamins, and the black ones are an incredible choice for your hair and skin and even for your heart!

Thanks to oligomeric proanthocyanidins, grapes prevent hair loss and stimulate its growth simultaneously. Moreover, this fruit has an antioxidant impact, and it prevents inflammation! Vitamins C and K are just a bonus to this fantastic combination.

9. Kiwis

"Moist and delicious" is everything you need!

We don't have many sources of zinc on this list. Still, kiwi has a lot of it, which will already be enough to improve your hair's quality, thickness, and growth! Not many minerals keep hair healthy, but kiwi will obviously prevent problems, so you should eat them even before they occur!

Moreover, kiwi is very versatile and suitable for various meals. A good thing is that every cake recipe with kiwi doesn't require baking, so the result is a moist, fresh, and highly healthy summer sweet! Instead of chocolate and too much sugar, choose a refreshing fruit that keeps you beautiful!

8. Blueberries

Make the healthiest and prettiest cheesecake in this world!

The darker the fruit is, the more health benefits it brings – that's the usual rule with grapes, and so is with the blueberries! With a delicious taste and gorgeous looks, this fruit is quite beneficial for your blood vessels, hair, and skin glow.

Actually, blueberries are a massive priority for many cakes, muffinspancakes, or anything sweet you prepare, since they make every dessert delicate and smooth! In addition, as a source of vitamin C that produces collagen, blueberries are a blessing for hair growth!

7. Salmon

With salmon, you can prepare some of the most delicious dinners

When it comes to fish, we highly recommend... All of them! To be honest, there is no better combination of health and hedonism than fish. Even though meat is something that your body obviously needs, if you prefer fish, you win at life. Your hair gains if salmon is your favorite fish type, too!

Salmon supports the strength and thickness of your hair, thanks to its omega-3 fatty acids. There is no better omega-3 source than fish, and as you already know, fish provides tons of proteins. So consider adding more fish, especially salmon, to your diet to keep your hair shiny!

6. Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil is definitely not a big deal, and it will help you more than it seems!

Oil like coconut is not something you add to your regular daily diet. However, every single hair specialist will say that coconut oil is required for glossy hair! Moreover, this oil fights fungal infections, and it's a natural antioxidant, so it will clear more than your hair and skin!

Coconut oil is actually so versatile that it can be used as an addition to your meal and a naturally made hair mask. You won't have dry hair ends anymore once you try this! Even stars like Ariana Grande, the "positions" songstress, admitted they use coconut oil as a hair mask and for their skin. Take this advice!

5. Sweet Potato

These are so delicious that you'll want to prepare them every day!

Cutting sweet potatoes might be a bit of a nightmare. Still, when you finally go through it, you'll be happy with what's inside! Besides the incredibly delicious taste, sweet potato is exceptionally high in vitamin A, which helps a lot with dull and dry hair. 

Actually, this one is so beneficial that you don't have to eat it only – make a hair mask and apply it to your damaged hair! Since sweet potato is good enough for your hair that you can even make a mask of it, we believe you won't have any more doubts! Are you a fan of natural hair masks? You should become one!

4. Greek Yogurt

Do you drink yogurt daily? Well, switch to the Greek one!

Regular yogurt is also OK since it is hugely beneficial in general, and your stomach will like it. However, the Greek yogurt isn't only more delicious – it's way more creamy and perfect for various recipes! So make a smoothie, salad, muffins, mousse, or anything, since yogurt literally always tastes perfect!

Actually, if you drink Greek yogurt daily, it will help your immune system and digestive tract. For faster hair growth, you'll need tons of proteins, and yogurt will provide you all of them! Anyone with more than enough proteins should have a healthy, thick, and glossy mane. 

3. Avocado

Not many fruits and foods, in general, have an A like avocado does

Avocado appears on every single list of healthy food as it has massive benefits. It's good to know that versatile foods can also help you look better and be more satisfied with your skin and strands!

When it comes to your hair, it enjoys the vitamin E that avocado has. This vitamin promotes hair growth, and you can find it mostly in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. A massive source of vitamin E is mango, as one of the healthiest yellow fruits. Still, it's very high in sugar levels, so avocado is a healthier way to stimulate your hair growth! 

2. Peanuts

After all, peanuts really have pros and cons

You might think that peanut butter isn't an extremely healthy option... However, it came to the top of our list because of its massive benefits for your hair especially! Its glycemic index is also relatively moderate, making it suitable for low-carb diets and definitely for vegans.

Moreover, even though peanuts are high in fat and calories, they don't necessarily influence your weight. Nevertheless, they obviously have an impact on your hair strands since they have loads of biotin. Anyone with enough biotin in their body will never have hair issues, and it will obviously grow faster!

1. Eggs

This version of the omelet is the one you'll want to try and won't struggle to make!

Liking eggs actually brings many benefits with it, so don't feel guilty if you'd eat these for every breakfast! Of course, everything should be consumed moderately, but enjoying eggs often positively affects your looks. The yolk is a good source of vitamin D, so don't ever skip it, but egg whites are a valuable part as well!

Six to eight grams of protein per one egg is a huge source of health since proteins play a crucial role in your energy and muscles! The same goes for your hair because vitamins A, D, and B12 make your skin, nails, and hair shine. So if you avoid junk food for breakfast and start your day with an omelet, your hair will be grateful!

If you take care of what you eat by using our top ten as a guide, that's already half of the job. For the other half, you'll have to treat your hair with quality shampoos and other products that your hair enjoys. Nothing comes easy, but eating healthy will give you a chance to live a better life and obviously feel and look better inside out!

Do you care about healthy diet plans, and do you believe they affect your looks? How significant a role does food play when it comes to hair and skin, in your opinion?

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